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[Nettime-bold] fund culture and social progress

CHAIRMAN (Rolf Fehlbaum) by Tibor Kalman

Rolf Fehlbaum is a critical figure of late 20th century design
entrepreneurship. His company, Vitra, has achieved a unique position among
furniture manufacturers as a result of its emphasis on design, architecture
and cultural projects. Fehlbaum believes that "the designer is always
right" and that the purpose of industry is to fund culture and social

Chairman is a poetic and humorous portrait of Fehlbaum's world. This book
accompanies the Federal Award for Design Leadership presented to Fehlbaum
in 1997 by the German Design Council. ISBN 3-9070-4440-6-0

By special arrangement, I'm offering a brand-new copy of this 555 page book
as a free extra gift for the first new $555-level or more, contributor to
my online-works.


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