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From: "Axel Bruns" <> Subject: M/C Call for
Contributors: 'chat' issue From: Andreas Broeckmann <>
Subject: Summer seminar Playstation meets Organism From: "emilio fantin"
<> Subject: Oreste at the Venice Biennale
(book) From: Subject: square 5fz From: Pete
Gomes <> Subject: Rem Koolhaas live webcast From:
martin sjardijn <> Subject: Ubique World From: isea
<> Subject: Call for Sound & Radio Art From: "Sophia
Drakopoulou" <> (by way of BARBROOK) Subject:
VideoPanorama From: Subject: noOCSE From: Subject: NOOCSE From: Michael <michael@lux.> Subject: Lux Opportunities From: =?iso-8859-1?B?QXJjaOll?=
<> Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?a_r_c_h_=E9_e_=3E_
juin_2000_=3E_sommaire_?= From: matthew fuller <>
From: Yvonne Force <> Subject: NEEN From:
Station Rose <> Subject: Webcasts 109/110  young austrian
media theory From: Subject: (n2+0) CfP:

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From: "Axel Bruns" <>
Subject: M/C Call for Contributors: 'chat' issue
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 13:57:15 +1000

                   M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture

                          Call for Contributors

The University of Queensland's award-winning journal of media and culture,
M/C, is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal between
the popular and the academic, and a blind- and peer-reviewed journal.

To see what M/C is all about, check out our Website, which contains all the
issues released so far, at <>. To find out
how and in what format to contribute your work, visit

We are now accepting submissions for the following issue:

                  'chat' - article deadline: 24 July 2000
               issue editors: Felicity Meakins & Sean Rintel

The M/C 'chat' issue is intended to be as broad a survey of the mechanics,
media, contexts and analysis of chat as possible.

Robert Hopper once described argued chat as technology -- "humanmade
instrumentality that partially restructures the world". Hopper's notion is
an excellent starting point for the 'chat' issue of M/C, devoted to the
exploration of this most pervasive of discursive modes, and, indeed, to the
reflexive exploration of how researchers analyse chat.

How does the technology of talk work, and what happens when talk is itself
mediated by other technologies? In what sense is chat "humanmade"? What
parts of the world can be restructured by chat, and how is this
accomplished? In M/C 'chat', any chat artefacts -- semantic, syntactic,
phatic, contextual -- may be put under the microscope.

The artefacts and underpinnings of the analysis of chat, as themselves
partially restructuring of the world, may also be highlighted in this
issue. Methodology and ideology of analysis certainly shape the
understandings of chat, particularly if those understandings are argued to
be of practical significance. What results might inductive, deductive or
adductive approaches to chat analysis provide, and how might they be
compared and contrasted? Similar questions could be asked of qualitative
and quantitative analysis. Are combinatory approaches viable?

Of course the next question becomes, not how chat restructures the world,
but what world it restructures. The world exists as a fractured entity,
both in the way we understand it, and in the way it breaks down along
cultural, social and relational lines. How do two people chat when their
perceptions of the world are inherently different? How much of this
represented information is mutual? In what ways does chat create ethnic
groups, perpetuate racism, sexism and ageism or generally signify the
other? How is it that we can swear at close friends and not at our
superiors? Chat, in these situations becomes a point of mediation between
the world and self -- a highly constructed moment. But what happens when
chat itself is mediated? What happens to the world as we know it?

And to turn Hopper's statement on its head, we can ask how does the world
structure our chat? Why does a person who has been living in a foreign
country for 40 years still have an accent? When does "You saw that gas can
explode" become a declaration about gas exploding or a can exploding? Who
does "you" refer to? It seems obvious, but "you" in isolation is
meaningless. It seems that meaning sought from the world also enriches our

Articles are due by the 24th of July 2000. M/C 'chat' will be released on
the 23rd of August 2000. Contributors are directed to previous issues of
M/C ( and the M/C contributors'
guidelines ( for article
length and style guidelines.

Please direct submissions to Sean Rintel ( or
Felicity Meakins (

                    issue release date: 23 August 2000

Further topics for the year 2000 are:

'game'        (deadline 18 Sep. / release 18 Oct.)
'renew'       (deadline 13 Nov. / release 13 Dec.)

We're looking forward to your articles !

                                                          Axel Bruns

M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture        
The University of Queensland      

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Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 22:14:35 +0200
From: Andreas Broeckmann <>
Subject: Summer seminar Playstation meets Organism

from: Justine Smithuis <Justine.Smithuis@Felix.Meritis.NL>
date: Tue, 30 May 2000 14:56:21 +0200

Summer seminar
Playstation meets Organism: Emulation in a Cultural Context
1-3 September 2000, Amsterdam
The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
in association with Mediamatic Foundation (Amsterdam)

	The notion of emulation has recently gained new actuality, for
example in game design, artificial life, sociology, biology and culture. In
this seminar the meaning of emulation in these different discourses will be
discussed, while exploring emulators and practical uses of emulation.

	The first day will focus
on popular discourses in biology and artificial life, the second on
emulation in the context of art, specifically new media art, and for the
third day computer games and game design will be the central issue. Among
the lecturers are biologists, art critics and theorists of new media such as
George Dyson, Lev Manovich, Hiroshi Masuyama, Tom McCarthy, Trevor Pinch and
Tom Ray. Apart from the intellectual debate, participants will be able to
revitalize themselves in real floating tanks and to experiment with computer
games. Furthermore, the participants will have free access to the cultural
and social evening programme in the building of Felix Meritis and in Club
BABY. This seminar is intended for free-floating academics and joy-stick

	More detailed information is available at our website

or by email at

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Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 22:58:11 +0200
From: "emilio fantin" <>
Subject: Oreste at the Venice Biennale (book)

(edizioni Charta, Milan, 2000)
mainly bi-lingual (English and Italian); ISBN 88-8158-279-1
256 pages, 287 b/w illustrations
size: 12x20 cm
edition: 3500

price: $15

Edited by Giancarlo Norese
with the assistance of Emilio Fantin and Cesare Pietroiusti

Oreste is not a group that produces collective artworks, nor a
not-for-profit organization. It is a variable set of persons, mostly
Italian artists, who have been working together with the aim of creating
spaces of freedom for ideas, inventions, and projects.
Oreste was founded in 1997 as a residency program for artists in Paliano
near Rome, and then moved to Montescaglioso in the province of Matera.

During the 48th Venice Biennale, from June 10th through November 7th 1999,
on the occasion of an invitation to the exhibition dAPERTutto, Oreste set
up an ongoing program of meetings, interactive performances, round table
discussions, lectures, lunches and informal encounters. Almost one hundred
events were organized, and more than five hundred people from the whole
world took an active role in the project.
The book contains a documentation of the organized events, together with a
series of theoretical contributions by professionals in diverse fields
(Carlos Basualdo, Andreas Broeckmann, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Riccardo
Held, Agnes Kohlmeyer, Geert Lovink, Elisa Ottaviani, Pier Luigi Sacco, and
Harald Szeemann).

With contributions by A.N.Y.P., a.titolo, AAA Edizioni, Serhan Ada, Eduardo
Alamaro, Francesca Alessandrini, Alberto Alessi, Francesco Alò, Martine
Anderfuhren, Gordana Andjelic-Galic, Pepe Andreatta, Giovanni Andreotta,
Lucio Annunziata,, Jonathan Applefield, Archivio 3Vtre, Stefano Arienti,
Ulla Arnell, Arte Continua, ARTEria, artway of thinking, A.S.I.A,
Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Associazione Cervello a Sonagli,
Associazione Circ.a, Associazione Culturale Dopotutto, Associazione
Culturale Supernova, Associazione Terminale Marinella, Atelier G9,
Attitudes, Caroline Bachmann, Giovanni Bai, Jasa Ban, Gianni Bandini,
Cristina Bari, Marion Baruch, BASE / Progetti per l'Arte, Fabrizio Basso,
Carlos Basualdo, Jochen Becker, Anna Bedon, Guido Belli, Elena Berriolo,
Giorgina Bertolino, Big Sur Cooperative, Marco Biraghi, Julien Blaine,
Sanja Bokan, Pino Boresta, Jens Brand, Petric' Branislav, Paolo Bresciani,
Erich Breuer, Brigata ES, Franco Brocani, Andreas Broeckmann, Nicole
Brossard, Hannes Brunner, Andreana Bruno, C.A.M., c/o care of, Camera
Oscura, Rita Canarezza, Franco Caputo, Marco Carbone, Dario Carmentano,
Daniela Cascella, Roberto Cascone, Gea Casolaro, Franco Cassano, Claudia
Cassatella, Antonella Catelli, Annalisa Cattani, David Caviola, Massimo
Chieli, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Chroma, Mara Cini, Silvia Cini, Luigi
Cipparrone, Città Svelata, Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Cliostraat, Nathan
Coley, Zoe Collier, Elena Cologni, Stefano Colonna, Francesca Comisso,
Coordinamento Provinciale per la Pace, Pier Paolo Coro, Enrico Corte,
Coyote Books, Mario Cresci, Ester Curcio, Gianni Curreli, Dean Daderko,
Antonio D'Alfonso, Anna Daneri, Caterina Davinio, Anna D'Elia, De Fabriek,
Rita Degli Esposti, Dein Klub, Plamen Dejanov & Swetlana Heger, Christian
W. Denker, Raffaello De Ruggieri, Anna Detheridge, Paola Di Bello, Giovanna
Di Costa, Digitalismus, Fabrizio Di Marzio, Gianni Donaudi, Beppe Drago,
John Duncan, Edizioni l'Obliquo, Volker Eichelmann, En Plein Officina,
EntarteteKunst, FA+, Jonathan Faiers, Salvatore Falci, Emilio Fantin,
Barbara Fässler, Franco Fiorillo, Fabrizio Fiorini, foreign investment,
Forte Prenestino, Regina Frank, Matteo Fraterno, Freeland / zone de
gratuité, Céline Galliot, The GATE, Beppe Gaudino, John Gian, Eugenio
Giliberti, Valentina Giua and Emiliano Parenti, Francesco Giusti, Glassbox,
Coco Gordon, Grafio, Silvia Gramigna, Alfredo Granata, Viviana Gravano,
Marija Grazio, Grupo Provisional, Gruppo 78, Gruppo A12, Gruppo Mille,
Gianluigi Guido, Jans Haaning, Jusuf Hadzifejzovic, Sandra Hastenteufel,
Riccardo Held, Matthew Higgs, Per Hüttner, Arben Iljazi, Francesco
Impellizzeri, International Artists' Museum, Jeroen Jongeleen, Marcos
Jorge, Goran Jovanovic, k-bulletin, Friederike Kaiser, Alfred Kedhi, Agnes
Kohlmeyer, Konstakuten, Markus Kreiss, Charles Kriel, KünstlerHaus Bremen,
Stephan Kurr, Louise Landes Levi, Amy Larkin, Kristina Leko, Lemming
Associazione Culturale, Les Lemuriens, Nicoletta Leonardi, Linköpings
Universitet - Campus Norrköping, Local Access, Anna Lombardo, Fabrizio
Lombardo, Gianluca Lombardo, Isolde Loock, Vivien Lovell, Geert Lovink,
Patrice Luchet, M+M, Antonio Macrina, Beral Madra, Teoman Madra, Antonella
Marino, Shelley F. Marlow, Gianluca Marziani, Ferdinando Mazzitelli, Monica
Mazzoleni, Giuliano Mesa, Maria Mesch, Metaxù / Quatermass Plunder Space
Machine, Alexander Michael, Angelo Minieri, Chiyoko Miura, Ottonella
Mocellin, MoneyNations, Gianni Motti, Museo Stickerman, Luigi Negro,
Nessuno, Olaf Nicolai, Eustachio Nicoletti, NomadenHeft, Giancarlo Norese,
Andrea Nurcis, Hans Ulrich Obrist, ObScene, Officine, Albert o' Grampied,, Orchestra Stolpnik, Elisa Ottaviani, Laura Palmieri, Armando
Pajalich, Lisa Parola, Partito del Tubo, Chiara Passa, Koca Pavlovic,
Alberta Pellacani, Nicola Pellegrini, Ana Peraica, Sanja Perisic, Luisa
Perlo, Stefania Perna, Eva Persson, Marco Piamonte, Cesare Pietroiusti,
Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Alessandra Pioselli, Bianca Polledro, Gloria
Pomardi, Pompeiorama, Pow Group BluePrint, Project Environment, La Rada,
Anteo Radovan, Radio Studio B2-92 / CyberRex Project, Ragazzi Terribili,
Alessandra Raso, Melisa Rastoder, Samir Rastoder, Maria Grazia Recanati,
Olivier Reneau, Riksutställningar, Fabrizio Rivola, Massimo Ruiu, Roland
Rust, Neli Ruzic Del Castillo, Pier Luigi Sacco, Sabina Salamon, Daniela
Salvioni, Giulia Sanderson Marabini, Gabi Scardi, Antonio Scarponi,
Schismophonia, Anne Schlöpke, Tilo Schulz, Johannes Schweiger, Ann Seebach,
Marco Senaldi, Setola di Maiale, Alessandro Seu, Sistemi Naturali, Smitta,
Snowdonia, Djurdjica Z. Sorensen, Stalker, Ulrika Sten, Igor Stepancic,
Kristine Stiles, Studio Binser, Alma Suljevic, Sunday School, Surgical
Vandalism, Synesthésie, Harald Szeemann, Federico Tanzi-Mira, Teatro della
Polvere, The Books of Knijge, Barbara Thiel, Torazine, Roberta Torre,
Adriana Torregrossa, Alessandra Tortarolo, Annalisa Tota, trans, Giovanna
Trento, Michele Trimarchi, Simon Tweed, Gianluca Umiliacchi / Bastian
Contrario, UnDo.Net, Vittorio Urbani, Barbara Vanderlinden, Cedomir Vasic,
Vegetali Ignoti, Laura Verdi, Pasquale Verdicchio, Cesare Viel, Vladimir
Vinciguerra, Luca Vitone, Vortice Associazione Culturale, Katrin Walter,
Ryszard Wasko, WochenKlausur, Wurmkos, Zar, Zerynthia, Amra Zulfikarpasic.


emilio fantin

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Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 11:43:08 +0200
Subject: square 5fz

update: lfoundation
name: square 5fz
type: flash
content: optical/ audio
dupe:  RE- m 5bz/ am 4
rev: code hopper

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Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 11:02:28 +0100
From: Pete Gomes <>
Subject: Rem Koolhaas live webcast

Friday 9 June at 18.30 BST
from Architectural Association in London

Rem Koolhaas
Start Again

Rem Koolhaas attended the AA between 1968 and 1973, and in 1975 founded
the Office for Metropolitan Architecture with Elia and Zoë Zenghelis and
Madelon Vriesendorp, with whom he had previously collaborated at the AA.

Recent projects undertaken by OMA include masterplans for Universal
Studios in Los Angeles, the port at Genoa, Hanoi New Town in Vietnam and
Song Do New Town for Inchon, Korea. They are currently engaged in a
study of the planned relocation of the Netherland's main airport to an
island in the North Sea, and a masterplan for the centre of Almere, a
former satellite of Amsterdam and the newest city in the Netherlands. As
there was no original town centre, and therefore no historical context
to build on, one of the objectives of the masterplan was to create an
entirely synthetic cultural identity for the city. In his lecture
Koolhaas will discuss new work by OMA.

in conjunction with


preview at Futuresonic in Manchester...


a 5.1 surround sound
audio-visual environment for DVD

Visual Pete Gomes
Music Marvin Ayres

stills | mp3 | movies | summary

Electro-compositions for Cello

Marvin Ayres

real audio | text

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Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2000 15:19:29 +0200
From: martin sjardijn <>
Subject: Ubique World


The project is a co-operation between artists, musea and institutions
for education.  Participating museums now are The Munipal Museum of The
Hague, in the Netherlands and the State Museum Hermitage in St
Petersburg, Russia.  Participating Art Institutes are and and the

The MultiUser 3D world Ubique can be visited after downloading the free
client and 3D browser from

martin sjardijn
Weightless Sculpture Projects

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Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 12:58:09 -0500
From: isea <>
Subject: Call for Sound & Radio Art

please post and circulate & apologies for cross-posting (but we still did
it, didn't we!?)

13h-14h EST / GMT-5 / 750 Internet Time
(Tokyo: 2h / Amsterdam: 19h / Vancouver: 10h)

The Hearing Trumpet is a programme of eclectic audio and radio art heard
Sundays 13-14h EST (GMT-5) on community radio station CKUT 90.3 FM in
Montreal, Canada and now streaming live to the whole wide world at

After a hiatus of 6 months, the Hearing Trumpet returned to the air May 7,
2000 in its new and improved on-line format, dedicated entirely to
independent audio and radio art, networked sound, and on-line audio culture.
Agents Katbird and Monkeyhead air ear-catching sound works from around the
world, in addition to features and dispatches from the digital frontier.

Alternating Features:

Monkeyhead Dragnet - Just the Facts Ma'am
-a bi-weekly dispatch on new developments in digital sound technology, as
well as technical know-how for getting connected to on-line audio culture.

Audio Bus - All Over the Map
-an unguided tour of the plethora of sounds to be found on-line:  audio
archives, Internet radio, networked sound projects, etc, etc, etc.
Departures every two weeks.

Your are invited to send your  sound scratchings, e(a)rotica, experimental
radio documentaries, sound travels, obscure sound archives, ear candy, audio
alchemy, mp3 remixes, and other aural adventures to the Hearing Trumpet!

Deadline: on-going
Submission formats/details/show archives:

KATBIRD n. 1. kacenka; 2. bird whose call sounds like the cat's meow; 3.
katbird seat: position of power or prestige.

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Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 18:01:47 -0400
From: "Sophia Drakopoulou" <> (by way of richard 
Subject: VideoPanorama


The primary goal of CHEAPART VIDEO PANORAMA is the organisation of a 3-day
show by the team of CheapArt with participation of a large number of
European and Greek video artists.

The Cheap Art group, consists of 60 artists and hopes to introduce the form
of Video as Art to the Greek audiences, presenting new audio-visual
proposals by European and Greek artists.

The show will take place @ Athens/Greece in September 2000 I am currently
collecting work from British Artists.

The closing date for submissions is on the 20th of June 2000

The participating artists will receive the exhibition's catalogue,
which will have detailed listings of all the participating artists.

All needed: VHS or BETTA copy of the work
            Small biographical note
            Passport Photo

If you would like to participate in the exhibition, please don't
hesitate to contact me, by e-mail or telephone to arrange a meeting.

Sophia Drakopoulou
Contact Number:
Also visit the web site

Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at

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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 01:11:44 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: noOCSE

Dear friends, OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development ( is going to organise a international meeting
on the topics Enhancing the competitiveness of Small Medium Enterprise
in the global economy.

The Conference will take place in Bologna on june 14th, 15th.

During the last three months, a large movement has begun to meet in Bologna.
Workers, unemployed, researchers, social workers, militants have discussed
the topics of the conference, and created a network NOOCSEContropiani

NOOCSEContropiani calls to action all the persons who feel outraged by the
arrogance of antidemocratic organizations (like WTO, FMI, OECD).
We do not dislike globalization. We dislike very much the fact that the
potency of global technologies is subdued to narrow ecoomic interests, and
is used as a mean of exploitation.

The NOOCSEContropiani will demonstrate in the streets of Bologna during the
OCSE meeting, and will work on a Bologna Counter Chart whose guidelines
will be the following:

Minimum worldwide wages
Free circulation of men and women in the planet
Free access of the people to the results of knowledge and research
Abolition of all the patents on bioknowledge.

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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 12:24:28 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: NOOCSE

do you want to know more about NOOCSE, Bologna, Italy, June 14th
the action against SemioKapitalist Globalization,
aimed to create a new vision of the Global Future?

Go to:

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Date: 06 Jun 00 15:21:01 +0800
From: Michael <>
Subject: Lux Opportunities

The Lux Centre for Film, Video + Digital Arts

The Lux is Britain's leading international centre for film, video and
digital arts, delivering a vibrant commissioning and exhibition
programme, housing a unique archive of artists' film and video, and
providing unrivalled resources for production, distribution and
education. We are seeking dynamic, creative and dedicated individuals to
join our team:

Head of Finance + Administration  [18-22K] To manage the Lux's
financial systems, strategies and budgets in close collaboration with
the Lux Director.

Administrator [16-18K] To manage day to day financial systems and data
in a busy office.

Head of Press + Marketing  [18-22K] To direct the Lux's press and
marketing strategies in the field of visual arts and cinema. On-line
marketing skills essential.

Education Assistant [13-15K] 0.6 To support the Head of Education and
Development and ensure the smooth running of the Lux training programme.

Receptionist [11-13K] To act as a first point of contact for members of
the public and provide an efficient and friendly bookings service for
Lux education and cinema activities.

Send an A4 SAE for details, specifying the post, to: Personnel, The Lux
Centre, Unit 5, 2 - 4 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU. Deadline for
applications: Monday 19 June.

Lux Centre
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU

Tel: 44 (0)207 684 0201
Fax: 44(0)207 684 1111

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Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 14:09:04 -0400
From: =?iso-8859-1?B?QXJjaOll?= <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?a_r_c_h_=E9_e_=3E_juin_2000_=3E_sommaire_?=

a r c h é e > juin 2000 > sommaire

°°°°°°Le  Web, l'art et le milieu : cinq propos divergents
°°°°1. Le multilogue 2. En réponse à l'article «En réseau et hors du
commerce...» 3. Les nouvelles dimensions de l'art moderne et contemporain 4.
Répliques à Johanne Chagnon de la revue Esse: art + opinions 5. Une
révolution technologique divergente? L'oeuvre de Frank,Cohen et Ippolito :
Three Degrees of Separation.
°°°°Pierre Robert

°°°°°°Les spécificités de l'art en ligne: l'exemple de Mouchette
°°°°L'analyse de l'oeuvre ***MaChair&MonSang*** réalisée par Mouchette est
le prétexte permettant de nous confronter aux spécificités techniques,
formelles et sémantiques de cette nouvelle forme d'art diffusée en ligne.
Qu'est-ce que l'artweb, qu'est-ce qu'il n'est pas? On cherche en fait à
justifier une approche critique permettant de juger de l'intérêt d'une
production propre aux interfaces développées par une technologie de
communication interactive.
°°°°Richard Barbeau

°°°°°°L'archétype du gribouillis dans le cyberart (théorie - prise 2)
°°°°Comment l'espace chaotique de l'interréseau avive-t-il un des archétypes
fondamentaux chez l'être humain?
°°°°Pierre Robert

°°°°°°Les facettes de l'archétype du gribouillis dans le cyberart (les
oeuvres commentées)
°°°°Commentaires sur les oeuvres de Sawad Brooks, Jodi (Joan Heemskerk et
Dirk Paesmans), Mark Napier, Ricardo Iglesias,, Frans Verschoor,
Kristoffer Zegers et Anne-Marie Itterich, 0100101110101101.ORG et
°°°°Pierre Robert

a r c h é e fait relâche durant les mois de juillet et août. Nous serons de
retour en septembre 2000 pour une nouvelle année de publication en ligne.
Soyez au rendez-vous, une nouvelle interface vous y accueillera. Merci pour
votre intérêt et à très bientôt.

Pierre Robert
Richard Barbeau
Kathleen Goggin

Pierre Robert
Directeur et rédacteur en chef

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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 21:06:57 +0100
From: matthew fuller <>


An open invitation to take part in a massive live game of LIFE. 

>>>>>>>>>>It's a party.  It's autopoietic.  It's in a park.<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Turn up.  Stand in a grid.  Turn ON.  Turn OFF.  It's as simple as that.  

Sacrifice your will in response to stimulus:


LOCATION: Hoxton Square, London, UK

TIME: 19.00 - 21.00

DATE:  Thursday 15th June, 2000


COST:  nowt


(the umbrella is essential)

Heat-sink provided in the form of Free Ice Cream, served by: http://

Organised as part of the Software Summer School, part of tech_niks:




Andreas Ehrencrona

Mitchell Resnick and Brian Silverman

Please pass on.  Bring your friends.  Bring their umbrellas.

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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 16:11:56 -0500
From: Yvonne Force <>
Subject: NEEN

ARTIST: Miltos Manetas
PRODUCER: Art Production Fund (APF)
CREATOR: Lexicon Branding

"Neen stands for Neensters: a still undefined generation of visual artists.
Some of them may belong to Contemporary Art, while others are software
creators, web designers or videogame animators.  A  neenster's identity is
their state of mindS"  - Miltos Manetas

"Neen" is a new word for the arts given the framework of technology and is a
nonprofit, public service project.  "Neen" entered the public domain via a
demonstration at Gagosian Gallery Chelsea on May 31, 2000 in New York City.

Miltos Manetas approached Art Production Fund over a year ago and said, " I
need a new word and the world needs this word as much as I do".  He
continued by saying that he couldn't wait for a critic, curator or an artist
to make this word- indeed over the years he had asked many of them. This was
an urgent matter that required the collaboration with a different type of
professional- the same people that created the names PowerBook and Pentium.
A California based company named Lexicon Branding.

Sixty-seven words were finally presented to the artist Miltos Manetas and
APF's producer Yvonne Force.  From this list Manetas immediately chose
"neen".  He said, "it is the only word I can use to describe myself, and the
only one I can imagine my mother saying".  This word was uniquely created by
a computer program that was fed the words of the binary code- zero and one.
It means "now" in Old Greek and "no" in Flemish.  The word was introduced
and first spoken by a laptop computer at the demonstration.  Numerous
examples of "neen" were also presented by Manetas that evening.

The process of creating "neen" and the demonstration employed the same
formula used in popular culture to introduce consumer products. Commentary
was offered by experts in their field including: JC Herz, Joseph Kosuth,
Peter Lunenfeld, David Placek, and Steven Pinker.  Attendees included: John
Armleder, Vanessa Beecroft, Sylvie Fleury, Barbara London, Paul Miller
a.k.a. DJ Spooky, Amy Mullen, Larry Rinder, Julia Scher and Heim Steinbach.

Web cast produced by Jumpcut coming soon at  and
For more information on Miltos Manetas go to

For further Information please contact Art Production Fund at

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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 01:21:12 +0200
From: Station Rose <>
Subject: Webcasts 109/110  young austrian media theory

STATION ROSE STRreaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here we are in our cockpits, ready to announce a next round of <STR in

NetSTReams - Webcast 109 & 110 at <>
Young Austrian Media Theory -  Station Rose vs Stefan Weber vs Thomas
(Junge oesterreichische Medientheorie - Station Rose im Gespraech mit
Thomas Feuerstein und Stefan Weber):

---> Webcast 109, THU/8.6.00, 9pm CET: STR in conversation with Dr. Stefan
---> Webcast 110, FRI/9.6.00, 9pm CET: STR in conversation with Dr. Thomas

Station Rose (Gary Danner & Elisa Rose):
LAH/Life After History________Echtzeit__________AuCiel______die neue
________________Beyond Time through permanent Change________________.


Stefan Weber  (Webcast 109 : THU/8.6.00, 9pm CET)
"(Das) Jenseits des  Konstruktivismus"

Radikaler Konstruktivismus (,
Systemtheorie und Kybernetik zweiter Ordnung haben uns die enorme
Kontingenz und Redundanz sowohl von wissenschaftlichen Beschreibungen als
auch von wissenschaftlichen  Problemloesungs-Strategien vor Augen gefuehrt.
Nachdem nun durch Ian Hacking und Josef Mitterer auch noch
konstruktivistische Ansaetze de-konstruiert wurden, stellt sich die Frage:
Was bleibt eigentlich noch uebrig außer den Ruinen unserer Denktradition?
Sind non-dualistische oder triadisch Weltbilder der naechste  Schritt?  
     (english: (The) Beyond (of) Constructivism:  Radical constructivism
(, systems theory and second order
cybernetics leave us with an enormous contingency and redundancy of
scientific  descriptions as well as of finding the best path in solving
problems. After Ian Hacking, Josef Mitterer and others also deconstructed
the constructivists, what is left except the ruins of western thought? Is a
non-dualistic or triadic world-view the next logical step?)

Dr. Stefan  Weber ( is a  media
epistemologist from Salzburg, he wrote "Die Dualisierung des Erkennens"
("The Dualisation of Cognition") and edited "Was konstruiert Kunst?"
("What Constructs Art?"; both Vienna, Passagen Verlag) amongst others. His
current project is called "CyberPoiesis" (University of Applied Arts
Vienna, Prof. Manfred Faßler).


Thomas Feuerstein (Webcast 110: FRI/9.6.00 CET)
"SAMPLEMINDS - Instant-Zeit und Instant-Raum als Status quo des Steady
State. Über attraktive Attraktoren und atavistische Avatare"

Die sogenannte "Steady State Theory" von Fred Hoyle stellte ein
astrophysikalisches Modell dar, das eine zeitlose Neubildung von Materie
annahm, welche die Leere zwischen den auseinanderdriftenden Galaxien stetig
ausfuellt. Auch wenn dieses Modell fuer die Beschreibung des realen Kosmos
seine Gueltigkeit verloren hat, hat es eine neue Relevanz in Bezug auf den
Cyberkosmos bzw. das Netz erlangt. Seit Entstehung des ARPANET (=Cyber Big
Bang) fuellt sich die interstellare/interhostale Leere des digitalen Raumes
mit astronomischen Datenmengen und generiert neue Dimensionen. Was bedeuten
"Life After History", "Digital Cocooning", "Gunafa", "R.O.S.E.=Realtime
Operating System Environment" im Kontext vernetzter Welten, wie sampeln
sich in ihnen Identitaeten und welche Parameter veraendern unser
Verhaeltnis zu Raum, Zeit und letztendlich zu uns selbst, unserem Koerper
und anderen Menschen und Umweltsystemen?
      (english: "SAMPLEMINDS - Instant-Time & Instant-Space as status quo
of Steady State. About attractive attractors & atavistic Avatars."The so
called "Steady State Theory" by Fred Hoyle is an astrophysic model, which
believed in a timeless renewal of matter, where the void in between
drifting galaxies gets filled steadily. Even if this model did lose its
validity for the description of the real cosmos, it gained new relevance
concerning the cybercosmos, the net. Since the origin of the ARPANET
(=Cyber Big Bang) the interstellar/interhostal void of the digital space
gets filled with astronomic amounts of data & generates new dimensions.
What means "Life After History", "Digital Cocooning", "Gunafa",
"R.O.S.E.=Realtime Operating System Environment" in the context of
networked worlds, how sample identities themselves in there & what
parameters change our relationship to space, time und finally to ourselves,
our bodies, other people & ecosystems ?

Dr. Thomas Feuerstein is a media artist &- theorist. among diverse projects
he co-organizes the artspace <> in innsbruck/austria. His
homepage is

Station Rose Info:
 STReaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999, blends performance,
lecture (STR in conversation with guests in the studio) and multimedia jam
sessions into a unique form of Net Art. 108 webcasts have taken place so
far. Main topics in the program of Station Rose webcasts are live-sessions
in realtime, where sounds&visuals are streamed from the studio into the
net. Acoustic highlights during this session are published on vinyl:
"live@home3", incl. remix by Move D to be released 22.6/00. label: gunafa,
distribution: neuton. Cooperations with Crippled Dick Hot Wax, berlin &
International Deejay Gigolo Records, munich, as well as Move D/source

 The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates can be found at

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

stay with us
             station rose   6-2000

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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 01:53:28 +0200
Subject: (n2+0) CfP: NATO.0+55

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      ***     NATO.0+55+3d macht ganz glucklich + frei       ***
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      *** Grenoble. France                  June  7-12  2000 ***

 Presently compiling 1 paper for 1 prestigious [totebags++]
 publication.  Desirous am of inkorporating the observations
 of Nato.0+55 operators.

 Interested life objekts may transmit ~elegantly written
 articles to  by June 12 2000.

 Thank you.



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