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<nettime> le mediatrans.07

le mediatrans.07
07022001 23:26 CET
n0name after live! from transmediale
Berlin, Germany 4 to 11 February 2001


i heard
Qa>d; in the museum of communication

i saw
fourteen 10-35 years old workshoppers (boys)
unpacking the lego mindstorm rcx robot boxes
nearly 500 DM each and a certificate of a high-
tech competition for youngsters

i made pictures
of the guy with the dog who said something
about the genome project as text as a
programm or did he said something else?

i waited
at the club WMF for Him who comes tomorrow
and my Becks beer, automatic turntables
made some soundnoise

i listened
to a spokesman of the VICAR (VideoIndexing
Classification Annotation Retrieval) developers
austria, they worked for bka (geman
statepolice) wiesbaden recognition of illegal
material on the internet, the abstract "stripe
videopicture" was nice (->

i talked
about mobilephones and handheld computers
not communicating via infrared interfaces

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