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<nettime> netart_latino database


Now that this 'netart_latino database' reached it's first stage [gathering
of main info] my plan is to 'dress it up' with a clean design, thumbnail
imgs, searching, etc, and to translate it to english. Besides that it will
be opened to other latinamerican artists participation, integration, etc.
ASAP I'll finish this second stage I'l let you know, ok? For the moment
it's going slow, as this is a 'one man' effort, made without fundings and
between many other jobs to survive... [apart of my own netart-projects]

I think that the level of latinamerican netartists is very good [apart
that it's has a kind of 'own voice'], and that is a good thing for other
artists and theoriticians to have this resource at hand. We have grown up
rather fractalized in this continent [as this happens usually with other
things here], but since last year, we are becoming more and more
connected, [there are a few specific lists also, as you may know,
nettime-lat is acting also as a form of integration, gathering, etc,
palindromo from brazil, iberoamerica-act, etc].

tks again.


fyi the soundtoys section is a recopilation of own projects referred to
sndtoys, made since 97/98.

vibri {AT} internet.com.uy

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