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<nettime> (Articles) Designing a Sense of Presence in Virtual Environments

Greetings Worlds!

There are interesting articles related to the social embodiment,
telepresence and cyborgs have been published in the Journal of
Computer-Mediated Communication, Vol 3 and Issue 2 of September 1997.

a) Bridging the Gulfs: From Hypertexts to Cyberspace by Thierry Bardini is
available at <> -The purpose
of the paper is focusing on the two main aspects at the origin of hypertext 
technology and contrast between associationist and connectionist views.

b) The Cyborg's Dilemma: Progressive Embodiment in Virtual Environments by
Frank Biocca is avilable at <> 
This paper brings another issue, of How does the changing representation
of the body in virtual environments affect the mind? The article also
considers how virtual reality interfaces are evolving to embody the user
progressively? The author has also discussed other issues, such as
"Embodiment: Thinking through our Technologically Extended Bodies" and
"Being There: The sens of Physical Presence in Cyberspace".

c) At the Heart of It All: The Concept of Telepresence by Matthew Lombard
is available at <> This
paper discusses the issues regarding the emerging technologies including
virtual reality, simulation rides. video conferencing, home theater, and
high definition television are designed to provide media users with an
illusion that a mediated experiences is not mediated, a perception defined
here as presence.

d) Telepresence via Television: Two dimensions of Telepresence May Have
Different Connections to Memory and Persuasion by Taeyong Kim and Frank
Biocca is available at <> 
This particular essay has discussed some questions, such as -Is
Telepresence Related to any other cognitive correlates or outcomes,
specially memory and persuasion?, Is Presence a unidimensional construct?
and others!

Arun Tripathi
Research Scholar
University of Dortmund

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