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<nettime> Lufthansa's expulsion policy

[Feel free to let this message circulate. According 
to the original sender and organizer of that 
individual campaign, several academic institutions 
worldwide already protested against the deportation 
business of the german airline company lufthansa and 
announced to boycot Lufthansa until they stop the 
embarassing practice of violent deportations]

Original message posted from: Prof. Dr. Klaus-Gerd Giesen

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On March 13i [2000], I was witness to an attempted police expulsion of a
non-consenting African passenger on Lufthansa flight LH4115 between
Paris and Berlin. The passenger was likely a seeker of political asylum
having to pass through Berlin. The two French plain-clothes police
officers accompanying him inflicted a truly inhumane treatment upon the
passenger and gravely threatened his health, notably through their
continual recourse to exceptional violence. In addition, since it came
inevitably to blows, on-board security was no longer guaranteed. Despite
the victim's cries and the protests of some of the other passengers, the
flight crew did not react until I threatened the captain with judicial
proceedings. The departure of the flight was then canceled and all the
passengers were evacuated from the plane.

It is scandalous that Lufthansa persists in allowing police expulsions
of non-consenting persons on its flights, whereas other airlines
abandoned this practice some time ago already. As private firms are
hardly susceptible to arguments of a moral nature, only the perspective
of losing customers can change their behavior.

It is for this reason that I would like to suggest to you to address a
mail message or fax to Lufthansa: in which you state, making reference
to flight LH4115 of March 13, that you may in the future be led to chose
for your business and personal travel solely airlines which do not allow
police expulsions on their flights and that you will encourage your
colleagues and friends to do the same (eg. in organizing academic
congresses, professional meetings, etc.). Don't forget to indicate your
academic or professional title.

Here is the e-mail address of Lufthansa:

The fax number of Lufthansa management: 


Thanks and see you soon,
Klaus-Gerd Giesen

P.S.  Feel free, of course, to circulate the present message among all
your acquaintances....

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Gerd Giesen
Universitaet Leipzig
Institut fuer Politikwissenschaft
D-04109 Leipzig
Germany - Allemagne
Tel.: +49-341-9735612
Fax: +49-341-9735619

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