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<nettime> behavior panorama

"Behavior Panorama"  

The effective actions and customs in the network, practiced by its 30
million daily users, have been negotiated to establish the still young
parameters of conduct that are developed in it. These, turn to the
participants into "netiziens" divided into diverse assemblies of
different identities. The derived products from the descriptions of
these customs, which are part of the study of the ethnography, happen
into a new cultural property: a daily practice which comprise of the
complex development that gives form to a civilization.  This way
--framed into an democratization of the utilitarian, artistic and
commercial productions atmosphere as is the network--, this reunion of
digital objects becomes an allegorical diorama of the manifestations of
our time, where each user tries to disclose their own identity that
reflects its conduct within this new extension of our habitat: the
cyberspace.  newculturalproperty.html is not an exhibition of art, but a
count of related contemporary virtual manifestations of the conduct of a
specific web group. This exhibition tries to give a panorama of these
frequent habits by means of the digital objects produced by its cultural
organizations, that can be a person, a group or an institution.  Among
the appearing manifestations in the show there are programming which
take care of very diverse practical necessities, like virtual pets and
models, exhibitions and specific web communities, as well as
search engines and data bases done by artists.   All of them fulfill an
utilitarian function that turns them into a new part of our cultural
property, in that exerts a different communitarian identification: a
detonating that connects its participants by homogeneity of conduct.
For a better understanding of these digital objects three different
groupings have settled down:  

o "Independent Identities or the Representation of the Cybernetic
Conduct" are that because of their properties, functions to
demonstrates and reflect the way "neticienz" are, which is evident
through its personages who only exist by means of the network languages.  

o "Functional Spaces" combines structures of dialogue around,
where each subject makes its opinion tangible on how the network
proceedings must be constructed.   

o "Common Recognition" associates spaces of dialogue exposed through
parallel communities and "open-source" works where the digital objects
are produced collectively, doing a common effort that  happens in a
democratic verification of each individual thoughts. 

  Mario Garcia Torres 
Electronic Media Curator 
Museo Carrillo Gil 

newculturalproperty.html is a net.project by the museo carrillo gil. It
is about initiatives as records of the human behavior on the
net. The design of the show is in itself a commisioned work by  The participant
projects are: 028.Org, Mouchette, Tyra, Natural Selection, Rhizome
Artbase, Arts@tlarge, Cyberatlas, Art Enterteinment Network (AEN),
Art.Teleportacia, Consultants, Recorridos Virtuales,
Introduction to 1994-1999,, esc-to-begin an open source
media art project, 010000, Asteroids.      

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