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Baudrillard in a footnote to his 'Implosion of Meaning in the Media' (1983) 

"Distrust the universalisation of struggles through information. Distrust 
campaigns of solidarity that is both electronic and worldwide. Every strategy 
of the universlaisation of differences is an entropic strategy of the system."

This seems to be the antithesis of current positions on global activism and its 
utilisation of the net. NAFTA, The EZLN and N30 all suggest the opposite to 
this typical Baudrillardian stance.

*Is Baudrillard wrong because he was writing 18 years ago?
*Or is his concern re: the neutralisation of struggles via the an attempt to 
amplify struggles ring true?
*Is it true that an event that reacts to an initial event is already a degraded 
form of the event?
*Does the Internet merely overproduce meaning and speech and thus end in an 
undecipherable reality?


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