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                              From: "Axel Bruns" <>
     Subject: M/C Reviews Call for Contributors: Women Writing Culture
                            From: radioqualia <>
                               Subject: Amsterdam TV Now! Chat open!
                     From: Joy Garnett <>
                                 Subject: Newsgrist: an invitation
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                                         Subject: office/gallery
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                                          Subject: INFORMATION
                    From: Mouchette <>
                                        Subject: The Winners
               From: Nat Muller <>
                      Subject: Publication New Axis Reader
                   From: "geert lovink" <>
                       Subject: media ecology conference
              From: fiftyfifty <>
  Subject: OPEN PICNIC v.1 : BARCELONA : 16>17/06/2000
         From: Guy Van Belle <>
Subject: candidates for higher institute of fine arts accepted
                   From: Chris Byrne <>
                      Subject: Roshini Kempadoo - Virtual Exiles
                            From: gregor muir <>
                       Subject: Lux Gallery / advanced information 
                             From: francis <>
 Subject: francis presents: Jacek Staniszewski on
                        From: "[THING]" <>
                                             Subject: Birthday Present
                            From: you minowa <>
                                Subject: "Call for Entries" / MCMOGATK
                           From: Kalina Bunevska <>
                                                 Subject: Invitation

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From: "Axel Bruns" <>
Subject: M/C Reviews Call for Contributors: Women Writing Culture
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 16:06:58 +1000

                M/C Reviews - An ongoing series of reviews
                    of events in culture and the media.

                          Call for Contributors

       "Her Muse Called into Her Crowded Ear": Women Writing Culture

M/C Reviews invites submissions for its special feature issue on the
topic of Women Writing Culture.

Sneja Gunew has said that women's writing is no longer an absence. But is
this only some women?  And in some genres?  And how is our presence
articulated?  Women's writing can break distinctions, explore dichotomies,
give new perspectives, question boundaries.  As Anne-Marie Sauzea-Boetti
points out: "The actual creative project of woman as subject involves
betraying the oppressive mechanisms of culture in order to express herself
through the break ... Not the project of fixing meanings but of breaking
them up and multiplying them".

Women Writing Culture presents diverse possibilities -- among women,
within writing, about culture.  This feature issue will look at the
multifarious sites of women's involvement in writing and media culture -
scripts, zines, e-zines, journalism, Websites, fiction, poetry,
auto/biography.  We are looking for articles that talk about what is
happening, and any recent developments, in any of these areas for women. 

When Elizabeth Smart wrote of her muse calling into her crowded ear, she
was speaking of the competing demands on women writers.  This feature
issue would also like to explore the challenges women face when they
write, and when they market their work in the public arena.  What is it
like at the moment to be writing for ourselves, for the sisterhood, or for
a living? And how about the Internet -- what has it meant for women's
writing?  What makes a Website female-friendly?  Is there a cyber-
sisterhood of writers?

These are a few sample questions, but let your own creativity be your
guide.  What aspect of Women Writing Culture speaks to you?  If you have
something to contribute to this special issue of M/C Reviews, write a
review article and submit it before 17 July 2000.  Women's writing is part
of media culture -- make your writing part of this feature issue.

Send articles of up to 1,500 words and any queries to Carolyn Hughes at

Please refer to the contributors' guidelines at 

Examples of previous feature sections and how to contribute can be found
on our Website, at <>.

Please forward your contributions to M/C Reviews at
by 17 July 2000.

                                                          Axel Bruns

M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture        
The University of Queensland      

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Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 16:15:32 +0200
From: radioqualia <>
Subject: Amsterdam TV Now! Chat open!

r a d i o q u a l i a , DDS and Media.Live.Nu offers you NOW the
opportunity to put
your RealVideo content directly onto Amsterdam Television (A1 TV
(Amsterdam 1) UHF26).


either visit or join IRCnet chat channel

We are doing this first experiment with remote programming of cable
television, this weekend (June 10 and 11) at the following times:

Saturday, June 10
11:00 - 19:00 CET
20:00 - 22:00 CET

Sunday, June 11
01:00 - 11:00 CET

You can pre-program your RealVideo files directly onto Amsterdam Cable TV
through a browser! To follow the simple 7 step process visit

The process is automatically managed by The Frequency Clock, a r a d i o q
u a l i a project.

The Frequency Clock
a project by r a d i o q u a l i a
((o)) r a d i o q u a l i a ((o))

Art/Media Live Lab


coding and tech support by

Additional and ongoing support from Virtual Artists

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Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 10:40:24 -0500
From: Joy Garnett <>
Subject: Newsgrist: an invitation

{apologies for duplicates or cross posts}

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Newsgrist, a new news-form serving the arts community, invites you
to subscribe to its electronic newsletter service.  Based in New York
but with an eye and an ear open to global events and influences,
Newsgrist covers the intersections of art, politics, digital information
and technology, war (cultural and otherwise),  local art market trends
and transformations.  Newsgrist is poised to bridge the gap between
lo-tech or *old tech*, and new media technologies, and to momentarily
tie the various disparate loose ends of the arts community wherever possible.

Features recently added  to the newsletter and the website  include
>Fresh Dates< unorthodox horoscopes written specifically for the arts
community by cantankerous astrologer Axel Harvey; the >News Archive<,
the gristy gritty >Image Bank< , featuring a new  Image every week;
>Deathless Proz<, a literary commentary section; and >Miss Lonely Box<,
an advice column for artists, written by your favorite art-maven (whose
identity must remain undisclosed).

Newsgrist's continuously growing and specialized subscriber base frequently generates

its own grist for publication in the newsletter. Please feel free to
send comments, suggestions, classified ads, urls, press releases, info about
openings, contests, conferences and news-worthy bytes for posting on the
website and/or the e-newsletter. All services we offer are free.

Newsgrist is currently featured on the new Alternative Museum website, in it's online zine, TAM Monitor.

Joy Garnett
Editor, Newsgrist
June 2000

*to subscribe, send a message to

**If at any time you wish to stop receiving Newsgrist, send a message to

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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 09:07:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: officegallery <>
Subject: office/gallery

For immediate release:

June 12th through August 5th

Hard Copy is an exhibition and panel discussion of
network artists who were asked to provide their
interpretation of “hard copies” of their internet
based art.

The Hard Copies will be on display at the
office/gallery from June 12th through August 5th. 
Artists contributing to the show are: ®™ARK
(, associationAPSOLUTNO
(, Kora Juenger (,, South to the Future
( and Norwood Funk Labs

“The concept of the show is twofold,” explains Sean
Fletcher, a current resident of the office/gallery. 
“First it is a challenge to compete with the
frequently neutral 'wall-paper' art which is
acceptable in the corporate workplace.  Second, we
hoped to turn the inundation of advertising by
corporations for their internet presence inside out by
somehow advertising 'art on the internet' to a captive
corporate audience.”

The office/gallery also sponsors bi-monthly events in
its newly renovated 18th floor “training room”.
Patrons to the office/gallery are encouraged to
inquire about the upcoming HARD COPY panel discussion
in mid-July that will focus on the impact of
corporations and private funding on contemporary art.

The office/gallery is a “by appointment only” location
operated covertly in the San Francisco offices of a
national Life Insurance and Financial Services
corporation.  The office/gallery is currently in its
6th month of operations.

There will be a special opening to the public on June
22nd after 6:30pm and before 8:00pm.  Please call
(415) 733-6574 for more information and availability
before visiting the office/gallery at 111 Sutter
Street on the 17th floor.  Email the office/gallery at or visit the website at  

Sean Fletcher, resident of the office/gallery
check out our website at:
fax/vmail:  (801) 218-1913     direct:  (415) 733-6574
The office/gallery is a by appointment only location for work by
contemporary artists operated covertly in the San Francisco offices of a
National Insurance and Securities firm.

Do You Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Photos -- now, 100 FREE prints!

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From: "teleferique" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 20:28:40 +0200

"Touche moi"  d'Antoine Schmitt
( programme  pour MAC et PC )

est a telecharger sur Teleferique
site de telechargement

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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 22:06:27 +0200
From: Mouchette <>
Subject: The Winners

Do you remember when I invented this game called "The Dummy Speaks"
where people could win what they wanted. Since then, there has been so
many winners and so many prizes won!
Check it out at
Yes, there has ben too many winners and too many prizes ... So if you
want to know something special, use the search engine at the bottom of
the page. 
It will tell who's got love
and who's got money
and if you best friend John has won something

And remember, you can always play and make a chance to win a prize

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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 22:14:43 +0200
Subject: Publication New Axis Reader
From: Nat Muller <>

Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender


As a follow-up to The Facelift of Gender, Axis, Foundation for Art and
Gender, is bringing out a new reader on the interaction between new media,
gender and art: Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender.

Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender presents a selection of articles that
illuminate the impact of new media technologies on art, culture and gender
representation. The meaning of these concepts is continually subject to
change, thus rebutting the idea that art disciplines and gender are static

Developments in new media have disrupted the classic hierarchical relation
between "producers" and "consumers" in the cultural field. In interactive
projects, for instance, the distinction between author, performer and viewer
becomes increasingly blurred. The traditional role of cultural institutions
is also queried because digital works often are not to be pigeonholed in any
one category. Artists and activists make use of these shifts in order to
create a free zone for social critique and cultural innovation. In the
course of this, subjects like authorship, representation and the role of the
institution become central. The articles in Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift
Gender cast light on the specific role of gender in these processes.

With contibutions from a.o.: Anne-Marie Schleiner, Sylvie Parent & Valérie
Lamontagne, Faith Wilding, Angelika Beckmann, Yvonne Volkart, Cornelia
Sollfrank, Mo Throp, Hannah Bosma, Kathy Rae Huffman and Margarete Jahrmann,
Andra McCartney, Sheila A. Malone, Verena Kuni, Rachel Greene,[m]e[z],
Francesca da Rimini.

(editors: Nat Muller and Deanna Herst)

Costs: Fl. 15,- (excl. porto)

Order : mail us



Axis @ V2_ 

Friday 23rd June 20.00  23.00 h

V2_Organisatie, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Admittance : fl. 7,50

To mark the publication of Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender, a reader on
new media, gender and art, Axis is organising an evening full of sound
shifts and gender displacements.


Music scholar Hannah Bosma, who also provided a contribution to Ctrl+Shift
Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender, will introduce the most important points in the
discussion and illustrate them on the basis of the link between gender and
electronic music. Electronic music is the discipline par excellence in which
the classic hierarchical relation between cultural "producers" and
"consumers" has been disrupted. The distinctions among author, performer and
viewer have, for example, become increasingly vague.


"The Well" is based on an experimental recording in a wind tunnel at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, where Barbara Held arranged
for her flute to be played by the natural turbulence in the tunnel. In the
CD-ROM version images are transformed into sound by computer processes. The
piece is an homage to the Canadian/Japanese composer Chiyo Asaka -Tuge, who
died in 1969. In 1932 she married a Japanese neurosurgeon, who after her
death dissected her brain in search of the source of her creativity. (in
collaboration with Adolf Alcañiz)


Guy Van Belle presents an installation on Soeur Sourire, the Belgian Lesbian
nun who scored a Nr. 1 hit in America in the 1960s, but later committed
suicide together with her lover because of money problems.


Anne Wellmer creates an audio environment especially for this occasion,
which will incorporate recorded sounds in real time.


In the piece "Main Wash Cycle" Alison Isadora presents the story of a New
Zealand woman who has a washing machine on the sidecar of her motorcycle.
The textual part of the performance is a mix of washing instructions, user's
instructions for washing machines, feminist analyses and housewives'
narratives. Sound fragments are digitally manipulated and mixed live from
the MIDI-controlled washing machine; contact microphones record all small

Hannah Bosma (NL) is guest researcher with the Music Studies department at
the University of Amsterdam and is working on a dissertation on "Gender
Issues in Electro-vocal Music." At the same time she is working with the
Dutch Electro-Acoustical Repertoire Centre (NEAR). She has authored numerous
articles on gender and music, and regularly lectures on this subject in The
Netherlands and abroad. In 1999, together with Patricia Pisters, she
published the book Madonna: The Many Faces of a Popstar.

Barbara Held (USA/SP) is a flautist and composer. In the 1970s she worked
together in Barcelona with trendsetting composers such as Carles Santos,
Frederic Mompou and Lloreoan Brossa. In 1979 she moved to New York, where
she was flautist with the Bowery Ensemble. She integrates sound with other
art disciplines in her work. She has, for instance, worked together with
audio-artists such as Ron Kuivila, Phill Niblock, Robert Ashley and Alvin
Lucier and with video artists, filmmakers and writers. Barbara Held lives
and works in Barcelona.

Anne Wellmer (D/NL) grew up in Canada and Germany and presently lives and
works as a sonologist and singer in The Hague. She has worked together with
the audio-artist Justin Bennett, audio-engineer Matthijs Ruijter, director
Nicolai Caiazza and video artist Boris Gerrets, among others. Together with
sonologists Edwin van der Heide and Florentijn Boddendijk she makes up a
trio, notorious for "tally luna atlanticipated," a monomedia performance
based on an imaginary balloon flight to the moon.

Guy Van Belle (BE) is curator and software designer for the new Leonardo
Music Journal CD-extra "Converted to Streaming Between Machines," to which
Hannah Bosma, Barbara Held and Anne Wellmer also made contributions. He is
half of the digital music duo "Young farmers Claim Future," co-founder of
dbonanzah!, an independent a(rt)ctivist server and educational technologist
at the University of Ghent. [ and]

Alison Isadora (NZ/NL) studied political philosophy and music in New
Zealand. She has lived in The Netherlands since 1986, where she studied
violin and composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In recent
years Alison Isadora has been working more with electronics and is involved
as performer for both music ensembles and improvisation groups. At the
moment she is engaged in the second phase of theatre training at DasArts,
where she is researching the relations between music, text and movement.

Axis, bureau voor de kunsten v/m
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 72
1012 GE Amsterdam
T+31 (0)20 4274525
F +31 (0)20 4271412
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From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: media ecology conference
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 05:23:07 +1000

First Media Ecology Association Convention
June 16-17, 2000 at Fordham University's Lincoln Center Campus
in Manhattan

Keynote by Neil Postman
Awards for recent, seminal books, articles, dissertations
Business Meeting
More than 20 papers and 4 panels featuring:

Sue Barnes, Jim Carey, James Curtis, Stephanie Gibson, Ray Gozzi, Neil
Kleinman, Olga Leontovich, Paul Levinson, Robert Logan, James Morrison,
Christine Nystrom, Camille Paglia, Boris Potyatynyk, Read Mercer Schuchardt,
Lance Strate

Come explore with us the contributions of McLuhan, Mumford, Ong, and how
elaborations of their perspectives on media and technology can shed light on
everything from the Web to road rage....

Admission: free to all members of the Media Ecology Association

Non-members may join at the door.
Dues are $10 for students, $20 for all others.

Convention Coordinator: Paul Levinson
Associate Coordinator: Janet Sternberg

Friday, June 16

All sessions will be held at the McMahon Hall Lounge, 155 West 60th Street
(2 blocks south of Lincoln Center, and west of Columbus Ave.)


8:30 Registration opens
9:00 - 9:30 Introduction and Greetings
9:30 - 10:00 Featured Paper
McLuhan and Media Ecology
Paul Levinson (Fordham University)

10:00 - 11:15 Session #1 - Papers
Chair: Margot Hardenbergh (Shooting for the Web)

The Practical Wisdom of Marshall McLuhan
James Maroosis (Fordham University)
The New Gutenberg Galaxy
Robert K. Logan (University of Toronto)
Environment versus Anti-Environment Revisited
Eric McLuhan (University of Toronto)
Simplicity, Complexity, and the Historicism of Media Theory
James Curtis (University of Delaware)

11:30 - 12:45 Session #2 - Panel
Behaving and Misbehaving Online:
Internet Conduct and Identity
Chair: Susan Barnes (Fordham University)

The Spectacle of Self: *Hypermediaized* Identity and the Personal Home Page
Jennifer Warren (New York University)
True Names, Real Lives, Virtual Dangers:
Conduct on the Internet
Barbara Jo Lewis (Brooklyn College)
Chatting About Faith: Sacred Space in Cyberspace
Cheryl Anne Casey (New York University)
Virtual Misbehavior:Breaking Rules of Conduct in Online Environments
Janet Sternberg (New York University)

1:00 - 2:00 Lunch
2:00 - 3:15 Session #3 - Papers
Chair: Thomas F. Gencarelli (Montclair State University)
Hypermedia and Synesthesia
James Morrison (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
An Ecology of Hypermedia Narrative
John McDaid (New York University)
Three Laws of Growth on the Internet
Glenn Hauman (Bibliobytes)
Media Systems Dependency Theory and the Internet
Woong Park (University of Southern Maine)

3:30 - 4:45 Session #4 -Panel (Roundtable Discussion)
Media Ecology and the American Intellectual Tradition
Chair: Lance Strate (Fordham University)
Judith Yaross Lee (Ohio University)
Dominic Balestra (Fordham University)
James W. Carey (Columbia University)
Camille Paglia (University of the Arts)

 5:00 - 5:30 President's Address
The Ecology of Association
Lance Strate (Fordham University)

5:30 - 6:00 Presentation of MEA Awards
6:00 - 6:30 Keynote Address
The Humanism of Media Ecology
Neil Postman (New York University)

 6:30 - 7:30 Reception
7:30 - 8:45 Session #5 - Panel (Roundtable Discussion)
The Media Ecology Listserv - A Gathering
All are welcome to attend
Chair: Raymond Gozzi, Jr. (Ithaca College)

Janet Sternberg (New York University)
Robert K. Logan (University of Toronto)
James Morrison (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Saturday, June 17

8:30 Registration opens
9:00 - 10:00 Business Meeting
All are welcome to attend
10:00 - 11:15 Session #6 - Panel
Green Versus Ivy: Theory in a World of Practice:
Integrating Word, Image, and Concept

Chair: Stephanie B. Gibson (University of Baltimore)

Confessions of a Recovering Theory Addict
Stephanie B. Gibson (University of Baltimore)
Afterwords: Exercises with the Image and the Word
Neil Kleinman (University of Baltimore)
'Professional' versus 'Academic' Studies: The Dimensions of the Dilemma
Christine Nystrom (New York University)
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Media Theory and Business Communication
John McDaid (New York University)

11:30 - 12:45 Session #7 - Papers
Chair: T.B.A.

The Necessity of Illusion in Media
Paul Kelly (Canadian Broadcasting Company)
Breaking the Curse of Narcissus
Norman Steinhart (University of Toronto)
Understanding Road Rage
Read Mercer Schuchardt (New York University)
Heidegger and the Internet
Mehpare Kaynak (Temple University)
Geoffrey Forney (University of Tennessee)

1:00 - 2:00 Lunch
2:00 - 3:45 Session #8 - Papers
Chair: Casey Man Kong Lum (William Paterson University)

How E-Mail Defines Us
Ellen Frisina (Hofstra University)
Live Video as an Equal Player in Improvisational Theater
Louise Penbethy (University of Baltimore)
Video Surveillance and Media Theory
Bilge Yesil (New York University)
Sub-Saharan Africa and the New Communication Technologies
Jerry Domatob (Southampton College)
US-Russian Communication Patterns: Dangers of Asymmetry
Olga Leontovich (Volgograd Pedagogical University & Ramapo College of New

4:00 - 5:45 Session #9 - Papers
Chair: Carol Wilder (New School University)

Scholasticism and Media Ecology
Edmond Chibeau (Eastern Connecticut State University)
Media Ecology as Metaphor
Joseph Slade (Ohio University)
Communication Media as Environment
Yong-Chan Kim (University of Southern California)
Psychology and the New Media
Stephen Biggs (York University)
Mass Media as a Self-Expanding Megamachine
Boris Potyatynyk (Lviv National University, University of Iowa)

6:00 - 6:30 Featured Paper
Net Benefits and Limits: Ecologies of Information Access and Control
Joshua Meyrowitz (University of New Hampshire)

6:30 - 8:30 Reception and Performance
Media Ecology Unplugged
John McDaid (New York University)
William Bly (Fordham University)

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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 12:55:31 +0200
From: fiftyfifty <>
Subject: OPEN PICNIC v.1 : BARCELONA : 16>17/06/2000

_/ digital creators picnic @ SUMA : barcelona :
_/ 16 > 17/06/2000 : 17>22H
_/ presentations, shows, picnic ....
_/ putamadre, tchang!, straddle, farmersmanual
_/ garderobe23, vasava, jodi, area3 & much more ....
_/ info :

_/ SUMA : c/valdonzella 52, bajos : barcelona
_/ >>> 5 mins walk from cccb / macba >>>
_/ production : hangar, fiftyfifty, innothna
_/ coinciding with sonar2000 :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:25:40 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Guy Van Belle <>
Subject: candidates for higher institute of fine arts accepted

Hi, if anyone is interested in attending higher art education... At Higher
Institute of Fine Arts, Antwerp, candidates will be accepted for the
coming 2 years... So send them a mail asap, to let them know you may be
The Institute is offering a studio and some accomodation. the idea is to
stimulate art productions in an open and free environment, no matter what
discipline you are in. Check out the website. 
Currently th hisk is rebuilding the multimedia lab and it will stimulate
young digital media artists to take part.

If you have any questions, mail me and I will try to answer asap. 
I have been doing a guest-professorship there over the last couple of
years and will be further involved in the multimedia lab next year. 



File: The completely filled out enrolment form. 2 recent passport
photographs (name on back). A copy of your ID card or passport. A detailed
curriculum vitae. List of exhibitions (stating town and dates), grants,
scholarships, prizes, sales, commissions, publications and/or catalogues
mentioning your work. Catalogs and texts concerning the artistic work.
Slides (max. 20) - on each slide: name, title, date - on a separate list:
title, date, material, dimensions. Eventually photographs / videos /
cd-rom - on every document: name, title, year, dimensions and material.
personal motivationand working plan in English (20 lines). Slides /
photographs / videos / cd-rom are returned to you upon completion of the
admission procedure. 

Liability: As careful as the Higher Institute for Fine Arts-Flanders may
be in handling the documentation submitted, we cannot be held responsible
any loss or damage to them.

The work year starts on September 4th. 2000


Enrolment form 2000


first name: 



town: country: 




male/female nationality:

married or single:

place of birth:

date of birth:

mother tongue:

other spoken languages:

what is your speciality? have you received any academic art
training? Enclose copies of diplomas or certificates:

1. name:

from / through:

diploma yes / no

direction & specialisation:

2. name:


from / through:

diploma yes / no

direction & specialisation:

how dit you hear about the Higher Institute for Fine
Arts-Flanders? advertisement in: personal relations: other: The
enrolment fee for 2000-2001 is 18.000 BEF (446,21 EURO) (+ a
once-only guarantee of 10.000 BEF (247,89 EURO)). A health
insurance is not included in the enrolment fee. The enrolment fee
(and the guarantee) have to be settled during the first week of
the academic year. The Higher Institute for Fine Arts-Flanders
does not offer grants. How do you intend to finance your stay at
the Institute?


The complete filled out enrolment form 2 recent passport
photographs (name on the back) a copy of your ID card or
passport a detailed curriculum vitae list of exhibitions (stating
town and dates), grants, scholarships, prizes, sales,
commissions, publications and/or catalogues mentioning your
work catalogs and texts concerning the artistic work slides (max.
20) - on each slide: name, title, date - on a separate list: name,
title, date, material, dimensions eventually photographs / videos
/ cd-rom - on every document: name, title, year, dimensions and
material your personal motivation and working plan in English (20
lines) Slides / photographs / videos / cd-rom are returned to you
upon completion of the admission procedure.


As careful as the Higher Institute for Fine arts - Flanders may be
in handling the documentation submitted, we cannot be held
responsible for any loss or damage to them.

The work year starts on September 4th. 2000

Files to be send to:

       Higher Institute for Fine Arts - Flanders

       Johan Swinnen, co-ordinator

       Lange Leemstraat 338 . B-2018 Antwerpen .

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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:33:54 +0100
From: Chris Byrne <>
Subject: Roshini Kempadoo - Virtual Exiles

New Media Scotland and Street Level Photoworks present:

Roshini Kempadoo   -   Virtual Exiles

20 June to 22 July 2000, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow

'Virtual Exiles becomes a collective way of telling stories, of digitally
contributing our own version of what it means to step between two spaces at
once. Two cultures, two senses of belonging, two countries we are familiar
with. To visually describe this difference becomes an important inscription
to everyday encounters and our writing of the past ......' David Dabydeen:
Author, poet, and lecturer in Caribbean Studies.

Roshini Kempadoo's digital images and web site explore the experiences of
individuals who have left their country of origin and who are now at 'home'
in another. The reason and experience of having left a homeland always
varies, but what doesn't is the relation to the host country - those who
have migrated are nearly always considered to be 'outsiders' or
'foreigners'. The work was created by Kempadoo while investigating her own
status as refugee/exile/expatriate/emigre in relation to her own country of
birth England and her country of origin and upbringing, Guyana.

The interactive website is an ongoing curated internet show where
individuals and groups are encouraged to contribute their own artwork,
whether sound, video, images or text. Visitors are invited to relate their
own experiences of being 'settled' and 'rooted' within one culture and yet
having a deep sense of belonging with another. The exhibition prints are
digitally manipulated images produced using a combination of Kempadoo's
contemporary material, and specific historical collections from the Pitt
Rivers Museum, Oxford; Royal Anthropological Institute, London; Museum voor
Volkenkunde, Rotterdam; material drawn from private and official archives
in Guyana.

Virtual Exiles is a partnership between New Media Scotland, Street Level
Photoworks, ARTEC, Watermans Arts Centre, Impressions Gallery, Napier
University and Lighthouse Media Centre. Additional funding from the Arts
Council of England's New Media Projects Fund and the Scottish Arts Council
National Lottery Fund.

Workshops with young people

As part of the exhibition at Street Level a group of young people from
across Glasgow will be working with digital artist Lindsay Perth in a
series of workshops with a multi-cultural focus. Drawing upon and
describing the participants own experiences and family histories, they will
create interactive web pages related to the theme of the exhibition. The
results will remain on both the 'Virtual Exiles' web site:

For further information, please contact:

New Media Scotland                      Street Level Photoworks
P.O. Box 25065                          26 King Street
Glasgow	G1 5YP                          Glasgow	G1 5QP

Tel: 0141 564 3010                      Tel: 0141 552 2151
Fax: 0141 564 3011                      Fax: 0141 552 2323

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Date: 13 Jun 00 15:21:20 +0800
From: gregor muir <>
Subject: Lux Gallery / advanced information 

Lux Gallery presents
Daniel Pflumm
14 - 30 July 2000

Pflumm's work addresses the importance of establishing a club, or label,
as a localised site of production. It also proposes that video can be
used as a tool involved in the everyday practice of consuming, editing
and displacing visual information. The production of art becomes a slow,
persistent process of sifting through hermetic media images; its
reception unfolds in the sensation of accelerated visual signals and
repetitive beats piercing the brain.   Jan Verwoert, frieze For a
limited period only, the Lux Gallery presents a rare opportunity to view
a video installation by Berlin artist Daniel Pflumm.

Pflumm is perhaps best known for his video loops featuring corporate
logos and sampled TV ads, set to sumptuous techno music by Kotai+Moi.
During the time Pflumm was organising the Berlin nightclub Panasonic, he
produced NYC Loops 005 [1996] - a 32 minute film composed of a rapid
succession of corporate logos. As the work progresses, the air of
intensity increases as the rhythm of the loops gathers pace.

Subsequently, Pflumm went on to produce a number of videoworks
(alongside more recent lightbox works) that similarly challenge the
dynamics of attention span. Aside from his use of corporate graphics,
Pflumm also samples images from sources such as the neon signs above
Alexanderplatz and the distant blinking of airport runway lights. Ice
Train [1998] stitches together speeding trains, while 'CNN - In Hope
for the Best' features a perplexing loop of beaming TV audiences and
never-ending applause. Intended to be screened on a single monitor
installed in a gallery, Pflumm's cool, minimal aesthetic plays against
the viewer and the space it inhabits.

Daniel Pflumn will be available to discuss his work in the gallery at
3pm, July 22. Admission free

Pflumm continues to work closely with Galerie Neu in Berlin, whose image
and branding he continues to design. Recent solo shows include
Kunstverein Frankfurt, Green Naftali, New York, and Asprey-Jacques,

 Private View: Thursday 13 July € 6.00 - 9.00
 Exhibition open: 14 - 30 July, Wednesday - Sunday € 12.00 - 7.00

Gregor Muir
Lux Gallery Curator
Lux Centre
2 - 4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
t +44 (0) 207 684 2787 f +44 (0) 207 684 1111

Gregor Muir
Lux Gallery Curator
Lux Centre
2 - 4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
t +44 (0) 207 684 2787 f +44 (0) 207 684 1111

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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 18:23:07 +0200
From: francis <>
Subject: francis presents: Jacek Staniszewski on


The first time I've met Jacek was October 1997 in Dessau. That time he
presented his project NEUROBOT at the OSTRANENIE-Festival. Since that
time we've been in contact by email and inbetween a lot of inspiring
face2face-meetings. Jaceks' interest reaches from all kind of crazy,
maniac topics (e.g. conspiracy, psychoacustic) to contemporary,
experimental electronic music.

This year Jacek and his neurobotfriend Dominik Kowalski have produced a
CD-Compilation "C9H13O3N" featuring the most newest experimental music
from Poland.  "C9H13O3N" refers to the concept of  Polycephal a chemical
near to the more known Adrenaline.

During my last stay in Warszawa I've recorded a 45 minute-session plaid
by Jacek Staniszewski and also made an interview with him. Together with
the "C9H13O3N"-CD I'll present this on

THURSDAY 15.06.00 1800 CET

So You are invited to listen the REALAUDIO-stream and to have a chat,
which can also be
accessed via the website. later You'll find the file in the

best greetings


-------------- topic-related websites

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From: "[THING]" <>
Subject: Birthday Present
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 22:16:15 +0200

Last days ... Special birthday present at THE THING... don't miss it !

What is important is no attempt to make any kind of aesthetic statement. 
The presentation of works on internet is purely a matter of 
practicality. The accumulation of useless works is the first phase of 
emotion. Now is you who must imagine all the secrets. Repetition can be 
sincere. birthday present
_____________________________ the thing communications, LLC 601 W 26, NY NY 10001

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 15:10:38 +0900
From: you minowa <>
Subject: "Call for Entries" / MCMOGATK

Art on the Net 2000 --- "Parody"
"In modern times," Bakhtin notes, "the function of parody 
has become narrower and unproductive. Parody has grown 
feeble and its place in modern literature is insignificant". 
Today we laugh unilaterally, at people and at things. 
Ridicule of the serious words is everywhere, but much of 
parody's ancient complexity and strength has been lost. 

---Gary Saul Morson & Caryl Emerson: "Mikhail Bakhtin" 
			(Stanford University Press, 1990) 

"Art on the Net 2000," an online art festival sponsored by 
the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK), 
is currently inviting artists to participate in this year's 
exhibition held under the theme "Parody."

MCMOGATK has been actively pursuing various relationships 
the Internet can have with art through Art on the Net, the 
world's first online open art competition, since its first 
show in 1995. We now see the growing use of the Internet 
as a space for art and in fact, "net art" has been featured 
in many cultural festivals around the world. We strongly 
feel now is the time to redefine the "potentials" of the 
Internet as a medium of communications." 

MCMOGATK will keep pursuing this fundamental question through 
Art on the Net. This year, the exhibition will be held in fall 
2000 and all are invited to participate in this project. Please 
read the application procedures and find application form on 
our site;

The jurors of the "Art on the Net 2000" are; 

Shiroyasu Suzuki/Japan 
Professor at Tama Art University, poet and visual artist. 

Bernie Roehl/Canada 
Senior Software Developer at the Department of Electrical & 
Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo. VRML expert. 

Ingo Gunther/USA
Artist working in multi-fields, including video art and installation. 

Olga Shishko/Russia 
Critic and curator of media art. 

Tetsuo Kogawa/Japan *Director for the "Art on the Net"
Media critic, Professor of Communications at Tokyo Keizai University. 

Announcements regarding the exhibition, evaluation and exhibition 
of works will be done via the Internet as usual. The deadline 
for entries is 30 August 2000. The winners of prizes are scheduled 
to be announced in fall 2000.

We look forward to seeing your entries!


You Minowa, curator
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:41:37 +0100
From: Kalina Bunevska <>
Subject: Invitation

The Contemporary Art  Center - Skopje, Macedonia
cordially invites you to attend the opening of the exhibition

Nora Stojanovic and Igor Andreevski

Wednesday, 14.06.2000, 8.30 PM 
CIX Gallery 
(Orce Nikolov 109)

SHOTGUN is a photo -audio installation, consisting in itself a
documentary exploratory process and through the phography is trying to
document the ritual moments of the subculture.  The photography is
processed by a computer and in a combination with a music background is
creating a space in which the audience is an active participant in the
process of a cyclical repeating of momments of birth and death,
(inhaling - exhaling).   SHOTGUN is a project that documents and
glorifies the process of communication. A communication that does not
know of sexual, ethnic and cultural determination. A communicatin theat
doies not moralize but tempts. The installation is consisted of 10
photographs and audio virtual space in which it will be interwined

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