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<nettime> a r c h i t e x t u r e z............................................................ nettimers, i am compiling a listing of architectural texts online, and would like to include those texts in the archives. so, if you have written an essay about architecture or architectural issues, or have conducted an interview that is online elsewhere, please send me the url so i can include it in the project. thanks, bc ............................................................

  a r c h i t e x t u r e z
  an online community for hacking
  and cracking the architectural code

  newly redesigned, the architexturez 
  project website catalogues architectural
  research and theoretical texts about the
  built environment, online the internet. 

  following is a sample of the site's content:

  {computer icon} the *architectural texts*
  section currently has  /research/ in the
  following categories:

  [aesthetics] [a-life] [anthropology] [archaeology]
  [artificial intelligence] [building code] [cad] 
  [cartography] [complexity] [computing] [construction] 
  [criticism] [cyberplanning] [cyberspace] [deconstructivism] 
  [design] [disney] [electricity] [energy] [ethnography] 
  [gated communities] [geometry] [historiography] [humanity] 
  [identity] [information architecture] [infrastructure] 
  [interface] [landscape] [language] [las vegas] [malls] 
  [mathematics] [media] [modernism] [music] [nurbanism] 
  [organicism] [pedagogy] [philosophy] [photography] 
  [planning] [politics] [post-modernism] [practice] 
  [preservation] [psychology] [representation] [research] 
  [security] [space settlement] [space-time] [style] 
  [superstars] [sustainability] [theme parks] [typology] 
  [virtual archaeology] [virtual reality] 

  --> if you have written a text related to architecture,
  in the broadest sense of the word, and it's on the 
  internet, please send the url to

  {people icon} the *researchers & publishers* section 
  seeks to catalogue  /researchers/ of architecture,
  be they media archaeologists, critics, writers,
  or laypeople with a desire to decode and recode
  the built environment. please submit your contact
  information to the network. also,  /publishers/ of 
  architectural texts are listed to help those
  researchers seeking venues for publication.

  {eye icon} the *architexturez perspectives* section
  provides a platform for writers to share their
  architectural  /perspectives/ in essays. feedback
  for is provided via an  /evocations/ form.
  {nodes icon} the *architectural hyperlinks* section
  compiles a wide-range of internet resources related
  to architectural theory and research.


  about the new aesthetic: the clich'e of architecture
  as a manipulation and combination of materials has
  been exploited by placing freely available textures
  of various materials such as wood, metal, marble, and
  concrete in complex and contradictory relations with
  one another. these architectural signs simultaneously
  simulate and represent materiality, online and off.
  this dichotomy is demonstrated in the  /research/
  section, where traditional areas of architectural
  thought are placed upon a marble background, while 
  new fields of architectural exploration based upon
  knowledge of electricity is located on a background
  of a lightning storm. it is the specific interest of
  architexturez to interrogate this relationship between
  these two orders of architecture, actual and virtual.
  the interface also reflects a strategy of information
  archaeology, whereby (the signs of architecture and) 
  pre-existing architectural content on the internet is
  gathered as an open-source architectural code, along-
  side the architectural building of new content.


  the architexturez project is a not-for-profit endeavor...
  your support and partnership are necessary to keep it living.


  become an architectural programmer, and
  hack and crack the architectural code...


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