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Re: <nettime> * open-source architecture *

> it is ironic, then, that Bill Gates, who is speculated to become the
> world's first trillionaire given enough time, has stepped down as Chief
> Executive Officer and added the position of Chief Software Architect to
> his title, in addition to being the Chairman of Microsoft.
> what do these metaphors mean?

When I see a gates's interface, (and all dominant usan interface in fact) I
am always flabbergasted by the impression that leave to me, it's seems like
a jehova witness something last promoting issue. Verdana police is exemplary
in this way. For instance in French it's courier police which is in official
use and French official documentation look always like royal "blanc seing"
(a paper signed in blank for putting anybody to bastille befor 1789) and I
swear in seeing such a courier written thing all french could understand why
an usan wants always to have free gun in his pocket. Courrier is hard to
read cause content of courier is just threatening. Verdana want absolutely
to be understand, even better than you can understand yourself. It's so
clear it's the truth even if you don't give a fuck for bullshit.dll suddenly
bullshit.dll is indispensable for you life and behind what is possible
instead the blueof sky itself.
Well for making short you know better than me the 2 opposites historical
tendance in the architecture doxa : secret knowledge, occultism, from
fuckard imotep and the reverse, orgiastic blabla about the fact there no
theory exept the one of the pleasure, self construction, priapic dyonisos
and bathtub in the entrance for everybody could see madame taking her bath
etc. one is a theocratic, second is libertarian, but both are powerfull
spiritual thread and both adore the bare arsed or not great architecte of
the freemason. You know from Europe gates look a bit like just a bit more
cool ronhubard and your lie detector look like so much as scientologist
setting and it's why I want sometimes to have free license for gun in my
pocket too.

Ps : about secret relationship between city plan and processor, remember
wiener and neuman's says about another possible support for computer
processing as hydraulic and so one swine whatsit support. For myself How I
regret the early computers were not based on enema and shit pump processing,
cause then I could speake about your asses and pipes and crap and all
scatologic distillation in general are the only technological earthling
principe rather your electrocuting city planning, but as you have full of
shit in your eyes, cause so blessed by good, you cant' see it.
Good bless you all !

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