Amy Alexander on 22 Feb 2001 05:18:12 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Usenet archives sold

this could be old news by the time you see it, but, wired news
article on the deja/google controversy at:,1284,41926,00.html

which discusses initiative to get google to open source usenet - as
well as the old deja indexing code.... discussions of the distributed
nature of usenet, and its appropriateness to open source... it's
interesting to think how in some ways usenet was the original gnutella, or
would that be napster... well, not really either, but... this seems to be
a lot of the issue - something that started out as being distributed and
mirrored on servers throughout the world gets archived at what could be
considered a single point of failure, and the fun begins.

sorry if some of this turns out to be redundant; i have been following
this thread more or less but haven't had a chance to keep up with it all.


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