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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> txt from C-front: Unsubscribe

Dear Ana Peraica,
I hesitate to write this in a way, but on the other hand, maybe it helps
If one pans through your Unsubscribe-text, one can not avoid to notice a
certain number of words of hate and anger and so forth. Please do not light
heartedly enclose people, who spent their life with ideas and beliefs, and
over all materialised works, you might not agree to.I mean leave the Dalai
Lama and Robert Filliou out of this first of all. It is so easy to play with
words and so hard to live them. They both did or do. Robert, a friend of
mine for 25 years (he exhibited his last work before his death in 1988 in
our place, and the Tibetans, for
which I am working since 1980 , they have a complete
different idea of networks on this planet, which cannot be mixed up with
'your' materialistic one. And it is no argument to disqualify theirs with a
disbelief in the eternal in general, as you propose. Roberts idea of the
Eternal Network is so much wider and philosophical than any other existing
or disappearing network in the net (and other media!) and so full of humour,
that your feelings of a frightening undeliberately beeing connected
situation are just a surfacial misunderstanding. Read again and not only
this text. I invited Robert for example to exhibit his Research of the
Origine here in Berlin in 1974, there is a very good ´catalogue on it
published in Düsseldorf and Berlin (Aktionen der Avanatgarde, ADA, Akademie
der Künste Berlin) that year. Read, if you are interested my text on Roberts
(Tibetan buddhist) philosophy, which can be clearly seen and proven in his
works by the one, who know buddhism. (Wolf Kahlen: Une chose en t´e`te ou
piece qui s'effilochent. A propos de EIND.UN.ONE.... du point de vue
bouddhiste de Robert Filliou, in: Robert Filliou, poet, Galerie der Stadt
Remscheid 1997).
 It is the same background as Brancusis, who believed all his life, he was a
reincarnation of Milarepa. Anyway, to make it short. Your connotations and
associations regarding Filliou's network-idea have absolutely nothing in
common with your main issue, the other kind of networking.
And by the way: I had a strange feeling, as if your sewer story was
(perfectly fitting but) invented, it fits more to the mood of the rest of
your words...or am I mistaken?
With good wishes
Wolf Kahlen

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