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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> txt from C-front: Unsubscribe (bibliographical note)

Dear Ana,

please make the source of the mentioned Dalai Lama 'chain letter' public, of
course I received such a letter by several people, I just smiled about the
chain method, text itself is good, but to me it does not fit into His
Holiness' way of teaching to give promises like the Popes of Rome at Luther
times, so please open your archive and I am the first to start tracing the
spource and finding out myself and if necessary to apologize.I must not tell
you how easy it is to forge messages in the net, right? By the way, was it
really you writing the last response?
Good wishes Wolf

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Betreff: Re: <nettime> txt from C-front: Unsubscribe (bibliographical note)

> Dear Wolf and others,
> | I mean leave the Dalai  Lama
> so, I am sending spam bibliography, I thought 'Dalai Lama on life' was
> in net circles

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