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Re: <nettime> Where are the world's wireless internet users?

Before any greedy dot-com-ers start licking their lips with juicy dreams 
of B2C m-commerce, keep in mind that most mobile internet use in Japan is 
people sending images of cartoon characters and music to each other. There 
is virtually no "commercial" use in Japan.  Before anyone goes wild 
throwing VC money at m-commerce startups in Japan, visions of 
thousand-percent returns and bags of yen in their heads, keep in mind that 
it will be just as difficult, if not more so, to find a paradigm for 
actually making money from these users (unless, of course, you're selling 
the bandwidth) as the now-bankrupt e-commerce startups found it to be in 
the States.  People are happy to have the connectivity, but they're using 
it as they want to, not being led by the nose to empty their wallets on 


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[the graphs on this page are well worth looking at. b]


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