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[Nettime-bold] 500 thousand images indexed by GIS on Internet, ARMA ISG meeting (fwd)

The City of Los Angeles has placed just over 500 thousand
images on the Internet.  The 75 megapixel images are indexed
using the City GIS (Geographic Information System).  The
images were scanned from 35 mm film at an optical resolution
of 10 thousand by 7,500 pixels.  The project is scanning
approximately 6 thousand images per day and is planned to
soon reach the goal of putting 800 thousand to 1 million
images on the Internet.  Most images are scanned at 1 bit
per pixel, but the scanning system supports 8 bits per pixel
and, in next month's planned ease-of-use site update, the
storage and display system will supports 24 and 36 bits per
pixel as well as multispectral imaging. 

The systems is also designed to support (modeled as a map
layer) an approximately 50 billion pixel 8 bit GIS
registered digital orthophotographic image (6 inch pixels,
468 square miles, 2 foot contour lines) (the image is 316
thousand pixels by 474 thousand pixels, with an irregular
polygonal edge.) (3 square miles are available now,
completion planned for this year).  This is planned to
provide a continuous tone image for the entire City.  The
continuous tone digital orthophoto image (digitally
orthographically corrected to an accuracy of 6 inches over a
distance of 47 miles by 31 miles) can be matched with all of
the vector image layers in the GIS.  Both the contone
digital orthophoto and the more than 250 vector data GIS
layers are available at continuously variable map scales to
index documents.  In next month's planned ease-of-use site
update, the system will be enhanced to support realtime
continuous roaming and zooming (from 1 pixel to 50 billion
pixels) (and more) over a dialup Internet connection through
progressive transmission of resolution of 1 bit, 24 bit, 36
bit, and multispectral images.  (Currently the systems
supports discontinuous raster and vector based roaming and
zooming in 8 bits over the range.) 

In addition, the system has an extensive relational database
which can be used in conjunction with the GIS system's 250
layers of vector information for over 900 thousand parcels
that can be used to locate the images.  The images are of
City maps and blueprints of the built infrastructure.  Other
examples of GIS layers of GIS information include: Graffiti
Zones, Geologic Faults (Earthquake Faults), Hillside
Grading, Hi Potential Methane, High Wind Area,
Liquifaction/Subsidence, Potential Methane, Fire Brush
Clearance, Street Resurfacing, Flood Plains, Storm Pipes
(Drains), Storm Drain Inlets, Truck Routes (High, Heavy). 

The system also supports interactive submission of large
format images for the redlining of plans and the issuance of
permits over the Internet.  The redlining capability can
also be used by field workers to input data, via the
Internet, that can be used to create real time maps of field
incidents, events, and status on the Internet. 

files, documents, and / or communications are described,
identified, indexed, abstracted, scanned, stored, retrieved,
transmitted, displayed, printed, and / or otherwise acquired
and / or provided under a feasibility pilot program and do
not constitute an announcement, guarantee, schedule, and /
or specification of any present and / or future service,
product, and / or capability. All public documents remain
available through existing public access methods.  Documents
accessed through existing public access methods take
precedence over these files, documents and / or


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