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<nettime> post-Seattle, US sees net organising as key threat

O'Dwyers Inside News of PR, Feb 7 2000

The Internet is the dream tool of activist groups that want to thwart the
corporate power of multinationals, warns Wes Pedersen, Communications
Director of the Public Affairs Council, in the January issue of Impact,
PAC's NL. 

Pedersen believes the Seattle World Trade Organization meeting last year
was when the `Net came into its own as a vehicle for non-government
organizations to rally others to causes such as "environmentalism,
anti-free trade, anti-Americanism and, most astonishingly, anarchism." He
writes: "Countering the growing influence of these cyber-powered
anti-American, anti-corporate international organizations is one of the
greatest challenges U.S. corporate and government PA practitioners will
face in this new millennium." Pedersen credits NGOs for spurring policy
changes at Nike, Monsanto and Royal Dutch Shell. 

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