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From: Alice Smits <> Subject: press release
Hotel New York PS1 From: Australian Network for Art and Technology
<> Subject: ANAT announce: Under Construction...  From:
"axis" <> Subject: The New Axis Reader From: "Ivo Skoric"
<> Subject: (Fwd) Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern
Art Ljubljana From: valery grancher <> Subject:
nomemory book: call for submission From: horscircuit <horscircuit@> Subject: OPEN CALL Paris/Berlin International Meetings From:
radioqualia <> Subject: Put Your RealVideo on
Amsterdam TV Now!  From: "file file" <>
Subject: FILE (Electronic Language International Festival) From: stanza
<> Subject: interactive  generative  sound  toy From:
timothy murray <> Subject: INFOS 2000  Contest--Revised
Submission Procedures From: Subject: [ot] [!nt]
\n2+0\ 0.55 \ dze future ov klon!ng !zt h!er \ galla zpektaklez 

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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 02:03:45 -0400
From: Alice Smits <>
Subject: press release Hotel New York PS1

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Gallery 205

June 10, 11 & 17, 18 between 2 and 6 PM Hotel New York will present Jeroen
Kooijmans "Excuse me... is this your room?"

A hotel room is a private space, but when it is located in a museum it is
not so private anymore.  The video installation "Excuse me ... is this your
room?" plays with notions of private and public.  There are 2 video images
projected in the room, one of a boy and one of a girl.  They are a young
couple on holidays who have just arrived in New York, relaxing in their
room after a long day of walking and  shopping  in the city. They are very
intimate together but sometimes aware of the fact that their door is not
locked and strangers walk in. As a visitor you don't feel comfortable all
the time but if you do, they probably don't.

In 1997 Jeroen Kooijmans (The Netherlands, 1967) started to project videos
in the public space.  He called these events video graffity.  In Copenhagen
he projected video images of  a circle of naked dancing girls ("The Dance
of Matisse") on passing trains.  In 1998 he won the NPS Culture Award  on
the project "Maybe Marnixstraat" in which he projected images of two
dancers from two driving vans in Amsterdam. The dancing couple was
projected on the houses, cars, trams, people and everything the projections
would meet in the street.  "Wandering and Wondering" 1999 is a video
projection of a sailor who is coming out of the ground near the Port of
Amsterdam.  He wanders and wonders around in the night. "You are a strange
bird yourself" 1999 consists of three video projections of a family
(father, mother and son) who were seen flying through Rotterdam.

Hotel New York is an initiative of the Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk,
that marked her participation in the International Studio Program 1998/99
at PS1. Jeanne has passed the torch to Alice Smits to organize Hotel New
York 2000.
Gallery 205 at PS1 is transformed into a replica of a hotelroom of Hotel
New York in Rotterdam, located in the former head office of the
Holland-America line. The studio is called the Willem de Kooning Room, in
memory of Willem de Kooning who left Rotterdam as a stowaway on board of
the Holland-America line to New York. 

With Hotel New York PS1 a cultural line to New York is created. Hotel New
York functions as a working, living and showing space for artists,
performers, filmmakers and curators. During the year Alice Smits will
invite guests to stay, work and present projects, performances, and
lectures to the public. As a hotelroom, Hotel New York echoes the history
of travel and thus reflects the migration and nomadic movements of the
contemporary art world. While artists and curators travel all over the
world, the hotel room is where it all happens. Hotel New York is a space
for live events focusing on artists projects that emphasis
interdisciplinarity and public interaction. In the intimate situation of a
living space, Hotel New York offers an interesting context for making and
presenting such projects within the contemporary art museum.

For information contact Alice Smits via email 113163, or
call 212 726 3048

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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 16:46:18 +1030
From: Australian Network for Art and Technology <>
Subject: ANAT announce: Under Construction...

The Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) announce
Under Construction

The final event in our series of public presentations emanating from
** Alchemy **
International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators
in partnership with
Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts, Queensland,
Australia, May/June 2000
and live on the internet at

Over the last six weeks, ANAT and participants of the project 
Alchemy: International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators 
have been in residence at the Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the 
Live Arts.  Since 8 May over sixty artists, curators, theorists and 
technical wizards have transformed the Courier Mail rooftop terrace 
and various other (expected and unexpected) spaces throughout the 
Powerhouse venue into an intensive learning environment.

To culturally contextualise the project, satellite events - combining 
fora with open days - have been held, to give the public and media an 
opportunity to view the work-in-progress produced by participants.

Join us for an evening of unexpected alchemic outcomes at

***Under Construction***

Thursday 8 June, 2000
7 - 9 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts
117 Lamington Street
New Farm, Brisbane, Qld

You are welcome to join the artists for drinks and informal discussions at the
Brisbane Powerhouse bar afterwards!

as with previous events

** some components of this event will be streamed live to the web **
** and we will be running a chat room for remote observers **


This evening will be a mix of works in progress and unexpected 
outcomes.  Part game, part performance but mostly experiments and 
works in progress from participants who have been acquiring new 
skills, brainstorming new ideas and developing new forms of 
collaboration throughout the project.

During the Alchemy masterclass, all participants have been provided 
with 24 hour access to a lab., exhibition / installation, performance 
space and workrooms in the exciting new Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre 
for the Live Arts <>.  During this 
week - the fifth week of the project, the focus has been on 
performance and hybrid practices.  Filmmakers, performers, artists 
and creators from a range of disciplines have been exchanging ideas 
and experience and developing new forms of collaboration.

This project has been about experimentation and exploration rather 
than production, so outcomes will be about sound grabs, info bytes 
and interrupted ideas, so come expecting the unexpected!

Tutors for the project this final week of the project are:

* Tess de Quincy and Laura Jordon, respectively performance artist 
and new media artists.  Tess and Laura have collaborated on 
performance and research events including Triple Alice, an ongoing 
project over three years which seeks to provide a space for cross 
disciplinary research and development;

* Blast Theory is a group of four artists based in London (two of 
whom are currently in Brisbane) who make theatre, installations and 
new media work.  The  group's recent work includes 10 Backwards, 
Kidnap and Desert Rain.  In Kidnap (1998) the group ran a lottery in 
which the first two prizes was to be kidnapped and held at a secret 
location for two days whilst under constant observation by a web cam. 
Desert Rain (1999) is a collaboration with the University of 
Nottingham's Computer Research Group.  The project is a game, a 
performance and an installation in which 6 visitors collaborate to 
find a target in a virtual world.  "Currently the most innovative 
multimedia group in British theatre" Theater Der Zeit

Participants currently at the Masterclass are:

Bruce Gladwin (Vic), Christiawan (Indonesia), Grisha Coleman (NY),
Jane Schneider (Qld), Kamal Krishna (Qld), Keith Armstrong (Qld),
Kelli Mccluskey (WA), Mari Velonaki (NSW), Clare McGrogan (Qld), Mike
Stubbs (UK), Monica Narula (India), Peter Toy (WA), Raewyn Turner
(NZ), Rebecca Youdell (Qld), Rolando Ramos (NSW), Sam James (NSW),
Sarah Neville (SA), Sophea Lerner (NSW), Steve Bull (WA), Vanessa
Mafe-Kean (Qld).

Other artists who have been participating in the project over 
previous weeks may also be participating remotely!  A full list of 
participants and tutors is available on the Alchemy website!

For additional information, visit
or contact Amanda McDonald Crowley on 0419 829 313 or at

Alchemy is made possible with the generous financial assistance of 
the Daniel Langlois Foundation the Young and Emerging Artists 
Initiative (an initiative of the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia 
Council), the federal government's arts funding and advisory body) 
the Australian Film Commission, and has received further support from 
Arts Queensland, the South Australian Government through Arts SA, 
Arts Tasmania and the NSW Ministry for the Arts.
The event is being sponsored by Apple Computers (Australia), Choice 
Macromedia and Adobe Systems Pty Ltd and has been supported by the 
Queensland University of Technology.

postal address: PO Box 8029, Station Arcade, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia
web address:
ph:  +61 (0)8-8231-9037
fax:   +61 (0)8-8211-7323

Director:  Amanda McDonald Crowley (mobile: 0419 829 313)
Manager: Amber Carvan
Web & Technical officer: Michael Shanahan
Information Officer: Charity Bramwell

Memberships: $A12 (unwaged), $A25 (waged), $A50 (institutions)
Please note that memberships are subject to GST.

ANAT receives support from The Australia Council,
the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body

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From: "axis" <>
Subject: The New Axis Reader
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 16:15:31 +0200

Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender


As a follow-up to The Facelift of Gender, Axis, Foundation for Art and =
Gender, is bringing out a new reader on the interaction among new media, =
gender and art: Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender.

Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender presents a selection of articles that =
illuminate the impact of new media technologies on art, culture and =
gender presentation. The meaning of these concepts is continually =
subject to change, thus rebutting the idea that art disciplines and sex =
are static entities.

Developments in new media have disrupted the classic hierarchical =
relation between "producers" and "consumers" in the cultural field. In =
interactive projects, for instance, the distinction between author, =
performer and viewer becomes increasingly blurred. The traditional role =
of cultural institutions is also called into question because digital =
works often are not to be pigeonholed in any one category. Artists and =
activists make use of these shifts in order to create a sanctuary for =
social critique and cultural innovation. In the course of this, subjects =
like authorship, representation and the role of the institution become =
central. The articles in Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender also cast =
light on the specific role of gender in these processes.

With contibutions from: Anne-Marie Schleiner, Sylvie Parent & Val=E9rie =
Lamontagne, Faith Wilding, Angelicka Beckmann, Yvonne Volkart, Cornelia =
Sollfrank, Mo Throp, Hannah Bosma, Kathy Rae Huffman, Andra Mc Cartney.

Costs: Fl. 15,- (excl. porto)

Order : mail us



Axis @ V2_

Friday 23 june 20.00 =96 23.00 uur=20

V2_Organisatie, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Admittance: fl. 7,50

To mark the publication of Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender, a reader =
on new media, gender and art, Axis is organizing an evening full of =
sound shifts and gender displacements.


Music scholar Hannah Bosma, who also provided a contribution to =
Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender, will introduce the most important =
points in the discussion and illustrate them on the basis of the link =
between gender and electronic music. Electronic music is the discipline =
par excellence in which the classic hierarchical relation between =
cultural "producers" and "consumers" has been disrupted. The =
distinctions among author, performer and viewer have, for example, =
become increasingly vague.


"The Well" is based on an experimental recording in a wind tunnel at the =
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, where Barbara Held =
arranged for her flute to be played by the natural turbulence in the =
tunnel. In the CD-ROM version images are transformed into sound by =
computer processes. The piece is an homage to the Canadian/Japanese =
composer Chiyo Asaka/Tuge, who died in 1969. In 1932 she married a =
Japanese neurosurgeon, who after her death dissected her brain in search =
of the source of her creativity. (in cooperation with Adolf Alcaniz)


Guy Van Belle presents an installation on Sister Sourire, the Belgian =
Lesbian nun who scored a Nr. 1 hit in America in the 1960s, but later =
committed suicide together with her lover because of money problems.


Anne Wellmer creates an audio environment especially for this occasion, =
which will incorporate recorded sounds in real time.


In the piece "Main Wash Cycle" Alison Isadora presents the story of a =
New Zealand woman who has a washing machine as the sidecar of her =
motorcycle. The textual portion of the performance is a mix of washing =
instructions, user's instructions for washing machines, feminist =
analyses and housewives' narratives. Sound fragments are digitally =
manipulated and mixed live from the MIDI-controlled washing machine; =
contact microphones record all small operations.=20

For more information mail Margriet van Heesch

Axis, bureau voor de kunsten v/m
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 72
1012 GE Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 4274525
F +31 (0)20 4271412

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From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 13:42:24 -0400
Subject: (Fwd) Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

 Moderna galerija/Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana is pleased to present 
 the exhibition of an emerging ARTEAST 2000+ International collection.

 The show opens on Saturday, 24 June 2000 at 8 p.m. 
 at the Metelkova No. 22, Ljubljana

 For full information please click below:

 The artists presented at the exhibition: 
 Marina ABRAMOVIC, Jury ALBERT, Miroslaw BALKA,  Jerzy BERES, Joseph BEUYS,
 Geta BRATESCU, Jean-Marc BUSTAMANTE, Pedro CABRITA REIS, Carlfriedrich CLAUS,
 Braco DIMITRIJEVIC, Stanislaw DROZDZ, Roza  EL-HASSAN & Milica TOMIC,
 Alexandr KOSOLAPOV, Jaroslaw KOZLOWSKI, Katarzyna KOZYRA, Ivan KOZARIC, 
 Oleg KULIK, Zofia KULIK, Vladimir KUPRIJANOV, KWIEKULIK (Przemyslaw KWIEK & Zofia KULIK),
 Yuri leiderman, Via LEWANDOWSKY, Natalia LL, Ingeborg LUSCHER, MALEVICH,
 Ilja SOSKIC, Petr STEMBERA, Rasa TODOSIJEVIC, Slaven TOLJ, Milica TOMIC,  Endre TOT, 
 Goran TRBULJAK, Uri TZAIG, Jiri VALOCH, Lawrence WEINER, Krzysztof WODICZKO, 


 Visit our site at and 



To be removed from the e-flux mailing list write to,
please include the word "unsubscribe" in the subject field. 

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Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 23:32:54 +0200
From: valery grancher <>
Organization: artiste
Subject: nomemory book: call for submission


le texte francais suit la version anglaise:

I have the pleasure to tell you that a monography about my work will be
published on fall 2000. This book is called "no memory" as my website.
It is a coedition in between Editions du Seuil, Binome Edition in
partnership with Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive (USA), AFAA
(ministere des affaires etrangeres, France), DAP (french ministry of
culture, France), Galerie Chez Valentin (France).
This book will be available worldwild all around our planet ;-) in every
library on february 2001.

This book would not exist if there wasn't a website called "no memory",
this webiste would not exist if there wasn't people like you who is
surfing on it and who is the huge and international  public audience to
this project.

To thank you for this, a part of this book will be dedicated to you, for
that send an email about your feeling regarding "no memory" project
( by putting your name and your title.
All the emails received will be published in the book as a text. The
deadline is June 10 2000

I thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you as
soon as possible.




J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer qu'une monographie sur mon travail sera
publiee a la fin de 2000. Ce livre porte le titre "no memory" comme mon
site web du meme nom. C'est une coedition entre les Editions du seuil et
Binome Editions avec les partenariats suivants: Le Berkeley Art Museum
Pacific Film Archive (USA), DAP (ministere de la culture, France), AFAA
(ministere des affaires etrangeres, France), Galerie Chez Valentin
Ce livre sera disponible dans le monde entier dans chaque librairie en
Fevrier 2001.

Ce livre n'existerait pas si il n'y avait pas un site du meme nom "no
memory", ce site n'existerait pas sans les personnes comme vous qui
surfent dessus et y laissent des contributions et constituent une
audience tres large et internationale.

Pour vous remercier de cela, une partie du livre vous sera dediee: Pour
cela, envoyez un email avec vos impressions sur le projet "no memory"
( en precisant votre nom et votre fonction.
Tous les email recus seront publies dans le livre d'une facon integrale
avec le nom de l'auteur en textes individuels. La date de cloture pour
les participations est le 10 Juin 2000

J'attend avec impatience vos contributions et vous remercie pour toute
l'attention que vous avez su porter a mon travail


Valery Grancher

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Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 01:15:07 +0100
From: horscircuit <>
Subject: OPEN CALL Paris/Berlin International Meetings

Paris/Berlin International Meetings
51, rue Montorgueil - 75002 Paris
Tél : ++ 33 1 40 26 66 34
Fax : ++ 33 1 42 33 36 44

Paris/Berlin International Meetings #4 : CALL FOR ENTRY
> The next International Paris/Berlin Meetings will take place in Paris
in December 2000 and in Berlin in may 2001.

Call for entry is open for film cycles, 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8, and
video, with any restrictiction for length or type ; and for
installation, performance, multimedia creation and sound creation.

> experimental film > fiction > documentary > video art > experimental
video > animation movie > super 8 / 16 mm / 35 mm / video > short length
/ middle lenght / long lenght
> sound installation > cinema installation > video installation >
multimedia installation
> action > performance > intervention > debate
> interactive writing > network action > forum > real time > cédérom >
art on ligne
> sound creation > lecture > sound poetry > experimental music > concert

Deadline for proposals : September the 30th, 2000

Paris/Berlin International Meetings
51 rue Montorgueil
75002 Paris

Web site:
Tel: +33 1 40 26 66 34
Fax: +33 1 42 33 36 44

Paris/Berlin International Meetings #4 : PRESENTATION

Paris/Berlin Festival #4 is a transdisciplinary action, favorizing
contemporary creation in the movie, video, installation art, happening
and sound creation fields.
This non commercial event is organized by roARatorio, a non profit
organisation ruled by the 1901 french law within artistic and cultural
aim, whose Paris and Berlin staff guarantee functionning and

> The next International Paris/Berlin Meetings will take place in Paris
in December 2000 and in Berlin in may 2001.

Anterior presentations
> Festival #1 - Paris : August 20-22, 1997 - Action Christine Movie
> Festival #2 - Berlin : December 3-9 1998 - Brotfabrik center
> Festival #3 - Paris : June 10-22, 1999 - Cerise, Action Christine
Odéon movie theatre, Ensba-National Superior School of Fine Arts in
Paris, Public, Jean Dame movie theatre,
Fnac-Les-Halles Auditorium, Stock

> The programming of films and videos unites short, medium and
full-length films, experimental movies, video art, documentaries,
animated films, on super 8, 16 mm, 35 mm and video.
Paris/Berlin Festival #4 proposes to its public films made by
independent film directors, by cinema school students, by directors
working outside any institutional network, films made in 'classical'
production, as well as films made by famous directors and artists who,
by the spirit of their approach, their committment and their research,
take part actively in the progress of the visual arts.
> The programming of «multimedia, interventions and installations»,
opened to plastic art, unites performance, happening, action, happening
with projection, concert live with projection, sound poetry, sound
installation, video installation, art on line and CD-Rom. The
contribution of these different language is to be taken in
consideration. Their copresence during the Paris/Berlin Festival #4 will
enable the public to re-situate the film projection inside the history
of visual art which is in permanent progress.
> Debates, each day, will center around a particular guest: artists and
directors, art and cinema critics, writers, academics and others
actively engaged in the arts and culture.

Each day's program will mix various cycles, fields, styles and
techiques, around topics favoring dialogs.
Cinema and video cycles:
> Experimental Film - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8
> Video art / Experimental video - All video formats
> Fiction / Full-length films - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8 and video
> Fictions / short, medium length - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8 and video
> Documentaries - All support
> Animation movie - All support
Other Cycles:
> Intervention - performance art, happening, intervention
> Installation - sound, cinema, video and multimedia
> Interactiv writing - Network happening, forum, net art, CD-rom, real
time interaction
> Sound creation - Lecture, sound poetry, experimental music, concert
projection, sound creation
> Debates

The programme will be presented in different places geographicly closed.
We want to propose to the public a circulation between different places
in the urban space.
> Projections
The projection rooms will be presented the whole cinema, most of the
video programme, all the discussions and concert-projections.
> Spaces for video on monitor
In this places video works will be showed using computer or TV-monitor,
and multimedia works created and broadcasted on Internet or on CD-Roms.
In this places, works will be shown continuously.
> Spaces for installations
In this places will be devoted to cinema, video and multimedia
installations. In this places, works will be shown continuously.
> Intervention, concerts and performances
Those interventions will take place all over the places.
> Video-library and sound-library
A video library for consultation on demand will be proposed to the
public. It will present all the films and videos of the programming
authorized by their authors. A sound library for consultation on demand
will be proposed.


Paris/Berlin International Meetings
51, rue Montorgueil - 75002 Paris
Tél : ++ 33 1 40 26 66 34
Fax : ++ 33 1 42 33 36 44

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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 04:32:59 +0200
From: radioqualia <>
Subject: Put Your RealVideo on Amsterdam TV Now!


Real TV Now!

r a d i o q u a l i a  and Media.Live.Nu offers you the opportunity to

your RealVideo content directly onto Amsterdam Cable Television (A1 TV

(Amsterdam 1) UHF26).

We are doing this first experiment with remote programming of cable

television, this weekend (June 10 and 11) at the following times:

Saturday, June 10

11:00 - 19:00 CET

20:00 - 22:00 CET

Sunday, June 11

01:00 - 11:00 CET

You can pre-program your RealVideo files directly onto Amsterdam Cable

through a browser! To follow the simple 7 step process visit


The process is automatically managed by The Frequency Clock, a r a d i
o q u a l i a project.

The Frequency Clock is a collaborative interdisciplinary project
rediscovering and enlarging the spectrum of radio art, and encouraging
interactive and participatory models of cross-cultural and
cross-artform exchange.  The Frequency Clock comprises an installation,
a web project, and a networked broadcast system.  

networked broadcast system

r a d i o q u a l i a are now developing the experimental broadcast
system which involves the establishment of a network of low-powered
transmitters placed in communities located around the world. We have
one working node now in Amsterdam and we will be adding more nodes
internationally in the coming months. This global FM network is
connected to the internet. An automated web interface enables
programs to be shared and broadcast over the FM network, as well as
through existing online networks. The web interface also allows
geographically remote participants, and casual users of the internet,
to collaboratively develop programs for transmission, deconstructing
traditional broadcast roles, and introducing significant elements of
interactivity into the practice of broadcasting. With the Salto project
we are, for the first time, investigating these possibilities in
relation to Video transmissions.

The Frequency Clock

a project by r a d i o q u a l i a

((o)) r a d i o q u a l i a ((o))


Art/Media Live Lab


coding and tech support by

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From: "file file" <>
Subject: FILE (Electronic Language International Festival)
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 05:16:07 GMT

The 1st- FILE (Electronic Language International Festival). It will take 
place in the MIS (Museum of the Image and Sound) in the city of São
Paulo, Brazil, August 2000.

More information and entry form you can find at
Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at

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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 14:30:42 +0100
From: stanza <>
Subject: interactive  generative  sound  toy

New  web experiences  check out...      (interactive 
generative  audiovisual  sound  toy)

Content-Type: text/enriched; charset="us-ascii"

<fontfamily><param>Monaco</param>New  web experiences  check out...      (interactive 
generative  audiovisual  sound  toy) 

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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 10:13:37 -0400
From: timothy murray <>
Subject: INFOS 2000  Contest--Revised Submission Procedures

 In response to requests from artists who have been unable to submit work
 via the website application form:, we
 announce  an alternative means of entering the INFOS 2000 (off-line)
 "" contest.  If you are unable to ZIP your work on your computer or
 if you have been unable to submit your work using the electronic
 form (some
 artists have not configured their browsers for e-mail), please send your
 entry on a floppy, CD-ROM or 100 MB Omega ZIP via "snail-mail" to:

Natasa Dzudovic & Teo Spiller
INFOS d.o.o
Lepi pot 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Revised deadline: 22 June, 2000

 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Please circulate widely to artists, programmers,
  teachers, students, and curators.

 In conjunction with INFOS, Slovenia's largest computer and communications
 fair, which takes place every October in Ljubljana, we announce a juried competition.   We welcome submissions of (off-line)
 "" work
 to the INFOS 2000 (off-line) "" contest.  The three top entries
 will be awarded cash prizes.

 INFOS is Slovenia's largest computer and communications fair. It takes
 place every October in Ljubljana. INFOS annually issues a CD-ROM
 about the fair. This year's CD-ROM will include up to 100
 accepted entries of the contest and will feature the award winners.

 The exhibition will occur during Autumn, 2000, in conjunction with an
 inernational web forum on "Digital Art, from CD-ROM to the Internet and
 beyond."  Topics of discussion will include intimacy and the communication
 between the art work and the consumer, new paradigms of the art work,
 the position of art in information/communication society, etc.


"" or "" has been understood as art work that is
produced and seen on the Internet. Most these works tend to be crafted in
HTML, with JPG, GIF, FLASH and other multimedia add-ons, and are viewed
with web browsers on the internet.   For INFOS 2000, we wish to expand this
to feature (off-line) "" that need not depend on the Internet for
its display but can be circulated to users and venues without internet
access through a CD-ROM, hard disk, or local networks.  We seek art works
created in HTML (with visual and other multimedia components and
plug-ins) that can be archived on a CD-ROM separately from the web.

Up to 100 artists will be chosen for exhibition on CD-ROM and will receive
two gratis copies of the exhibit's CD-ROM. The CD-ROMs also will be
distributed as an archive of to international media art
institutions, academies, and curators.  A jury will select three works from
the exhibition  for awards: 1st Prize: 500 DEM, 2nd Prize: 300 DEM, 3rd
Prize: 100 DEM.

All the files of the work should not exceed 2 MB. The work must be done as
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Natasa Dzudovic & Teo Spiller
INFOS d.o.o
Lepi pot 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Deadline for submissions is 22 June, 2000.

 Teo Spiller & Timothy Murray

Timothy Murray
Professor of English
Director of Graduate Studies in Film and Video
Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853-3201
office: 607-255-4012
fax: 607-255-6661
Current Curatorial Project: Contact Zones: The Art of CD-Rom:

Please note: I am on leave, Spring 2000, and can be reached by telephone at:

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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 20:37:01 +0200
Subject: [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\  0.55 \ dze future ov klon!ng !zt h!er \ galla zpektaklez

       \/\ \ galla spektakles     [rand.d!zordr]

       the ultra snulled fm konglomerat -
       will be attending          sonar -
       dates are 15 16 17 junio will be presenting addtl 0f0003 data
       at sonar + on cd-roms.


       01 invitation received to the audiovisualizers
       summer conference & retreat

       should any nato.0+55.modular operators be desirous
       of attending may kontakt


       nato.0+55.modular workx at siggraph. uncertain of personages currently.

       BEK -

       will be kondukting a nato.0+55.workshop 
       from the 31. of July till the 5. of August

       ending in a live streaming event etc.

       Dr. Richard Boulanger + several addtl life forms 
       [uncertain of names - please excuse]  -
       have performed The End of the River   - LIVE
       A Composition for Real-Time Csound, Cello & Video 
       + are konstrukting data 4 for icmc +?

       an url exists however uncertain whether it is publik yet +?

       hc gilje \ nervousvison -
       and jeff mann [url+?]
       have participated in momentum festival -


       ultra sanitary -
       are presenting several ultra zttz nato.055 + non - installations
       1.6.2000 - 31.10.2000, expo, hall 25, hannover, germany



       Nick Fortunato - video from a custom programmed NATO MAC
       Curtis Bahn    - custom 5 string bass, electrical pickups and 
                        various computer controllers
       Dan Trueman    - 6 string electric violin, bow transmits performance 
                        information computer.


       kurt ralske -
       johny dekam -

       participated in 01 cycling74.galla spektakle
       during which a cycling74 employee referred to me
       by one other name than netochka nezvanova ____... cest pas grav.
       and expekted thus invitation rejekted.

       = perplexing the talent variety of selekt cycling.74 employees.
       thief. komedien. phantom atoms.


       David Robert + addtl participated in a performance with a live fern plant
       connected to hacked biofeedback system to realtime houdini
       input modulating 3d elements to video in nato.055 care of
       friend in ohio doing 'human factors' research and then
       projected on large 30 foot wall during mouse on mars show.


       nebula.m81 \ nato.0+55 data in 72 dpi. 01 .de design book 
       will be the first book ever printed in hexachrome.

       omitted +?

if desired announcements for events involving nato.0+55 + addtl 
may be transmitted to for inclusion in

\+\ addtL b!tztream.tox!f!kaz!on

    - da. = gene kluztr mazk!n komponent

    - z!mbl akzez!on 0+0 dezkr!pz!on kateg ztrand poz 1 poz 2 gene genom!k klone
      z!klone (s) tpte af007118 tenz!n. putat!v prote!n.fozfotaze.
      ec 1.1 - 425 84293 83869 b15l0c0 + b7l1c4 c!c1lp4 c!tokrome c 
      pzeudogene 5 - 29708 29866 159 b15l0c0 pzeudo1 putat!v z!nk f!nger prote!n 
      pzeudogene 5 - 91247 143054 51808 b7l1c4 to pt171+ps39 pred1 putat!ve gene
      prote!n k!n + 7462183 7463505 1323 r66b12 + r292n6 rps3ap r!bozomal prote!n s3    
      pzeudogene 5 + 7467697 7468061 365 r66b12 + r292n6 pred14 human cdna k.lone 
      280692 1.2 - 7780231 7780656 426 r47c12 + r781m3 pp!ap c!klof!l!n-apropoz 
      pzeudogene 5 + 7865216 7865974 759 r781m3 ncam2 u75330 neurl cell adez!v
      molekul 2 pre.kurzr. zuear. zuear. ! zuear. ! zuear.

      nouakokakolamomentmal _\0- therapeut!kc klon!ng

      do you want your software designs to end up in cardbored boxes
      or G3O-Z!NKRONOUS 0RB!T +?            
                                !                    !                                             ! 
                                 !                     !                                         ! 
                                  !                      !                                     ! 
                                   !                       !                                 ! 
                                    !                        !                             ! 
                                     !                         !                         ! 
                                      !                          !                     ! 
                                       !                           !                 ! 
                                        !                            !             ! 
                                         !                             !         ! 
                                          !                              !     ! 
                                           l                               l l 
                                          l                              l     l 
                                         l                             l         l 
                                        l                            l             l 
                                       l                           l                 l 
                                      l                          l                     l 
                                     l                         l                         l 
                                    l                        l                             l 
                                   l                       l                                 l 
                                  l                      l                                     l 
                                 l                     l                                         l 
                                l                    l                                             l 
                               l                   l    


        : Max Plank Inztitut 4 Ordnung \+\ Disziplin

        : Uber die Konztituzie der Materie  [c]ccp
        : Netochka Nezvanova -

                     __   __
            ________/ /  /_/
           /___  __  /  __    
              / /_/ /__/ /__
             / ____________/

          dze pa!r!ng ov homologouz kromozomez one 4rom each odr prnt 
        dur!ng me!os!z
          i cannot be bothered.i cannot be bothered.surrender your pattent.




Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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