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[the abc, or australian broadcasting corporation, is the public broadcaster in
australia, roughly equivalent to the bbc. the conservative howard government
recently appointed jonathan shier as md of the abc with an obvious but unstated
agenda of commercialisation, reducing influence and reducing criticism of government.
i find the huge sums of money paid to recuitment agencies and consultants by
modern managerialists very reminiscent of class warfare concepts. well in fact
they are. b]

ABC to shed 105 TV production jobs

Source: AAP|Published: Thursday January 11, 6:31 AM

The ABC is reportedly set to shed 105 television production jobs to meet budget

ABC managing director Jonathan Shier admitted to the job shedding in answers
released yesterday to questions taken on notice at a Senate Estimates Committee
hearing in November. 

In written responses to senators' questions, Mr Shier said the “planned reduction
for the production resources division is 105 based on bringing salary expenditure
into line with salary budgets”. 

The ABC also revealed that Mr Shier took four overseas trips in his first seven
months in the job at a total cost of $44,000 and spent $1.5 million on consultants'
fees and recruitment agencies. 

The Sydney Morning Herald today also reported that $822,807 was spent on consultants
from March to September and $737,530 on recruitment firms in the same period.

Meanwhile senior staff salaries rose by $635,000 to $2.8 million. 

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