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<nettime> Artists oppose EU's 'legalised theft'

Artists oppose EU's 'legalised theft'
Writers and actors say they will be cheated of income under a European
plan to allow broadcasters to pay minimal royalties for putting archive
material on the Internet or interactive TV services. The actors' union and
other trade organisations stated it amounts to ''legalised theft''.

Lobbying from the continental media has led to the proposal, which is
being debated this week in the European parliament. It is part of a
proposed directive on copyright law, which would also require film-makers
to seek permission from architects and designers of public buildings or
objects before picturing them. Another clause would give artists a share
of profits in the distribution of broadcast material.

Under one proposal broadcasters would be able to use archive material on
their Websites or for the new ''TV on demand'' services (allowing viewers
to watch programmes whenever they wish) without permission of the creators
and on payment of a sum termed ''equitable remuneration''.

In a joint statement five British trade organisations claimed the
measure was introduced at the behest of media corporations. The unions
feared that if broadcasters could recycle cheap archive material there
would be less demand for new work.  

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The Guardian

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