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<nettime> eye-witness report from vienna

/* just babelfished the following eye-witness report from vienna. -seb. */

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 09:40:44 +0200
From: Andreas Broeckmann <>

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 17:56:46 +0100
From: lizvlx <>

From: Titus Stahl <>
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2000 1:40 PM

P R E S S E E R K L Ae R U N G

The Party of Democratic Socialism university's group Tübingen, the left student
interior association (LiSta) Tübingen, Titus Stahl, member of the Party of
Democratic Socialism regional-level party council Baden Wuerttemberg:
" with the participation of young leftists from Tübingen at the protests against
the FPOe OEVP coalition in Vienna it came to an assault of a SWAT team " COBRA "
of the Austrian federal police on four humans.
After information of the involved ones, they were flogged gezerrt there,
insulted in the apron of the demonstration - to give without any cause for it -
of the unit intercepted, into a hall and cross-examined with use of impacts and
footsteps. The clothes, which Handy, which became Handy SIM cards, clocks and
other objects of value of the victims systematically and without exception
destroyed. The damage to property is situated far in the four-digit area.  After
the special unit had ungewoehlich for a long time processed it, it had
photographed, became them the shoes, documents over the demonstration and
different other articles taken away and them threatened, if one would find them
somewhere, were arrested it and them could paint itself, which occurs then with
them. This incident was obviously illegal, lines up the history of the
violations of human rights in Austria and throws a light on the new " liberal "
conditions in Austria.
Therefore explains the groups involved: The right-wing extremist and the human
being-hostile character of the FPOEOEVP politics must be made further public.
Incidents like these punish government propaganda in Austria (quotation OERF: "
the police had to only appease some applied demonstrators ") lies. Leftists in
Austria further on the solidarity of the international anti-fascist movement
will count koennen.
Fight nazis - everywhere - together - on all levels - with all means! "

Titus Stahl
Member of the regional-level party council of the Party of Democratic Socialism
Baden Wuerttemberg

Memory log of the events to 19.02.2000 in Vienna

In the following I want to describe the events from my view. However in
principle the same happened to the other persons involved.

The Party of Democratic Socialism university's group Tübingen took part in the
large demonstration against the FPOe/OEVP government to 19.02.2000 in Vienna
with two passenger cars and altogether 10 persons.

Before the start around 14.00 at the west station went to the demonstration over
approx.. 13,30 four of us to our auto which was deactivated in the proximity of
the west station before the house Loehrgasse 5, in order to eat something and to
still get a few things for the demo.

When we made ourselves approx. around 13.40 again on the way back the west
station, we had far come only few meters, when beside us a crew car of the
federal police with turned on blue light held. The number of the car read BP

Six or seven policemen branched out in black uniforms, hard bowl armoring and
black Barretts. We experienced afterwards that it concerned a so-called " COBRA

We were packed and apart-stepped to the wall placed, our legs by brutal force. A
policeman took a bagbag bag, which I had pulled myself by my belt loops and it
tore it so off that all belt loops were destroyed thereby.

I weighted and meant that the bag had had also a catch. Thereupon it bawled at
me that I should have been calm, packed my head at the hair and struck it
against the steinmauer. It was clear me at the latest now that it did not
concern here a routine control.

Now it caught, all bags of my trousers on, to up or tear off independently of
whether these had contents or not. Where it succeeded to it not immediately, it
tried around until it had destroyed it.

Now the policemen opened the door of an nearby house passage and pushed
themselves inside with the remark, there inside could them us better treat. When
we inside was, they locked the door so that nobody see from the outside could.

The following events took approx. 20 minutes. During the whole time we were
pulled again and again struck, on the hair, stepped between the legs and
overstretched our fingers.

We had to be the whole time with spread poor in and legs the wall. Who did not
look on the wall, one struck.

Now one of the policemen went and bawled at us, what here we would want. One of
us answered, we wanted to demonstrate against the government participation of
the FPOe.

Thereupon one of the policemen packed me, pulled my head at the hair to the rear
and bawled at themselves: He knows exactly, we are Anarchisten from the foreign
country, we wanted them to slander, they are not Nazis, which would be a lie, we
lies would spread. We would not be Austrians, this are not our country and we
would have here nothing to look up. We should disappear here on the place.

Now the policemen wanted to know, from where we would come whether we were
organized over Internet, whether we would have contacts to other groups, whether
we had alone come, where we would stay overnight etc.. Who answered not
immediately was struck.

>From our things meanwhile on the whole soil, picked out they were absent-minded
all codes and wanted to know, which whom belongs, apparent in order to find out
whether we alone would be.

They through-rooted also our documents with the remark " know everything from
the Internet, those have everything ". They carried all documents forward, by
which telephone numbers etc. were shown.

They took the Handy of one of us and found the number of the info. telephone
stored, them asked which this for a number are and for which we needed. Then
they processed the owner of the Handys with the question, which the code word
was, which one must say there.

Thereupon they took the SIM cards from all Handys and zerkratzten them at the
wall. Additionally the Handys was thrown on the soil and stepped on it until the
bowl was destroyed.

Also my clock was torn off and destroyed by the wrist. The waistcoat one of my
friends was torn completely in Fetzen.

Now they bawled at everyone of us individually, which we would make now, until
he answered: Home-drive. They wanted to know additionally, over which border
crossing we had come, and which other groups from Germany are still there and
whether we are " Wessis " or " Ossis ", probably because in the identity card of
one of us Magdeburg as main domicile was indicated.

Now they additionally our particulars notified by radio before the door and
through-rooted our auto completely, whereby they carried forward still some
articles. Then a photographer in civilian clothes was called, who made
Portraitaufnahmen from us. Us one said, one passed on the pictures to the BKA.
One of us was forced under hoehnischem laughter of the policemen to smile into
the camera.

Now we had to place ourselves off again next to each other to the wall and take
our shoes. These were carried forward. Thereupon one of the policemen explained:
Each policeman can detect us by the fact that we would not have shoes to go we
should not dare on the demo if we would do this nevertheless apply we
automatically as arrested and we could ourselves invent, which occurs then with
us. Additionally we would have to look nothing more up in the future in Austria.

Our shoes could we at the last gas station before the motorway fetch ourselves.
(there they naturally never arrived). Thereupon the policemen left the hall,
closed the door and drove of it.

We left thereupon the city center as fast as possible, at a telephone box we
turned to the legal aid telephone. This guessed us to take up or this our
location tell in no case contact with the police. Additionally we should return
not to Germany, but hide us only once to Vienna, since one probably already
expects us at the border crossings. Thereupon we turned to the German message.
The coworker meant there, now, this evenly the Austrian laws and we were should
themselves nevertheless on Monday again announce, if the message is again

To our luck we met the father a lady journalist, who manufactured the contact to
it by coincidence at the gas station. It supplied us kindly at least with socks
and gave to us its card, with which, contacts would normally intimidate remark
to the press the police, so that we could dare it, the boundary to cross.

It is to be assumed also still different one is user inside the demonstration
this methodology to have experienced and this a small Vorgeschmack on future "
liberal " conditions in Austria offer. Civil rights probably not more the paper
there to be worth, on it written be. The left one in Austria earns the
solidarity against the faschistoide FPOe government therefore in highest extent.

The damage to property at our property amounts to over 1000 DM, we considers
display refunding and a civil action on payment of damages to submit. However we
regard this as chanceless.

I am available for further inquiries. Telephone (07071) 440541 or (07657) 932014

With the request for publication of these occurrences.

Yours sincerely

Titus Stahl

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