cpaul on 10 Feb 2001 16:31:19 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Emotional Politics

> >I for one have adapted my life to technology.  I am in no
> >position to regress.   
> I'm not suggesting we walk away from technology. I'm talking about
> information, content flows, media streams and how we have the ability
> to curb its influence on our lives.

i stopped watching television about three months ago.

gossip, political manoeuvreing, dissemination of "facts".


here in australia it seemed that we are being primed for a
right-wing military future.  it freaked me out.  i mailed
all my friends about it.  every day, the media bleats some
new regional development, promotion, or military scandal.

at the next election we face a choice between the incumbent
conservative freemason, or an opposition led by a fanatic of
military history.

the australia i grew up in was so isolated from the military.

if you unravel yourself from all but the basics, from there
it is possible to regain control of your own thoughts.

in the end, the only thing i can truly affect is my own reality.

from the inside out, rather than scrambling from the outside in.

existence can be so peaceful.  wish you were here.

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