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[Nettime-bold] Re: Syndicate: FW: commentary on Unsubscribe text

HI Anna, and others...

I am receiving so much of e-mail reactions.... Unfortunately interesting
writings arrive to my own address, not to lists, and seems the problems of
censorship, moderation et. al. are very hot, at least on two lists
(Syndicate and Nettime the first). Censorship seems to still be the topic
people prefer to discuss in private... I would try to write the reply and
ideas I have got in one single e-mail as replying this would take some
time... (of summer).

For myself, though I didn't want to get involved in the historical
developement of networking, the ideas of creators etc. as my interest was
not at all to point on its artistic or others rhoutes, but to go a step
further, which I found interesting - critique of the network, fallen
promises and end of the hype. For the de/scralisation of it, because of
using only a single way of interpretation (which I tried to avoid more
literally by comparing networks of the veneral diseases, urbanistic ones et.
al) many were not ready.

But in this reply of Anna I found several topics that were of my interest;
bulk e-mail and (self - if taken as an independent body) organization. Maybe
this discussion is now too particular (located) for the theory, but

Anna wrote:
> Integer was banned from the syndicate, nettime, rhizome and infowar list
at the same time?

As far as I know Syndicate is unmoderated; of course, question is how this
democracy of all-can-post becomes at one point the tiranny of a single
person, and suffers from the reversal of the quality. Two days ago I got the
reply of Andreas as my e-mails were not getting through; and I made a joke

>> either seems someone unsubscribed me in real, or there is a censorship on
the Syndicate, but my e-mails (UN-art and
>> Unsubscribe texts) are not passing to the list since yesterday. I checked
the archive, and they are not there  too. And I was >> thinking also how to
send something entitled Unsubscribe in  the body of message, so I put the
starr * before the title, >> hoping Majordomo will not recognize as a
command. But seems a human agent did... They like to be commanded probably?

Andreas wrote;
> the syndicate has no moderation but admins who help people who are too
lazy  to adjust to the technical rules of
> majordomo to get their stuff on the list.

Michael Benson wrote:

> Maybe, as with nettime, we can make two  lists -- one featuring 8/10ths
posts by whatshername and one without. That
> way people don't have to go to the trouble of filtering out the crap, they
can just freely choose, and meanwhile accusations > of censorship won't have
to be slung so freely around.

Anna wrote:
> First of all we all learn that these  lists were connected. Their
moderators control (too much) and they lack humour - or the > time did not
come when people accept no censorship, no jury rules.

Now, I am again not sure on this point; whether it means connections of
moderators (and then a kind of conspiracy) or the connection of subscribers
/ subscriptions, and then merging of networks... For the first I think it is
totally the opposite, but the second one is the truth.

Anna wrote:
> Didn't we| learn something about hidden and visible aspects of the email?
Did some mailing lists die out? Finally!

That is what i think too.

(end that falls out the discussion)

> Eternity is a religious notion? Which concept is not?

I would rather say which one is not political; maybe it is a matter of
interpretation, so I don't quite consume religion, or its notions.

Note; Nokia telephones and Dalai Lama on Life are spams... First one is a
commercial spam, and the second a spiritual one (chain letter that ends up
with a course).


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