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RTMark admin on Wed, 14 Jun 2000 01:18:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> moviola.com e-mail list

For those who wish to participate in the building anti-Moviola.com
campaign (please see previous post, to Dana Newman, for details), here are
the e-mails of everyone at Moviola.com:

spark {AT} moviola.com, mparmentier {AT} moviola.com, lpaskal {AT} moviola.com,
mpaskal {AT} moviola.com, joepaskal {AT} moviola.com, rpaskal {AT} moviola.com,
jpierucci {AT} moviola.com, srittenberg {AT} moviola.com, brossney {AT} moviola.com,
gsait {AT} moviola.com, msansoucy {AT} moviola.com, msawh {AT} moviola.com,
jschear {AT} moviola.com, jsengpiehl {AT} moviola.com, ssheppard {AT} moviola.com,
msmith {AT} moviola.com, msmulson {AT} moviola.com, testlondon {AT} moviola.com,
am {AT} moviola.com, mupton {AT} moviola.com, mvangorder {AT} moviola.com,
dwagstaff {AT} moviola.com, vwilson {AT} moviola.com, hostmaster {AT} moviola.com,
rxeno {AT} moviola.com, bill {AT} moviola.com, jyows {AT} moviola.com,
oaguilar {AT} moviola.com, laguire {AT} moviola.com, sbarbour {AT} moviola.com,
rbarnes {AT} moviola.com, sblume {AT} moviola.com, kbraswell {AT} moviola.com,
vcastell {AT} moviola.com, testchicago {AT} moviola.com, , kcosta {AT} moviola.com,
kday {AT} moviola.com, jdehaven {AT} moviola.com, gdietz {AT} moviola.com,
jdunkel {AT} moviola.com, levangelista {AT} moviola.com, afeldman {AT} moviola.com, ,
hflores {AT} moviola.com, lfox {AT} moviola.com, bhancock {AT} moviola.com,
mirizarry {AT} moviola.com, jtanner {AT} moviola.com, rjohnson {AT} moviola.com,
bjuris {AT} moviola.com, wlegaspie {AT} moviola.com, tlois {AT} moviola.com,
mlucero {AT} moviola.com, fmartinez {AT} moviola.com, dmayfield {AT} moviola.com,
amersier {AT} moviola.com, mmichel {AT} moviola.com, pmontesion {AT} moviola.com,
mmostin {AT} moviola.com, dnewman {AT} moviola.com, domalley {AT} moviola.com,
moviola {AT} rtmark.com

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