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> Ways to amuse yourself in early February, in Adelaide, Number 13...
> 1. Surf the net for erotica in foreign languages
> 2. Use a translating tool to translate it to english
> 3. Quote at length:
> "Do you know Gerald, I found this wonderful, or should I say 'wunderbar'
> peice of literature on the net the other night.  She's a young German
> author, very audacious, quite flippant in her treatment of language.  I
> say, you must read her latest, 'The carpet seaweeds'... " et cetera, ad
> infinitum
> So does anyone know what "die Teppichstange" means, and where can I find
> this stuff in Japanese?
> hUGH
> The carpet seaweeds
> There was history with the carpet seaweeds...
> I was thus actually only six years old, and there was - as I learned
> letztens only from a BBC contribution on the television - the sexual
> development of humans to rest. Between the age of six months and the
> beginning of puberty there thus so about twelve years do not do long
> allegedly nothing at all.
> Then I ask myself however, how it came to my experience with the carpet
> seaweeds.
> I am born end of the fifties, and at that time Sex was not topic - quite
> surely not for six-year ones. Well, when I was six, six were in the decimal
> of the year, it were already likewise 1964, and from the radio roared (no,
> at that time they roared not yet, them dudelten - modern amplifiers were
> not yet invented, anyhow not for the average people) first successes of the
> Beatles: " I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah ". But which used that to me? I
> knew no English with six still.
> Which goods in short supply were likewise in the quarter, in which I
> buildup, were playgrounds. One had few sense for the needs of small humans
> after the war. The reconstruction of the things and building, the cash was
> more important brought in. Playgrounds did not belong to.
> Like that we were thus dependent to look us up our playgrounds themselves.
> That again was at that time not yet as difficult as today, because there
> was everywhere still space, meadows, fields, building sites. Much was built
> and at each corner. Also I roamed myself there together with young the
> environment. (the girls rather exchanged " gloss pictures ". I found that
> boring.) On building sites there were really the most interesting things,
> e.g. these small rusty metallic plomben, which were fastened to the metal
> lattices, which were used later then than support for the concrete, if one
> poured the walls. It was simply fascinating. One could use it as play cash
> or for which not everything. We were very inventive at that time, because
> to buy there was not much much, which our parents could afford at toy,
> anyhow not, who were rather poor in this area all.
> If it gave thus young, which played outside, I had always occupation. We
> played " robbers and gendarme " or climbed on everything that enough was
> not high to hold us garage roofs, trees, fences, balconies, fastened stairs
> on the building sites... It became difficult however then, when I became
> six. Most of my play comrades came into the school, and I had there
> actually also been supposed to go, but my nut/mother meant, it was
> nevertheless many more beautiful to play still another one year outside
> than in the boring school to quiet-sit. It had not only considered, with
> whom I should play, if the others were in the school. That placed me before
> problems. Naturally I could climb also alone on garage roofs, only that was
> by far not so beautiful, as if one was to several, and one did not play a
> catching also with itself could.
> A beautiful daily however I discovered an occupation, which I could make
> very well alone, which I could make perhaps only alone, how I thought at
> that time. As said, I was only six, and clearing-up was not yet times a word.
> I was again once alone on the meadow behind our house. The house was not a
> einzelhaus, but a block with six dwellings in three floors, and of this
> block again there were eight in our road, four on each roadside. Behind the
> meadow were situated identical of block, which belonged to the next road.
> That was our settlement. Not particularly beautifully and quite certainly
> not richly, but nevertheless there was the meadow, on which we could play
> football - Tja, evenly that was the problem: on which I had been able with
> the other football to play, as long as they were there. Now were they
> however no longer there.
> Thus I looked around for plays, which I could play also alone. Like always,
> if I wanted to think, I tried, to provide for me a better overview - from
> above. I climbed somewhere. When me this thought came, I was even before
> the carpet seaweeds, which zierte at that time each backyard and thus also
> our meadow, because she had the function of a backyard, in which one beat
> out evenly also the carpets of the dwelling. Laying out commodity was
> likewise not yet invented. Some parents used the Teppichklopfer also for
> the corporal punishment of their children. That was very painful, but I
> knew only from an argument with my older brother, with which we had
> mutually struck ourselves with the Klopfer.
> I saw to the green carpet seaweeds up. It was smooth and made of metal. It
> would not be so easy to high-climb there. There was almost nothing, that
> one could hold on. But it would have arrived above surely wonderful, like a
> throne. I had seen even recently with neighbours on the television - we
> ourselves could not carry an apparatus for us out - a film with Indian
> elephants, on which humans in swinging seats thronten above, which had me
> impressed, and I placed myself forwards that it exactly the same would be,
> to sit there above, and it was many more with difficulty than a garage
> roof. Challenges had always provoked me.
> I began thus to climb to the carpet seaweeds by meaning legs at it closed
> and tried to raise me with the feet while I looked stop up above with the
> hands. There it occurred: A pleasant Kribbeln drove through me. Where only
> came? Such a thing I had not ever felt. I had the feeling the fact that it
> came somewhere between my legs but as could be? There was nevertheless
> nothing.
> I tried to make sure me and executed again the same movement as even. There
> was it again. It came unique from there down between my legs, whatever
> might have released it. I was now no longer quite in such a way interested
> to high-climb to the carpet seaweeds as evenly still, or if, my interest
> had itself changed. I wanted to again-have this feeling, and if I in
> addition against the carpet seaweeds to be pressed had, but not to
> high-climb could - because my legs were much too far spread in addition
> then -, then I preferred first.
> Which I did then, was quite similar as what one often sees today in
> Sexfilmen, if a halfnaked dancer should should-do movements around a bar
> erotisch its full-led: I pressed the place between my legs, which a so
> pleasant Kribbeln caused, again and again against the bar and drove off at
> it on and. I do not know whether someone observed me at that time thereby -
> the bar was as it were in the middle on the meadow, although somewhat at
> the edge, but around carpets to beat out one already needs something
> workstation -, but if, he has or she there down reliably as an extremely
> obszoene position regards my driving. Thus it probably looked. But perhaps
> one would easily not have thought capable of such a thing at that time to a
> child and nothing at all thereby would not have found. Although: At that
> time one received also for things, from which one did not know at all that
> they were " bad " in the sense of the adults and already not at all, why,
> fast times a slap shifts or worse. One paid for as it were innocently their
> dirty thoughts, which prueden in, blocked environment well-known-measured
> most wildly usury.
> I did not know naturally even, what there I did, when I wedged the carpet
> seaweeds between my legs. I noticed only that it was terribly good that it
> arranged a feeling for me, as if I would fly. Slowly dammed itself up
> somewhat in me, and suddenly all rubbing used nothing more. The feeling was
> away. Probably I had had mine there first Orgasmus. I did not know it. I
> felt anyhow rather weak and wobbly on the legs and let the carpet seaweeds
> only once carpet seaweeds be. So strengthless, as I felt sudden, I would
> not have to climb it anyway production.

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