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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Echelon, privacy and property

> Money, and this will come as no surprise to anyone growing up in the age of
> finance, is a mode of communication. It is communication because it is a
> medium for relationships between people (and between people, objects,
> animals and machines, but that's another story).

hum first that money is communication is a selfdeclarative of a mondial bank boss
something fifteen years ago, as a good monetarist who knows the crazy marginalist
school and scuze me but 'communication' is there a pale image of what this guies told
about 'money'..and just for those who remember of the extraordinary gide'writting on
(gide'sfather was a great marginalist) they knows what i am speaking
about. second for the old xtians mystics, money is the christ's blood that the richs
steal to poor and continue to keep for them prooving that christ is always on the
cross etc.. for colombus money could buy 'souls' (and don't take it just as simony
..btw, indulgence and luther? remember something ?) so imagine the super
spiritual communicative mean of money for some centuries.. and about the 'privacy'
plato use already about for defining the 'idiot', for sure it was not exactly 'our
privacy'..but idiotic 'domestic' (often -female- idiot?) oposed to clever public
(often -male-?) etc..and hell really your heidegger's 'private' let me stunned and
him too i suppose, but this is not so important

> Today we witness every day
> the vast 'obscenity' of mass intimacy: the near-compulsive revelation of
> our innermost thoughts in the liberating atmosphere of a global anonymity,
> Poe's Man of the Crowd in cyberparadise. (Baudrillard is often an excellent
> observer, just a lax and nihilistic commentator in an age where nihilism is
> the official philosophy of transnational capital

this is rather more....so why i hate baudrillard's manière, for exemple here about
so said 'obscenity' mass intimacy out of his panz

> Richard Barbrook said: I don't mind them spying on me as long as I can spy
> on them too... property is theft. And vice versa: data theft is property.
> property and theft are inseparable.

this remember me a pk dick's short story i don't remember the title, it's about some
alive ectoplasmique advertisment that could enter in your home for telling their bla.
for having some rest you could buy special gun for killing them..but such gun is so
expensive the poors can't afford..well except mistake, except..
just for you understand exactly what richard barbrook said : don't mind if the
president can look at my sexpartner taking a shower if i can monitor what the fuck
that did under his so presidential desk

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