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Re: <nettime> ICANN - Info Alert #1

This from ntk (www.ntk.net) :--> scarey shit - network solutions to sell 
your whois data to 
marketers - opt out now! see below for details.

         The US government hearings on the behaviour of ICANN
         continued, with a proud Senate declaring that they were
         probably the best people to guard the needs of the entire
         Net community. "We think of the United States as cutting
         edge.", said Senator Boxer, "If we don't take the ball and
         run with it I don't know what would happen!" she said. Well,
         the rest of the world play football with our *feet*,
         senator, but that's by the by. We look forward to US govt's
         swift justice regarding two oddly underreported stories of
         DNS-related high-jinks this week. Firstly, NSI's amazingly
         brazen flogging of its whois data: "The VeriSign/Network
         Solutions domain registration database", they say, "is
         available for the first time ever. Approximately 6 million
         unique customers, sliced and diced for you to target
         prospects". Nice. There's an opt out, written in invisible
         ink and hidden under one of the root servers: you might want
         to read the PRIVACY DIGEST's full report to find out what
         is. And secondly, after n+1 years of being peculiarly banned
         from registrations (largely, in true Queen Victoria stylee,
         because Jon Postel didn't like the idea), fuck.com was
         finally snatched (as was another word that's semantically
         related to "snatched"). Wasn't that kind of arbitrary? And
         isn't this the sort of thing which ICANN is supposed to
         equably resolve? Come on, Senators, where's your "cutting
         edge" now?
     - information on how to unslice and undice your personal details

                                       - we meant cunt.com, of course
                                - Sue for lost earnings, Justin!
                          - like we do any better - search for "giga"

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