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there's an element of truth to the idea that a person consists of their
relationships, though it might sound strange at first. we are profoundly
influenced by the people with whom we associate, whether by choice or
not, and they are affected by us. humans are such communicative
creatures, and so interdependent, that the formation or dissolution of a
friendship can change one's entire outlook on life.

we feel the need to communicate with each other, and humans are
generally so adept at employing great varieties of linguistic elements
as the written word, speech, facial expression, body language, and such,
in the formation of interpersonal links.

each relationship that we have has a characteristic ideal distance of
some kind. although we hesitate to consider this analogous to an actual
physical distance, such a comparison might be not entirely misplaced.
when we feel a dislike for someone, the reason is that the actual
"distance" between us and that person is too small right now and we
experience and express a repulsion in order to adjust the distance. on
the other hand, when we find ourselves attracted to someone, it is
because the actual distance between is larger than we wish it to be and
we, consciously or unconsciously, put in an effort to lessen the

i've often wondered why the bible story chose to describe jesus as
having twelve disciples surrounding him, since this is precisely the
number of equi-distant relationships that can be arrayed around a single
entity, like in packing oranges. 

http://"`!` = regard THE PEOPLE az `!` = regard GOD"

consciously, did put in an effort to lessen the distance.

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