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 Subject: JMM - New Issue and Call for Papers
  From: Tony Moore <>
   Subject: "ORDINARY NATION": Strewth! Issue 5 launches Weds 21st June, 6pm,
    From: roger szmulewicz <>
     Subject: [none]
      From: "Marc-Olivier Wahler" <> (by way of andreas hagenbach)
       Subject: ===>TRANSFERT===>
        From: "mint77" <>
          From: Station Rose <>
           Subject: Webcasts 111/112: free form jams
           Subject: Majordomo results: new gallery
          From: you minowa <>
         Subject: <nettime> Call for entries from MCMOGATK
        From: Ute Lenssen <>
       Subject: Bauhaus Kolleg 2 Event City
        From: gregor muir <>
         Subject: Lux Gallery Update

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:20:33 +0200
Subject: JMM - New Issue and Call for Papers

Dear colleagues

We would like to announce the Spring-Issue of
the JMM - The International Journal on Media
Management, available in Paper and Online-
Version (

The articles:

   Enrique Dans: Internet Newspapers: Are some
   more equal than others?
   Frank Habann: Management of Core Resources:
   The case of media enterprises.
   Margherita Pagani: Interactive Television:
   A model of analysis of business economic
   Hugh Carter Donahue, Cory Allen, Elena Larsen:
   The Resolution of Digital Television: How
   HDTV and Must-Carry are hindering the return
   of the analog television spectrum.
   Markus Will: Why communications management?

You are invited to visit our website at, which will provide
full coverage of the Journal?s in-depth reporting
on current developments as well as the latest
trends in the new research field of media

Currently we are in the process of preparing Issue
No. 3, (autumn 2000) of the JMM.

Deadline for paper-submission: August, 20. 2000

JMM focuses on the rich array of media related
issues brought about by rapid technological
developments in the media and communications
industries. Thus, we would like to remind you
that contributions are coming due.

The planned focus theme for the autumn issue
is related to legal issues of media management.

Additionally to this, the journal observes the
following issues closely:

  Strategic, managerial and organisational aspects
   of the media sector and the media industry

  Economics of traditional and new media in general

  evolution of the media industry and media industry

  technology, infrastructure, user behavior related
   to the changings in the media sector

  effects of new media on economy, society, politics,
   law and culture

Our goal is a close analysis of new industry structures,
organisational forms and critical competencies
developing as a result of reconfigurations in the
media value chain. We want to bring together academics
and industry figures to explore the transition from
>classic< to >new< media and identify the factors, which
will determine organizational success and economic
efforts in a fast changing and converging environment.

We are interested in receiving your submission to the
JMM. Articles which deal with one of the above issues
are more than welcome.

Please submit your paper to:

Please pass this message on to colleagues who may
also be interested.


Dörte Wittig
Executive Editor

JMM - The International Journal on Media Management
NetAcademy on Media Management

Editors: Beat F. Schmid, Peter Gomez, Peter Glotz
Executive Editor: Dörte Wittig

Editorial Office:
mcm - Institute for Media and Communications Management
University of St. Gallen / Switzerland
Müller-Friedberg-Str. 8
CH - 9000 St. Gallen

Phone:    +41 71 224 34 28
Fax:      +41 71 224 27 71

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From: Tony Moore <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 5:41 PM
Subject: "ORDINARY NATION": Strewth! Issue 5 launches Weds 21st June, 6pm,
Landsdowne Hotel

> Strewth! Issue 5 "Ordinary Nation" special launch and fundraiser at the
Landsdowne Hotel
> (City Rd near Broadway)
> WHEN: Wednesday June 21st, 6pm
> Live Music : Lock, Stock and Daryl
> Special guests
> Inside Strewth! Issue 5
> $8 at door for mag plus entertainment
> Ordinary Nation
> *Shit Food *Same Old Sex *Bland Ambition *Feeble Films *Gutless Gubbas *So So
> Socialists *Crash Hot Mag
> email or check out

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 18:48:57 +0200
From: roger szmulewicz <>
Subject: [none]

>From now on  is gallery FIFTY ONE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY open.
Please note our new details for your mailing.


The gallery is open tue-sun from 11 am to 6 pm and by appointment.

See you soon,

Roger Szmulewicz

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 01:13:32 +0200
From: "Marc-Olivier Wahler" <> (by way of andreas hagenbach)
Subject: ===>TRANSFERT===>

  Dear Friends,

  You are warmly welcomed to the opening of TRANSFERT

  Saturday 17 June 18:00

  More information:

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 19:58:12 -0400
From: "mint77" <>


8-12 participants stand on a blue plastic canvas in a semi-darkened room.
Floodlights turn on, bright as hell and synchronous with Techno-music
generated from an Apple I-Book. The participants dance, kick balloons around
and swig beer. The music stops intermittently along with a return to
semi-darkness whereupon the participants "fix" themselves perfectly still,
caught in mid-motion. A photographer then engages the participants with a
Polaroid camera and meticulously documents the situation as if it is a crime
scene. Polaroids fall out of the camera and onto the floor whereupon the
whole sequence of events repeats itself. Participants dance upon the
increasing accumulation of their own images.

On every third completion of the above sequence a selected participant is
given instructions via a CD-Walkman that must be followed outside the
boundaries of the blue plastic canvas.

1 Blue Plastic Canvas
The sky is sometimes blue and so is this particular canvas.  If we are to
dream the sky and canvas as analogous then this must also be a dream of
conflict because the canvas is waterproof and the sky is not... or possibly
nature is a limitless expression and technology is fixed precision. The
canvas like the sky serves as a frontier for energy focus.  A shallow depth
of field or "decreased sky" provides increased "active-energy" space e.g.,
the island of Manhattan as compared to Cedartown, Georgia.

10 Cases of Warm Budweiser
My father was a automobile mechanic and his favorite beer was Budweiser.  It
is unpleasant to drink warm Budweiser.  It is arguably more unpleasant to
drink Budweiser after securing an elevated class station.  Maybe in this
exposure the Budweiser acts as agent to accelerate group empathy and
increase intimacy. This exposure employs many commercially available items
because of the fine "exacting" qualities of mass production.  In this regard
EXPOSURE #0001 could be considered the "etiquette of transgression" easily
re-produced and employed by a large "cross-section" of the working and
middle class.

200 Birthday Party Balloons
Everyday is a birthday.  Every birthday is a beclouding of origin and
guarantor of death.  So then everyday is an event because of yesterday's
suspect remnants.   Everyday is an event because of  tomorrow's fickle

200 Polaroids
It is dangerous for images to fix too fast.  Maybe this "fast-fix" causes us
to forget more than the residual image allows us to remember.  So here we
dance upon former selves who look up at us like the dead asking us to
remember; a dystopian prompt to encourage re-collection as active resistance
to capital engendered movement and "progress".

8 Halogen Flood-Lights with Dimmer Switch
The primal stimulus of light and dark.  I think of the floodlights here as
the mass proliferation of all texts in the service of capital; an
"over-exposure".  With each cycle of this work darkness engenders the light
as temporal thus dynamic.  EXPOSURE #0001 re-issues the light with
"creative-vision".  A protocol to dream in the waking hours.  This retinal
play could cause us to notice in precise detail just where the edges where
the blue canvas becomes concrete floor.

1 Portable Walkman with Instructional Audio CD
This is a schizophrenia simulation for 2-3 selected participants.  The
participants hear voices in their heads prompting them into actions outside
the boundaries of the blue tarp.  Maybe this is a simple and direct
reference to faith.  Compelled into multiple actions without rational to
continue yet, we continue... then again maybe this is just S&M.

1 Apple I-Book Computer For Generating Techno Music
I'm into techno these days.  Techno is the audio expression of the machine.
Dancing = physical body and techno is good for dancing although technology
is usually not very good for the continuity of the physical body... back to
the blue canvas.




JUNE 24, 2000 7-10PM

cary peppermint version 7---------------

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 01:24:14 +0200
From: Station Rose <>
Subject: Webcasts 111/112: free form jams

STATION ROSE STRreaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here we are again in our cockpits, ready to announce a next round of free
form jam sessions-
following these very intense summer slams last week with the 2 austrian
mediatheorists Dr. Stefan Weber & Dr. Thomas Feuerstein. (Just for your
information - we are in the production of a new book right now, our second
one - where we shall feature/remix/sample the best of the
conversations/slams that have happened so far at The
book will be german/english and will be released this  autumn.)

To have a break in between so much theory-
join us with the next 2 webcasts -where SOUNDZ & VISUALS shall RULE!
- Words taboo this time.

NetSTReams - Webcast 111 & 112 at <>

---> Webcast 111, THU/15.6.00, 9pm CET:   free form summerjam1

---> Webcast 112, FRI/16.6.00, 9pm CET:    free form summerjam2


Station Rose Info:
 STReaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999, blends performance,
lecture (STR in conversation with guests in the studio) and multimedia jam
sessions into a unique form of Net Art. 108 webcasts have taken place so
far. Main topics in the program of Station Rose webcasts are live-sessions
in realtime, where sounds&visuals are streamed from the studio into the
net. Acoustic highlights during this session are published on vinyl:
"live@home3", incl. remix by Move D to be released 22.6/00. label: gunafa,
distribution: neuton. Cooperations with Crippled Dick Hot Wax, berlin &
International Deejay Gigolo Records, munich, as well as Move D/source

 The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates can be found at

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

stay with us
             station rose   6-2000

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 1:59:41 +0100
Subject: Majordomo results: new gallery

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 18:42:47 +0900
From: you minowa <>
Subject: <nettime> Call for entries from MCMOGATK

Art on the Net 2000 --- "Parody"
"In modern times," Bakhtin notes, "the function of parody 
has become narrower and unproductive. Parody has grown 
feeble and its place in modern literature is insignificant". 
Today we laugh unilaterally, at people and at things. 
Ridicule of the serious words is everywhere, but much of 
parody's ancient complexity and strength has been lost. 

---Gary Saul Morson & Caryl Emerson: "Mikhail Bakhtin" 
                        (Stanford University Press, 1990) 

"Art on the Net 2000," an online art festival sponsored by 
the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK), 
is currently inviting artists to participate in this year's 
exhibition held under the theme "Parody."

MCMOGATK has been actively pursuing various relationships 
the Internet can have with art through Art on the Net, the 
world's first online open art competition, since its first 
show in 1995. We now see the growing use of the Internet 
as a space for art and in fact, "net art" has been featured 
in many cultural festivals around the world. We strongly 
feel now is the time to redefine the "potentials" of the 
Internet as a medium of communications." 

MCMOGATK will keep pursuing this fundamental question through 
Art on the Net. This year, the exhibition will be held in fall 
2000 and all are invited to participate in this project. Please 
read the application procedures and find application form on 
our site;

The jurors of the "Art on the Net 2000" are; 

Shiroyasu Suzuki/Japan 
Professor at Tama Art University, poet and visual artist. 

Bernie Roehl/Canada 
Senior Software Developer at the Department of Electrical & 
Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo. VRML expert. 

Ingo Gunther/USA
Artist working in multi-fields, including video art and installation. 

Olga Shishko/Russia 
Critic and curator of media art. 

Tetsuo Kogawa/Japan *Director for the "Art on the Net"
Media critic, Professor of Communications at Tokyo Keizai University. 

Announcements regarding the exhibition, evaluation and exhibition 
of works will be done via the Internet as usual. The deadline 
for entries is 30 August 2000. The winners of prizes are scheduled 
to be announced in fall 2000.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

You Minowa, curator
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo

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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 18:10:00 +0200
Subject: Bauhaus Kolleg 2 Event City
From: Ute Lenssen <>

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unterstŸtzt, kšnnte diese Nachricht ganz oder teilweise unlesbar sein.

Content-type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1"
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Dear friends,

at this time I would like to bring to your attention the updated informatio=
on the new Bauhaus Kolleg program 2000/2001. I would appreciate if you woul=
also be so kind to distribute this mail through your mailing lists to bring
it to the attention of a larger international group of people interested in
the design of the future of cities. If you have any questions I would be
glad to be at your service.

Bauhaus Kolleg 2
Event City

The second Bauhaus Kolleg, which begins in September 2000, will examine the
changes in architecture and the urban environment in an event-oriented
The urban entertainment culture of the 21st century has spawned a host of
event worlds for shows, amusement and consumerism. Malls, theme parks,
amusement centers and events are symbols of the cultural change accompanyin=
the disintegration of the previously separate spheres of culture, politics,
society and business. The marketing of cities and regions with spectacular
presentations of history and culture and the redevelopment of city centers
to create event spaces for shopping and entertainment are an eloquent
expression of this development. In ever fewer cases is this process of urba=
reorganisation the product of town planning schemes devised by the public
authorities. The commercialisation of cities is being accompanied by a loss
of public space, increasing controls and a growing exclusion of the poor an=
destitute. The commercialisation of culture is celebrating its triumphal
march in the event city. Architecture, as an artistic product, is barely in
a position to hold its ground against the powerful flow of cultural goods.
It forms part of the window dressing which cities are using to generate an
image for themselves.

The second Bauhaus Kolleg will focus on the changes in the urban environmen=
brought about by the cultural revamping which cities are undergoing. It wil=
investigate and analyse the changed conditions in the development of the
urban environment in an event-oriented society with a view to drawing up
design strategies for an "event city beyond sprawl".

1st term  September 1st 2000 to November 30th 2000

"Event worlds=B2=20

Theory and method

The aim of the first term is to provide a comprehensive overview of the
development trends in culture, society, economics, planning and architectur=
in the event-oriented society. It will deal with the theory and history,
methodological access to and practical knowledge of the development of the
event city. The first term will be divided up into two blocks. The lectures
and seminars in the first block will provide an overview of the complexity
of the event city. The workshops in the second block will focus on methods
of studying and designing urban environments using the project location, th=
European quarter in Frankfurt, as an example. The teaching programme will b=
supplemented by excursions to urban event worlds in Germany and to the
project location.


Week 1 Sociology of the event society

Week 2 Cultural industry and urbanity

Week 3 Transformation of culture

Week 4 Social geography of the postindustrial space


Week 5 Introduction in the project location

Week 6 Excursion to Frankfurt/Main

Week 7 Strategies of urban planning in the Event City

Week 8Architecture of the Event City

Week 9 Scenes of urban entertainment

Week 10 Cartography of Urbanity

Final presentation and colloquium: Mise en Sc=E9ne and Urbanity

2nd term  February 14th 2001 to May 11th 2001

"Urban spatial node=B2- an architectural blueprint


Frankfurt am Main is planning to erect a new district, the European quarter=
around an urban entertainment center for shopping, entertainment and popula=
culture on disused railway sidings and a site not far from the exhibition
center. This project is one of the many examples of urban redevelopment
engineered by an alliance of private investors, trans-national companies an=
commercial architectural interests. The ensuing transfer of the center to a
homogenised, commercialised and controlled event world is the subject of
much discussion. The flashy shop window of a standardised urban future
clearly reflects a loss of urbanity.
The Bauhaus Kolleg will devise a model for an urban entertainment center in
the European quarter in Frankfurt as part of an architectural blueprint. It
will be based on an understanding of the urban event world as an "urban
spatial node", as a flexible structure providing an interfusion of local an=
global space, commercialised cultural events and everyday cultural

The 2. Trimester consists of two phases: exercise and design. The goal of
the exercises is a broadening of current design tools and approaches of
analysis as well as of design methods in architecture. This methodical
didactical approach in the direction of a broadened perception is based on =
changed role of architecture in the event city; a traditional analysis of
typology and infrastructure can provide the production conditions for
architecture only to a very limited degree.

Central to the exercises are two strategies: an intuitive playful and a
systematic approach. These strategies are applied to three levels of the
discourse, to the level of the city, the urban entertainment center, and to
the design strategy.

Exercise 1: City Events

Excursion to Rotterdam and Lille

Exercise 2: Spatial structure of the event flow

Exercise 3: The architect as imagineer: from storyboard to architecture

Exercise 4: Design strategies within city images

Excursion to Frankfurt

Design process

Studios: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Evening lectures

Colloquium: Architecture as performance

Final presentation/ Exposition: projects for the Urban Entertainment Center

3rd term -June 19th to September 14th 2001

"Artscapes" - art in practice

"Artscapes" is the term Arjun Appadurai applies to images of the here and
now, images on which works of art are based and from which they derive thei=
motivation. The suffix "-scape" refers to a recognition of the mobility of
images and to the connections and relations between them. Heterogeneous
cultural materials, scripts and images merge with one another to form urban
spatial nodes in the urban event spaces. Artscapes take up the short-circui=
between global flow and local images and the way they are changed and
exchanged. They characterize the movement between images and the
mass-cultural context of their production and provide an indication of the
changeability of meanings.
The Bauhaus Kolleg will make use of artistic interventions in the form of
artscapes to document the relations of visibility in the artificial
environment of the urban entertainment center. They will thus be operating
at the interface between what images in the city reveal and what remains
hidden behind the surface of the images

The 3. term is divided into 2 sections: central to the analysis is the imag=
research. Here the images that are at the base of the urban event spaces ar=
investigated. The research of image typologies will discover what logic of
representation is expressed, showing what is made visible and what remains
invisible. The goal is to create an archive of different forms of making
visible, of becoming an image or picture. This archive consists of three
material parts: the image that we created in ourselves, those images found
on site, as well as the collectively shared knowledge about these spaces.

The design process will use this reservoir of images: the different
possibilities of art practice will be examined through the use of a specifi=
medium or site.


Week 1 Images of city or urbanity: the relationship between imagination and
perception of space

Opening of the exhibition "Paradises of Modernism"

Week 2 Excursion Frankfurt/Main
Research of the UEC and its urban context

Week 3 Continuation of image research

Week 4 Evaluation of materials and self produces images

Week 5 Creation of a typology of images and of patterns of imagination
shaping them

Week 6 Analyses of scapes

Week 7Collage: intermediate presentation

Design phase

Week 8 Strategies of artist interventions

Week 9 Conceptual development

Week 10 Creation of art work

Week 11 Final presentation






in the following disciplines; architecture, art, urban and/or landscape
planning, design, the social sciences or humanities, documented in a
curriculum vitae.







A selection committee chooses a maximum of 25 international participants.
Preference is given to those who apply for the entire year. Depending on
course capacities, applicants may also be considered for an individual

TUITION FEES are 3000 DM per trimester. Not included are housing costs,
living expenses, travel costs or study materials.

Possibilities of privately financed scholarships are constantly examined.

Both the studio wing of the historic Bauhaus building and the dormitory
located ca. 4 km away offer accommodation at very reasonable rates.
For further information and reservation please contact the Bauhaus Dessau

The participants will have access to all facilities at the Bauhaus,
including the library, archive, and media lab. Studio room equipped with
work space and computer access will be provided.

Please contact:

Ute Lenssen

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Project Manager

Gropiusallee 38
06846 Dessau

Tel: ++49 (0)340-6508-402,
Fax: ++49 (0)340-6508-404

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Date: 16 Jun 00 17:58:15 +0800
From: gregor muir <>
Subject: Lux Gallery Update

Lux Gallery Update: Tech_nicks streaming the weekend away.....

 from tomorrow....

[ Tuning the Net ]  Streaming Media with r a d i o q u a l i a and friends
Saturday 17 to Monday 19 June

Real-time delivery of audio and video content direct from producers to
target audience has become a reality with streaming media. Tuning the Net
provides a multi-tasking workspace environment for audio, video and
streaming text production and distribution, skilling-up and swapping
information.  Get familiar with the quirky characteristics of the net and
the essential questions of access to bandwidth, server facilities and
production tools.  r a d i o q u a l i a is an on-line art collaboration
experimenting with concepts of broadcasting and the net.

Activities each day, Saturday to Monday

14.00 - 21.30

Displaced London streaming group - Radiospace - guest at the Lux. Bring
your own audio to add to the mix... we'll be going out live (free).

18.00 - 21.30        Open Production Studio

In October 2000, Amsterdam will be hosting the inaugural festival of
streaming media: net.congestion.   Your streaming media works will be
needed!  Use the Open Production Studio to tell us what you are doing and
fill in gaps in your knowledge (free).

21.30 - midnight        rqtv

A 3 hour TV station for going out globally on the web and micro-locally on
the Lux Gallery windows. Bring your lo-fi, lo/no-budget contributions.  In
collaboration with Vacuum video streaming collective (free).

Workshops and presentations

Saturday 17 June

12.00 - 14.00        Presentation: Contructionmechanisms
Introduction to streaming media form, content and tools.  We look at the
technical requirements and review artists' intiatives.

14.30 - 18.00        Workshop: Producing sound and video for streaming
media (6 participants)

Sunday 18 June

12.00 - 14.00    Presentation: Seeing more, seeing less, seeing better
video on the net: possibilites & compression technologies. How can or differ from existing digital moving image work?

14:30 - 15:30    Discussion: word bending
an introduction to text streaming, and discussion about how it can be used
to critique the role of writing and narrative forms within streaming media.
With Katie Cooke.

16.00 - 18.00    Text streaming workshop (6 participants) (£3/£2)

yugoslav new media + live chat with the artists

18.30 - 19:30    a presentation of yugoslav CD-Rom productions.... I am
Milica Tomic by Milica Tomic... War Frames & What is the first task of our
youth? by Zoran Naskovski... Absolutely Greatest Hits by Absolutno... +
soundtrack from the Angel of Mercy by Vera Midic

19:30 - 20:00    video art + come and get some free serbian comics

20:00 - late    chat session with yugoslav artists + After Dark, an
installation on the Lux windows by Branka Milicic

Monday 19 June

Tech_nicks will be hosting introduction to streaming media workshop
sessions for invited groups throughout the day


to follow @
The Lux Gallery, London til 25 June

[ Wireless for the People ] + [ Living Mute ]

details on their way.


Tech_nicks is a long hot summer programme of workshops, presentations and
collaborative projects led by artists working with communication

Come in to learn, discuss, research, contribute your knowledge and
resources, find collaborators and develop your own projects.  Be prepared!
your participation is expected!

Tech_nicks are open working sessions.  You are welcome to visit at any
time, and the mobile lounge will always be available for reading and
research, but workshops or production may be in progress.  If you seriously
want to meet an artist, participate in a project, develop a new skill or
know more about one of the themes, please book a place on one of the
scheduled sessions.


All presentations: £3 / £2 concessions unless otherwise specified
All workshops: £7 / £5 concessions unless otherwise specified

Workshop and presentation bookings: call: 07946 378905 . email:
Booking in advance is essential for all activities with limited places. Pay
on the day, cash or cheques, no cards. Please arrive half an hour in
advance of workshops, as there may be a waiting list.

join the mailing list:


Can't Make It?

Get our bandwidth-light, content-heavy documentation downloads!  Updated
Daily! Surf to: to download
the special browser that will bring you multimedia packages that reviews,
summarises, collects key information and provides a flavour of each day's


Tech_nicks is a Media Art Projects production, programmed by Lina
Dzuverovic-Russell (with support from OVEN Digital) and Lisa Haskel.
Support team: Vera Midic and Milica Rankovic.

Tech_nicks has been supported by the Arts Council of England National
Touring Programme.  Hosting by  With thanks to all our venues,
contributors and other collaborators, especially whose
project in July 1999 - Luxsquat - provided groundwork for this series.
Additional thanks to Cathy Davies for increasing the value of our money.


Please feel free to forward and circulate to lists and those interested.
Apologies if you get this too many times.

Gregor Muir
Lux Gallery Curator
Lux Centre
2 - 4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
t +44 (0) 207 684 2787 f +44 (0) 207 684 1111

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