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<nettime> Kosovo: April 2nd, Launch of 10-Day-Discussion

Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 23:13:04 -0800
Subject: April 2nd, Launch of 10-Day-Discussion
From: Trebor Scholz <>

April 2nd I will launch a 10 day discussion on the website of

"Carnival in the Eye of the Storm
War/Art/New Technologies: KOSOV@"

leading to the conference. At least this way- a possibility to contribute...

The discussion will take place on the message board that you find at-

On April 1 you will receive statements related to the war in Kosov@ to start
up a discussion.

I strongly encourage you to take part in this discussion that will be shared
by conference participants, film makers and artists.

kind regards, 

Trebor Scholz

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