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[re: <nettime> "Computers Rot Our Children's Brains"]

repet!z!on = teachez humanz _ juzt 1 kl!k . ur kl!k.

>[Observer UK news]
>Computers rot our children's brains: expert
>Anthony Browne, korporat Health Editor
>Dr Healy told the conference: 'It is playing with the parental
>hormone, guilt, to make them believe that if a child doesn't have a
>computer by the age of three it's not going to get a job.

apropoz job t!p job rout!n -
= muzt konklud ca = the parental
hormone rezponz!bl 4 parentz 
dez!r!ng ch!ldrn 2 aku!r 01 job
= generatd v!a eczpozr 2 komputrz
az 1 ch!ld

>'But quite to the contrary, 


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