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Re: <nettime> Emotional Politics

At 10:38 pm 6/02/01 -0500, Dave Prager wrote:
>> Yes, I get those Nigerian spammers... and more to boot. The easiest way to
>> stop this appalling situation is to log off all together. Why wait for
>> "hackers" to "bring the ... system down" when one can exercise one of our
>> few remaining rights, turning the goddam mess off at the outlet? If we
>> can't stop the source, we can certainly prevent it from entering our homes,
>> desktops, PDAs...
>How is that a solution?  If a bully takes your money in the lunchroom
every day,
>do you stop going to the lunchroom?  Do you stop eating?

I should've prefixed my comments as *tounge-in-cheek* :p

>I for one have adapted my life to technology.  I am in no position to

I'm not suggesting we walk away from technology. I'm talking about
information, content flows, media streams and how we have the ability to
curb its influence on our lives.

>We have all adapted our lives to cars.  Cars pollute.  Cars kill people.
Is the
>solution to get rid of cars?  Or should we try making cars better?

We should. The combustion engine is an antiquated technology, but it

>Spam, etc., is not a technology problem.  It's a design flaw.  CO2
emmisions are
>a design flaw.  Design flaws can be eliminated through better design.

Well, after around 100 years of C02 emissions we're yet to see "better
design." I don't think spam is a design flaw, it's a product of commerce.
Is greed a design flaw? Perhaps, but we've yet to eliminate it.

>America elected Bush.  Do we abandon America?

Hmmmm... that's a thought!


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