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<nettime> Vanilla Nut's Score

Vanilla Nut Asks for Help

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Subject: ???????  
Date: 13 February 2000 
From: Vanilla Nut <>

Bey and Lucille:

Would you believe what the fuck's going on here?  Could things get
worse here at Java College?  Do the two of you have any insight/advice
on my poor scores?  How can I have such low numbers?  Do you think
they somehow found out something?  Is it safe to be more specific than
that? Is anyone listening, reading, questioning?  Do you think my job
is in jeopardy? Are you hiring any new media specialists in your
departments?  What gives them the right to evaluate me, anyway?

Will you please help poor Vanilla???

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Transcript of phone converation between Bey B and Lucille Katz,

Lucille: What should we do about Vanilla?

Bey: Who the hell gives a damn about vanilla sex?

Lucille: Are you paying attention?  What can we do about Vanilla's
score? Aren't you afraid she'll be punished by the small town

Bey: Have you ever had your wrists slapped and wrapped in translucent
modem cable?

Lucille: Don't you realize what bad numbers can mean?

Bey: Is this a philosophical question? Doesn't it feel good to be bad?

Lucille: Do you think someone at Java College is out to get her?  Have
you ever met this Maxwell Haus she talks about?

Bey: He is the one who tied her to her desk that day?

Lucille: Wasn't that Patrice Rosta, chair of Franco-Italian Studies?
If Vanilla had been more vanilla than nut would she have such bad

Bey: Master Patrice, may I be released from this position please?

Lucille: Did you read Vanilla's urgent message about her numbers yet?

Bey: Please Madame, please help me how to think about poor Vanilla?

Lucille: Bey B, can you imagine the consequences if you continue like

Bey: Madame Lucille, may I beg for a word of your advice on vanilla?

Lucille: Do you think they found out about her net campaign?  If so,
how can we give up on Vanilla?

Bey: Give up on Vanilla Sex?

Won't you help poor Vanilla?  What should she do, stuck as she is in
small-town Creamora, IL at the mid-level, mid-sized, midwestern Java
College?  What should she do about her bad numbers?

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