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<nettime> safeweb and triangle boy: new privacy software

SafeWeb has just announced a new privacy enhancing software, which allows 
users to navigate online while maintaining their anonymity. You just have 
to use the safeweb website as your browser gateway. What this means is that 
the user uses this website to go somewhere else. If anyone is looking they 
will only be able to see the user communicating to SafeWeb and not the 
final destination. The SafeWeb browser gateway also allows the user to 
select different levels of privacy. It is a bit slow but works fine.

SafeWeb is also working on a piece of software called "Triangle Boy" which 
in simple terms (and from what i understood) has a working scheme similar 
to peer-to-peer initiatives like Napster. It allows users to use someone 
else's computer as a proxy server, and thus allowing for anonymous online 

This is how the WSJ describes it:
"a software package that can turn any personal computer into a surrogate 
Web server. The system allows users to navigate to any number of innocuous 
PC addresses, and then go to the actual Web site they are seeking  without 
leaving a trace.

Triangle Boy works by forwarding the request for the desired Web site on to 
SafeWeb's site, which then makes the connection. SafeWeb developed Triangle 
Boy to deter companies or countries from blocking access to its site, as 
Saudi Arabia did last November."

I couldn't find much information about this software, but here is an 
article about it:

Best. Ana Viseu

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