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<nettime> what would you like to eat today?


Texas Department of Criminal Justice
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                        Final Meal Requests

Execution   Name           Date                Final Meal Request

218         Carter Robert  05/31/2000          Double meat cheeseburger 
                                               (all the way), fries

217         Clayton James  05/25/2000          Three chicken breasts
                                               (fried), fresh lettuce 
                                               and cucumber salad with 
                                               light vinegar salad 
                                               dressing on the side, a 
                                               large pitcher of ice water

216         Foster Richard 05/24/2000          Beef fajita, blooming onion, 
                                               fried chicken (white meat), 
                                               jalapeno peppers, large
                                               Caesar salad with blue 
                                               cheese dressing, bread rolls 
                                               with butter, vanilla ice 
                                               cream, 3 bananas, 1 Coke, 
                                               a pot of coffee, a pack of
                                               cigarettes (prohibited by 
                                               TDCJ regulations).

215         Richardson James 05/23/2000        Fresh fried chicken (no 
                                               skin, 5 breasts and 20 
                                               wings), carrot cake, white 
                                               coconut cake, cheesecake 
                                               with cherry topping

214         McBride Michael   05/11/2000       Two chicken patties with 
                                               Swiss cheese, stuffed baked 
                                               potato with jalapeno peppers
                                               and sour cream, milk

213         Kitchens William  05/09/2000       1/2 dozen sunny side up fried 
                                               eggs 8 pieces of pan sausage
                                               6 slices of toast with butter 
                                               and grape jelly crispy 
                                               hashbrowns milk and orange 

212         Jackson Tommy     05/04/2000       None

211         Gribble Timothy   03/15/2000       None

210         Wilkerson Ponchai 03/14/2000       None

209         Barnes, Jr. Odell 03/01/2000       Justice, Equality, World Peace

208         Beets Betty       02/24/2000       None requested

207         Goss Cornelius    02/23/2000       1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana, 
                                               coconut, and peaches

206         Moreland James    01/27/2000       Three fried eggs over easy, 
                                               hash browns, several strips 
                                               of bacon, toast (white bread), 
                                               and orange juice

205         McGinnis Glen     01/25/2000       Cheeseburger with lettuce, 
                                               tomato, bacon, onion rings, 
                                               and ketchup

204         Hughes, Jr. Billy 01/24/2000       Two chicken fried steak with 
                                               white gravy, french fries, 4 
                                               pieces of white bread, peaches, 
                                               two Cokes.

203         Robison Larry     01/21/2000       No meal requested.

202         Hicks David       01/20/2000       Fish, fries, soda

201         Goodman Spencer   01/18/2000       Double cheeseburger, french 
                                               fries topped with onions and 
                                               cheese, baked potato topped 
                                               with sour cream, cheese and 
                                               butter, 2 fried pork chops, 
                                               3 beef enchiladas, and 
                                               chocolate cake

200         Heiselbetz, Jr. Earl 01/12/2000    2 breaded pork chops, 3 
                                               scrambled eggs, french fries, 
                                               and milk

199         Felder, Jr. Sammie   12/15/1999    1/2 pound of chitterlings, 
                                               fried chicken (dark meat), 
                                               10 slices of bacon, 1 raw
                                               onion, fried shrimp, peach 
                                               cobbler, 1 pitcher of whole 

198         Atworth Robert       12/14/1999    Grilled chicken salad with 
                                               ranch dressing, nachos and 
                                               cheese with picante, cookies 
                                               and cream ice cream, and 2 
                                               root beers

197         Beathard James       12/09/1999    Fried catfish, fried chicken, 
                                               french fries, onion rings, 
                                               green salad, fresh carrots,
                                               and Coke

196         Long David           12/08/1999    4 bacon, lettuce, and tomato 
                                               sandwiches, iced tea, and 
                                               potato chips

195         Gutierrez Jose       11/18/1999    2 double meat cheeseburgers 
                                               with all vegetables and bacon, 
                                               french fries, 2 cans of Coke, 
                                               5 jalapeno peppers, 5 pieces 
                                               of fried chicken (white/dark 
                                               meat), 3 buttermilk biscuits, 
                                               and a steak

194         Lamb John            11/17/1999    10 pieces of large deep fried 
                                               jumbo shrimp, 2 pieces of 
                                               garlic bread, 2 pieces of fried
                                               chicken (dark meat), 1 tossed 
                                               salad with thousand island 
                                               dressing, 1 chocolate milk 

193         Jennings Desmond     11/16/1999    None

192         Cantu, Jr. Domingo   10/28/1999    Fried chicken (12 pc white/dark 
                                               meat) mashed potatoes With 
                                               gravy, 14 jalapenos, orange 
                                               juice, chocolate cake, 
                                               Buttermilk biscuits and
                                               strawberry ice cream

191         McFadden Jerry       10/14/1999    B L T with pickles and onions, 
                                               french fries, one pint of
                                               Butter Pecan ice cream and a 

190         Crane Alvin          10/12/1999    Fried chicken, mashed potatoes 
                                               with gravy, corn on the cob, 
                                               cauliflower, and chocolate cake.

189         Smith Rickie         09/21/1999    Three bacon, lettuce, tomato 
                                               sandwiches, french fries, one 
                                               small bowl of pickles, one half 
                                               onion and one cup of iced tea.

188         Davis William        09/14/1999    Chicken fried drumsticks, one 
                                               bowl of chili, one bowl of 
                                               Cheese, five rolls, two bags of 
                                               barbeque chips, six pack of 
                                               Coke, one pack of Palmar 
                                               cigarettes (prohibited by TDCJ 
                                               regulations) one lighter 
                                               (prohibited by TDCJ regulations)

187         Barnes Willis        09/10/1999    Three fried chicken breasts, 
                                               three jalapeno peppers, five 
                                               Rolls and one soda.

186         Jones Raymond        09/01/1999    Doublemeat cheeseburger, french 
                                               fries, ice cream, and a soda.

185         Trevino Joe          08/18/1999    Fried chicken, watermelon, salad                                                with Italian dressing, raw 
                                               carrots, raw cucumbers and a 
                                               strawberry shake.  

184         Earhart James        08/11/1999    Steak, french fries and one 
                                               vanilla shake.

183         Dunn Kenneth         08/10/1999    Beef fajitas, stir-fry beef, 
                                               six cinnamon rolls, one pecan 
                                               pie, one cherry pie, one diet 
                                               cream soda and three eggs.

182         Boyd Charles         08/05/1999    None.

181         Blackmon Ricky       08/04/1999    No last meal request, only 
                                               requested something to drink.

180         Fuller Tyrone        07/07/1999    One bacon, ham & cheese omelet 
                                               with diced onion & peppers, one 
                                               cinnamon roll, three slices of 
                                               toast, three milks, two orange 
                                               juices, hot sauce, grape jelly, 
                                               butter, salt & pepper & fruit.

179         Tuttle Charles       07/01/1999    Four fried eggs sunny side up, 
                                               four sausage patties, one 
                                               chicken fried steak patty, one 
                                               bowl of white country gravy, 
                                               five pieces of white toast, 
                                               five tacos with meat and cheese 
                                               only, four Dr. Peppers with ice 
                                               one the side & five mint sticks.

178         Faulder Joseph       06/17/1999    None

177         Little William       06/01/1999    Fifteen slices of cheese,                                                       three fried eggs, three 
                                               buttered toasts, two hamburger
                                               patties with cheese, 2 tomato 
                                               sliced, one sliced onion, 
                                               french fries with salad 
                                               dressing, 2 lb. of crispy 
                                               fried bacon, one quart chocolate
                                               milk and one pint of fresh 

176         Coleman Clydell      05/05/1999    Salmon Croquettes, scrambled 
                                               eggs, french fries & biscuits

175         De La Cruz Jose      05/04/1999    None

174         Foust Aaron          04/28/1999    Cheeseburger, french fries & 
                                               one Coke

173         White Excell         03/30/1999    Two hamburgers, double order 
                                               of french fries & fried onion                                                   rings

172         Rector Charles       03/26/1999    Three beef enchiladas, three                                                    tacos, french fries & one 
                                               strawberry shake

171         Green Norman         02/24/1999    Barbeque ribs, pork chops, 
                                               salad w/ French dressing, 
                                               baked potato, Texas toast & a

170         Cantu Andrew         02/16/1999    Pork baby back ribs, hard 
                                               shell tacos, corn tortillas, 
                                               french fries, salad w/ Ranch
                                               dressing, red & green chili 
                                               sauce, jalapenos & tomatoes 
                                               boiled w/ garlic & cumin, 
                                               Root Beer and chocolate ice 

169         Barber Danny         02/11/1999    Two steaks, baked potato, chef 
                                               salad, tea & chocolate ice cream

168         Cordova George       02/10/1999    None

167         Vega Martin          01/26/1999    T-bone steak, shrimp and a Coke

166         Farris Troy          01/13/1999    None

165         Moody John           01/05/1999    Two T-bone steaks, salad w/ 
                                               French Onion dressing, rolls, 
                                               french fries w/ ketchup, five
                                               soft tacos, Angel food cake, 
                                               one pint white chocolate almond 
                                               ice cream and a six pack of 

164         Meanes James         12/15/1998    One bacon-double cheeseburger, 
                                               golden french fries, one tall 
                                               strawberry milkshake and
                                               six chocolate cookies

163         Emery Jeff           12/08/1998    Two T-bone steaks, french fries,                                                salad, cake, chocolate ice 
                                               cream, coffee and Coke

162         Corwin Daniel        12/07/1998    Steak, potatoes, peas, cake &                                                   Root Beer

161         McDuff Kenneth       11/17/1998    Two 16 - ounce T-bone steaks, 
                                               five fried eggs, vegetables, 
                                               french fries, coconut pie and 
                                               one Coke.

160         Nobles Jonathan      10/07/1998    Eucharist - Sacrament.

159         Cruz Javier          10/01/1998    Venison steak, baked potato,                                                    Lite beer & Camel cigarettes 
                                               (Alcohol & tobacco prohibited 
                                               by TDCJ policy)

158         Castillo David       08/23/1998    Twenty-four soft shell tacos, 
                                               six enchiladas, six tostados, 
                                               two whole onions, five
                                               jalapenos, two cheeseburgers, 
                                               one chocolate shake, one quart 
                                               of milk and one package of 
                                               Marlboro cigarettes. (Prohibited                                                by TDCJ policy)

157         Teague, Jr. Delbert  09/09/1998    None. Last minute he decided 
                                               to eat a hamburger at his 
                                               Mother's request.

156         Camacho, Jr. Genaro  08/26/1998    Steak, baked potato, salad,
                                               and strawberry ice cream.

155         Narvaiz Leopoldo     06/26/1998    None

154         Pyles Johnny         06/15/1998    Chicken fried steak w/gravy, 
                                               potatoes, pineapple pie and a 

153         Boggess Clifford     06/11/1998    Two double-meat cheeseburgers, 
                                               salad, french fries w/ salt and 
                                               ketchup, chocolate fudge 
                                               brownies, cherry cake, a Pepsi 
                                               and iced tea.

152         Muniz Pedro          05/19/1998    Shrimp and salad. Shrimp not 
                                               available. Served cheeseburger, 
                                               french fries and cola.

151         Carter Robert        05/18/1998    Fried fish fillet, french fries,                                                orange juice, German chocolate 

150         McFarland Frank      04/29/1998    Heaping portion of lettuce, a 
                                               sliced tomato, a sliced 
                                               cucumber, four celery stalks, 
                                               four sticks of American or 
                                               Cheddar cheese, two bananas and 
                                               two cold half pints of milk. 
                                               Asked that all vegetables be 
                                               washed prior to serving. Also 
                                               asked that the cheese sticks be 

149         Gosch Lesley         04/24/1998    Declined last meal

148         Cannon Joseph        04/22/1998    Fried chicken, barbecue ribs, 
                                               baked potato, green salad 
                                               w/Italian dressing, chocolate
                                               cake or chocolate ice cream or 
                                               both, a thick chocolate shake 
                                               or malt and iced tea.

147         Hogue Jerry          03/11/1998    Old fashioned cheeseburger, 
                                               french fries w/ ketchup, 
                                               chocolate cake and two cans of

146         Renfro Steven        02/09/1998    Bacon, lettuce and tomato 
                                               sandwich (BLT) with extra bacon,                                                cherry pie, vanilla ice cream 
                                               and two cans of Dr. Pepper

145         Tucker Karla         02/03/1998    Banana, Peach and Garden Salad 
                                               with Ranch Dressing

144         Lockhart Michael     12/09/1997    Double-meat cheeseburger, french                                                fries, Coke

143         Livingston Charlie   11/21/1997    Ribs smothered in onions and 
                                               gravy, rice with butter, ice 
                                               water and Dr. Pepper

142         Sharp Michael        11/19/1997    Small pizza, dish of Italian 
                                               spaghetti, marble cake, punch

141         Fuller Aaron         11/06/1997    None

140         Lauti Aua            11/04/1997    Double meat cheeseburger, 
                                               french fries, soft drink

139         Ransom Kenneth       10/28/1997    Declined last meal

138         Green Ricky          10/08/1997    Five scrambled eggs, four 
                                               sausage patties, eight slices 
                                               of toast, six slices of bacon, 
                                               and four pints of milk

137         Adanandus Dwight     10/01/1997    Cheeseburger, french fries, 
                                               iced tea

136         Cockrum John         09/30/1997    Cheeseburger, onion rings, 
                                               banana pudding, iced tea

135         Stone Benjamin       09/25/1997    Coke

134         Turner Jessell       09/22/1997    None

133         Davis James          09/09/1997    Steak and eggs (eggs over easy),                                                toast, punch and package of 
                                               Marlboro cigarettes (cigarettes 
                                               prohibited by policy).

132         West Robert           07/29/1997   Cheeseburger, french fries, 
                                               Coke, Camel cigarettes 
                                               (cigarettes prohibited by 

131         Montoya Irineo        06/18/1997   Fish, french fries, jalapenos, 
                                               carrots and ice cream

130         Johnson Eddie         06/17/1997   Double meat cheese-burger, 
                                               french fries, broccoli w/cheese

129         Stoker David          06/16/1997   Two double-meat cheeseburgers, 
                                               french fries, ice cream and 
                                               cigarettes (cigarettes
                                               prohibited by policy)

128         Behringer Earl        06/11/1997   Large portion of scrambled eggs,                                                two tablespoons of picante sauce                                                on side, hash browns, two pieces                                                of toast, gravy, two pieces of 
                                               sausage, and grape juice

127         Losada Davis          06/04/1997   Declined last meal

126         Johnson Dorsie        06/04/1997   Fried chicken, french fries, 
                                               chocolate cake, Coke

125         Harris Kenneth        06/03/1997   Barbecue, french fries, ice 
                                               cream, punch, cigarettes 
                                               (cigarettes prohibited by

124         Rogers Patrick        06/02/1997   A coke

123         Madden Robert         05/28/1997   Asked that final meal be 
                                               provided to a homeless person

122         White Larry           05/22/1997   Liver & onions, cottage cheese, 
                                               red tomatoes, and a single 
                                               cigarette (cigarette prohibited 
                                               by policy)

121         Callis Bruce          05/21/1997   Steak, french fries, salsa, 
                                               pecan pie and pack of cigarettes                                                (cigarettes prohibited by 

120         Lackey Clarence       05/20/1997   T-bone steak, large salad, 
                                               french fries, chocolate ice 
                                               cream, pack of Camel cigarettes 
                                               (cigarettes prohibited by 

119         Drinkard Richard      05/19/1997   Double cheeseburger, french 
                                               fries, Coke, strawberry ice 

118         Belyeau Clifton       05/16/1997   Cheeseburger, french fries,                                                     Coke & pack of cigarettes,  
                                               (prohibited by policy)

117         Westley Anthony       05/13/1997   Fried Chicken, french fires, 
                                               bread, cigarettes (prohibited 
                                               by policy)

116         Washington Terry      05/06/1997   Steak, mash potatoes, green                                                     beans, buttered rolls, 
                                               chocolate ice cream, punch

115         Baldree Ernest        04/29/1997   Doublemeat cheeseburger, french 
                                               fries, pack of cigarettes (not 
                                               permitted by policy)

114         Boyle Benjamin        04/21/1997   Doublemeat cheeseburger, french 
                                               fries with ketchup and coke

113         Gentry Kenneth        04/16/1997   Bowl of butterbeans, mashed 
                                               potatoes, onions. Tomatoes, 
                                               biscuits, chocolate cake and 
                                               Dr. Pepper with ice

112         Woods Billy           04/14/1997   Hamburger, french fries, banana                                                 pudding and coffee

111         Spence David          04/03/1997   Fried chicken, french fries, 
                                               chocolate ice cream, Coke, tea 
                                               and coffee

110         Herman David          04/02/1997   Hamburger, pizza, root beer, 
                                               and vanilla ice cream,

109         Barefield John        03/12/1997   Double meat cheese burger, 
                                               french fries

108         Brimage, Jr. Richard  02/10/1997   Pepperoni pizza (med), Dr. 

107         Gonzales Joe          09/18/1996   Strawberry shake and cheesecake

106         Granviel Kenneth      02/27/1996   Double meat cheeseburger, french                                                fries, chocolate cake and punch

105         Jenkins Leo           02/09/1996   Two bacon cheeseburgers, french 
                                               fries and Coke

104         Briddle James         12/12/1995   T-bone steak (rare), six fried                                                  eggs, hash browns, buttered 
                                               toast, milk and orange juice

103         Banda Esequel         12/11/1995   Declined last meal

102         Vuong Hai             12/07/1995   Steak, french fries, beans and 

101         Amos Bernard          12/06/1995   Two turkey sandwiches

100         Lane Harold           10/04/1995   Two double meat cheeseburgers, 
                                               french fries and strawberry 

99          Johnson Carl          09/19/1995   T-bone steak, green salad, 
                                               baked potato, banana nut ice 
                                               cream and Coke

98          Sattiewhite Vernon    08/15/1995   Six scrambled eggs with cheese, 
                                               seven pieces of buttered white 
                                               toast, fifteen pieces of bacon, 
                                               three hash browns, a bowl of 
                                               grits with butter, jelly and 
                                               orange juice

97          Hammond Karl          06/21/1995   Double meat cheeseburger, 
                                               french fries, chocolate milk 
                                               and cake or pie

96          Fearance John         06/20/1995   Double meat cheeseburger, 
                                               french fries, vanilla ice 
                                               cream and milk

95          Allridge Ronald       06/08/1995   Declined last meal

94          Mann Fletcher         06/01/1995   Two hamburger steaks, sliced 
                                               onions, four pieces of toast, 
                                               french fries, mustard and
                                               catsup, fruit cocktail and 

93          Mays Noble            04/06/1995   Four to five fried eggs (sunny                                                  side up), three sausage links, 
                                               three biscuits and coffee

92          Hawkins Samuel        02/21/1995   Double meat cheeseburger, 
                                               french fries and tea

91          Gardner Billy         02/16/1995   Hamburger, French fries, tea 
                                               and any dessert (no preference)

90          Motley Jeffery        02/07/1995   Declined last meal

89          Williams Willie       01/31/1995   Two double meat cheeseburger, 
                                               onion rings, cheesecake and 
                                               root beer

88          Russell Clifton       01/31/1995   No preference. Asked for 
                                               whatever was on the menu (chili 
                                               dogs, baked beans, corn and
                                               peanut butter cookies)

87          Marquez Mario         01/17/1995   Fried chicken, baked potato, 
                                               cinnamon roll

86          Jacobs Jesse          01/04/1995   T-bone steak, french fries, 
                                               catsup and tea

85          Kinnamon Raymond      12/11/1994   Fish, salad, vanilla ice cream 
                                               and tea

84          Clark Herman          12/06/1994   Declined last meal

83          Bridge Warren         11/22/1994   Double meat cheeseburger

82          Williams Walter       10/05/1994   Hamburger (double meat, double 
                                               cheese), chocolate cake, peas 
                                               and corn mixed and tea

81          Lott George           09/20/1994   Three pieces of french toast 
                                               with syrup, baked sweet potato 
                                               with butter, two sausage
                                               patties, and one fried egg

80          Gutierrez Jessie      09/16/1994   Declined last meal

79          Drew, Sr. Robert      08/02/1994   Steak (cooked rare), ham, two 
                                               hamburgers, two pieces of fish 
                                               and chocolate milk shake

78          Crank Denton          06/14/1994   Cheeseburger (double meat, 
                                               double cheese), with lettuce, 
                                               pickles, tomato, onions and 
                                               mayonnaise, onion rings and 
                                               two chocolate shakes

77          Nethery Stephen       05/27/1994   Two cheeseburgers with lettuce, 
                                               tomato and onion, french fries 
                                               and milk

76          Rogeau Paul           05/03/1994   Declined last meal

75          Anderson Larry        04/26/1994   Barbecued ribs, chefs salad, 
                                               baked potato, peach cobble and 

74          Beavers Richard       04/04/1994   Six pieces of french toast with 
                                               syrup, jelly, butter, six 
                                               barbecued spare ribs, six
                                               pieces of well burned bacon, 
                                               four scrambled eggs, five well 
                                               cooked sausage patties, french 
                                               fries with catsup, three slices 
                                               of cheese, two pieces of yellow 
                                               cake with chocolate fudge icing,                                                and four cartons of milk

73          Webb, Sr. Freddie     03/31/1994   Decline last meal

72          Barnard Harold        02/02/1994   Steak, french fries and wine 
                                               (water was substituted)

71          Phillips Clifford     12/15/1993   Declined last meal

70          Cook Anthony          11/10/1993   Double meat bacon cheeseburger 
                                               and strawberry shake

69          Bonham Antonio        09/28/1993   Hamburgers, french fries and 

68          James Johnny          09/03/1993   Double meat cheeseburgers, 
                                               double order of french fries, 
                                               Dr. Pepper and a pint of banana 
                                               nut ice cream

67          Wilkerson Richard     08/31/1993   Two double meat cheeseburgers, 
                                               french fries, and ice cream 
                                               (chocolate or chocolate chip)

66          Cantu Ruben           08/24/1993   Barbecue chicken, refried beans,                                                brown rice, sweet tea and bubble                                                gum (bubble gum is not permitted                                                under TDCJ regulations)

65          Kelly Carl            08/20/1993   Wild game or whatever is on the 
                                               menu and cold lemonade. Served 
                                               cheeseburger and french fries, 
                                               declined last meal

64          Holland David         08/12/1993   Cheeseburger, french fries and 

63          Jernigan Joseph       08/05/1993   Two cheeseburgers, french fries,                                                tossed salad with 1,000 island 
                                               dressing and iced tea (refused 
                                               last meal)

62          Harris Danny          07/30/1993   God's saving grace, love, truth,                                                peace and freedom

61          Harris Curtis         07/01/1993   Cheeseburger, ice cream and 

60          Duff-Smith Markum     06/29/1993   Declined last meal

59          Sawyers John          05/18/1993   Cheeseburger, french fries and 
                                               strawberry shake

58          Herrera Leonel        05/12/1993   Declined last meal

57          Stewart Darryl        05/04/1993   Steak, baked potato, garden 
                                               salad and tea

56          Montoya Ramon         03/25/1993   Cheeseburger, french fries, 
                                               ice cream and coke

55          Santana Carlos        03/23/1993   Justice, Temperance, with Mercy

54          Lincecum Kavin        12/10/1992   Declined last meal

53          Griffin Jeffery       11/19/1992   T-bone steak, catsup and iced 

52          Demouchette James     09/22/1992   Grilled steak, baked potato, 
                                               any vegetable except squash or 
                                               okra, any dessert and anything 
                                               to drink except punch or milk

51          Johnson Curtis        08/11/1992   Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, 
                                               jelly, butter and strawberry 

50          Black, Jr. Robert     05/22/1992   T-bone steak, baked potato, 
                                               bowl of lettuce, corn, roll, 
                                               chocolate milk shake and tea

49          Romero, Jr. Jesus    05/20/1992   T-bone steak, baked potato, 
                                              salad, vanilla shake and 
                                              chocolate ice cream

48          May Justin           05/07/1992   Cheeseburger, catsup, french 
                                              fries and shake

47          White Billy          04/23/1992   T-bone steak, french fries and 
                                              ice cream

46          Ellis Edward         03/03/1992   Steak, baked potato with butter, 
                                              salad, biscuits, pineapple pie 
                                              and iced tea

45          Clark David          02/28/1992   Told officials he wanted to fast

44          Garrett Johnny       02/11/1992   Ice cream

43          Cordova Joe          01/22/1992   Fried chicken, french fries, hot 
                                              sauce, rolls, salad w/ 1,000 
                                              island dressing and ice cream

42          Green G              11/12/1991   Pizza, coffee and tea

41          Russell James        09/19/1991   Apple

40          Bird Jerry           06/17/1991   Double cheeseburger with mustard,
                                              mayonnaise, pickles, onions, 
                                              tomatoes and iced tea

39          Cuevas Ignacio       05/23/1991  Chicken dumplings, steamed rice, 
                                             black-eyed peas, sliced bread 
                                             and iced tea

38          Buxton Lawrence      02/26/1991  Steak (filet mignon), pineapple 
                                             upside down cake, tea, punch and 

37          Derrick Mikel        07/18/1990  Ribeye steak, tossed green salad 
                                             with blue cheese dressing, baked 
                                             potato with sour cream (refused 
                                             last meal)

36          Smith James          06/26/1990  Yogurt

35          Anderson Johnny      05/17/1990  Three hamburgers, french fries,                                                 chocolate ice cream with nuts and 
                                             iced tea

34          Butler Jerome        04/21/1990  T-bone steak, four pieces of 
                                             chicken (two breast and two legs),                                              fresh corn and iced tea

33          De Luna Carlos       12/07/1989  Declined last meal

32          Paster James         09/20/1989  Declined last meal

31          McCoy Stephen        05/24/1989  Cheeseburger, french fries and 
                                              strawberry milk shake

30          King Leon            03/22/1989  Declined last meal

29          Landry Raymond       12/13/1988  Declined last meal

28          Franklin Donald      11/03/1988  Hamburger, french fries and catsup

27          Streetman Robert     01/07/1988  2 dozen scrambled eggs, flour 
                                             tortillas, french fries and catsup

26          Starvaggi Joseph     09/10/1987  Declined last meal

25          Thompson John        07/08/1987  Freshly squeezed orange juice

24          Johnson Elliot       06/24/1987  Cheeseburger and fries 

23          Williams Anthony     05/28/1987  Fish tartar sauce, french fries, 
                                             catsup, white bread and milk

22          Moreno Eliseo        03/04/1987  Four cheese enchiladas, two fish 
                                             patties, french fries, milk 
                                             catsup and lemon pie

21          Hernandez Ramon      01/30/1987  Beef tacos, beef enchiladas, 
                                             jalapeno peppers, salad onion, 
                                             hot sauce, shredded cheese and 

20          Andrade Richard      12/18/1986  Pizza, pinto beans, Spanish rice 
                                             and cake

19          Evans Michael        12/04/1986  Declined last meal

18          Wicker Chester       08/26/1986  Lettuce and tomatoes

17          Smith Larry          08/22/1986  Smothered steak and gravy, french 
                                             fries, lemon pie and Coke

16          Woolls Randy         08/20/1986  Cheeseburger, french fries, 
                                             chocolate cake and iced tea

15          Brock Kenneth        06/19/1986  Large double-meat cheese burger 
                                             with mustard, and Dr. Pepper

14          Esquivel Rudy        06/09/1986  Fried breast of chicken, corn on 
                                             the cob, french fries, jalapeno 
                                             pepper, and pecan pie

13          Pinkerton Jay        05/15/1986  Fish sandwich, french fries, and 

12          Barney Jeffery       04/16/1986  Two boxes of frosted flakes and 
                                             a pint of milk

11          Bass Charles         03/12/1986  Plain cheese sandwich

10          Rumbaugh Charles     09/11/1985  One flour tortilla and water

9           Porter Henry         07/09/1985  Flour tortillas, T-bone steak, 
                                             refried beans, tossed salad, 
                                             jalapeno peppers, ice cream
                                             and chocolate cake

8           Milton Charles       06/25/1985  T-bone steak, french fries, 
                                             tossed salad with french 
                                             dressing, catsup, hot rolls,
                                             and chocolate cake

7           De La Rosa Jesse     05/15/1985  Spanish rice, refried beans, 
                                             flour tortillas, T-bone steak, 
                                             tea, chocolate cake, and
                                             jalapeno peppers

6           Morin Stephen        03/13/1985  T-bone steak, baked potato, 
                                             butter, sweet green peas, rolls, 
                                             banana pudding, coffee

5           Skillern Doyle       01/16/1985  T-bone steak, baked potato, 
                                             butter, sweet green peas, rolls, 
                                             banana pudding, coffee

4           Barefoot Thomas      10/30/1984  Chef soup with crackers, chili 
                                             with beans, steamed rice, 
                                             seasoned pinto beans, corn
                                             O'Brien, seasoned mustard greens, 
                                             hot spiced beets, and iced tea

3           O'Bryan Ronald       03/31/1984  T-bone steak (med. to well done), 
                                             french fries and catsup, whole 
                                             kernel corn, sweet peas, lettuce 
                                             and tomato salad with egg and 
                                             french dressing, iced tea,
                                             sweetener, saltines, Boston cream 
                                             pie, and rolls

2           Autry James          03/14/1984  Hamburger, french fries, Dr. 

1           Brooks, Jr. Charlie  12/07/1982  T-bone steak, french fries, 
                                             catsup, Worcestershire sauce, 
                                             rolls, peach cobbler, and ice tea

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