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<nettime> Hypertext News with two interesting books

Greetings NetTimers,

((Notes from Arun Tripathi: The review "*Forward Anywhere* by Judy Malloy
and Cathy Marshall" --written by Prof. Stuart Moulthrop is available WHERE
TO? at: <>

** some excerpts from the review **

"Judy Malloy and Cathy Marshall know things about hypertext that can only
come from very strong engagement." "Forward Anywhere brilliantly
demonstrates the hypertexts -are structured in more dimensions than the
line." Prof.  Moulthrop makes hypertexts and teaches design for electronic

Convergence -a Journal of Research into New Media Technologies is
available at: <>

Soul Moulthrop is also the author of Victory Garden

Prof. Janet Murray (author of Hamlet On The Holodeck) has written about
the _Victory Garden_ as, "..indispensible. No one has taken on the hard
questions about hypertext and fiction or played so intransigently with the
myriad possibilities.." _Victory Garden_ was created using Storyspace. 

An excerpt from _Victory Garden_ has been adpated for reading on the Web
at: <>

Storyspace -a hypertext tool for writers and readers

Advance Praise for NEW WEB FICTION "Friday's Big Meeting" 
<> and

Arun Tripathi
Net Messenger))

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 13:02:35 -0400
From: "Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems, Inc." <>

- Share your Storyspace stories
- Women at the Millennium features _Forward Anywhere_
- New in HypertextNOW: Scrolling with Rob Wittig
- DUST OR MAGIC: Secrets of Successful Multimedia Design

Share your Storyspace Stories ----------------------------- 

Do you use Storyspace, Eastgate's popular hypertext writing tool?

We'd like to hear your stories about Storyspace. What does Storyspace mean
to you? How have you used it?

We're looking for anecdotes that will help us plan future Storyspace
releases and help us explain Storyspace to new writers. We're interested
in everyday experiences as well as unusual applications.

Our favorite anecdotes, selected by Eastgate's dedicated staff, will win
free hypertexts and other special prizes. 

Won't you help?  Send your stories to: 

Please mailto: <>

Women at the Millennium features FORWARD ANYWHERE

Eastgate salutes UC Berkeley's _Women at the Millennium_ mail art
exhibition, which includes work from hundreds of mail artists and features
FORWARD ANYWHERE, the email-based hypertext by Judy Malloy and Cathy
Marshall. Despite poor weather and fire alarms, over a hundred people
attended the opening. 

"Forward Anywhere demonstrates a remarkable commitment to exploration and
experiment, a futurity that moves through the past but is not doomed to
repetition. This is a work that moves and moves with us, an *open* work in
the best sense." -- Stuart Moulthrop, _Convergence: The Journal of
Research into New Media Technologies_

Order your copy of FORWARD ANYWHERE: 

_Forward Anywhere_
by Judy Malloy and Cathy Marshall
Eastgate Systems
ISBN 1-884511-25-2
For Macintosh or Windows 95/98/NT  $19.95

HypertextNOW: Scrolling with Rob Wittig

In the new HypertextNOW, Diane Greco interviews Rob Wittig, director of
the Chicago literary studio TANK20. Among Tank20's best-known projects was
last year's Web performance, "The Fall of the Site of Marsha." 

"I'm fond of saying that the copy machine is STILL the most important
literary technology of our century." 

Dust Or Magic: Secrets Of Successful Multimedia Design

In this new volume, Bob Hughes offers a conceptual framework and plenty of
practical advice for creatively tackling projects in multimedia design. 
Drawing on his extensive and varied experience in multimedia development,
Hughes demonstrates the importance of emotions, play, gesture, and
closely-coupled media in producing intense, immersive multimedia. 

Of particular interest are Hughes' case studies and profiles; these make a
wonderfully candid introduction to multimedia classics and to their
creators.  Hughes' analyses, examples, and historical insights, moreover,
are all much wider ranging than the title suggests. 

Aleen Stein, CEO of and co-founder of The Voyager Company,
called _Dust or Magic_ "incredibly engrossing. I expected to skim through
it, and found myself reading it avidly, putting aside all the other work I
should have been doing, in favor of consuming it. Very readable, it's as
much of a page-turner as most fiction I'm reading. It has unique insight
into the creative process." 

Bob Hughes worked in media from medieval manuscripts to television ads
before discovering the computer in 1989. Since becoming hooked, he has
developed CD-ROMs, learning games, kiosk systems, Web sites -- and deep
sympathy for everyone who strives to do "good stuff,"  whatever the

Ordering with Eastgate is quick and easy.


Dust or Magic: Secrets of Successful Multimedia Design
by Bob Hughes
ISBN 0-201-36071-3 (paper)  $34.50
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