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<nettime> Thousands of Protesters Marching on World Bank (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 11:03:01
From: Mobilization Media <>
Subject: Thousands of Protesters Marching on World Bank 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE						April 17, 2000, 11AM

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WASHINGTON DC—Despite escalating police violence in downtown Washington 
DC, at least three thousand nonviolent protestors have left the Ellipse 
and are headed for The World Bank.  On this second day of nonviolent direct 
action against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, protestors 
remain determined to highlight the central role of these institutions in 
increased poverty, human and labor rights violations and environmental 
devastation worldwide.

Field reports indicate that close to a hundred protestors have been arrested 
already this morning – in some cases the arrests have appeared arbitrary 
and without cause.  At 7AM, a crowd of several hundred protestors was pepper 
sprayed by DC police, in what observers described as "an unnecessary use 
of force."  Throughout the morning, observers report that DC police have 
taken a markedly more aggressive stance than yesterday.

"The DC police have gone too far this morning," said Beka Economopoulos 
of the Mobilization for Global Justice  "They have militarized the nation's 
capitol in defense of the economic interests of the World Bank and IMF. 
 Its clear that overwhelming force is the only thing enabling these meetings 
to go forward, and these institutions to survive, around the world today. 
 Like our brothers and sisters engaged in global struggles against the 
World Bank and IMF, this kind of force only strengthens our resolve.  We 
will not back down until sunshine floods every dark corner of the global 
financial system, and power is restored to all the people."

Today's actions are the culmination of a week of protests against the World 
Bank and IMF.  Tens of thousands of protesters traveled to Washington DC 
from across the U.S. and around the world to draw attention the misguided 
policies of these institutions.  From the proposed Chad-Cameroon Pipeline 
where the World Bank will be partnering with repressive military regimes 
to open ancient rainforests to development, to the IMF structural adjustment 
policies in Brazil, which have resulted in the slashing of health, educational 
and other social programs, these policies have run in direct opposition 
to the mission statement claims of these financial institutions.

The organizations of the Mobilization for Global Justice, and the hundreds 
of other environmental, labor and human rights organizations that have 
participated in these massive organizing efforts have vowed to continue 
in solidarity.

"All around the world, whenever these global institutions gather, global
citizens will come together to protest their destructive polices," said Steve
Kretzmann of the Mobilization for Global Justice. "The globalization we look
forward to is one that is democratic, serves and benefits all peoples, and
protects the environment, not one that serves only trans-national
corporations." ###


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