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[Nettime-bold] Steve Reinke | Recent Work

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam

requests the pleasure of your company at the screening of a program of
recent work by Steve Reinke

Saturday June 23, 22.00-24.00 hours | the artists will be in attendance

SMART Cinema: open from Tuesday through Sunday at 22.00 hours

Steve Reinke | Recent Work
I'm not going to go to the Anne Frank House - I don't think I could take
it - being a tourist is bad enough - though I'm not really a tourist - I'm
here working - my camera's the one on vacation - taking holiday sounds and
images - it's having a nice change of pace - for me it's still the same old
thing - talking and talking. I don't want to go inside the Anne Frank
House - I don't even know why they call it that - she didn't own it - as far
as I know she didn't have any real estate holdings - not in this
neighbourhood anyway, that's for sure - and I want to remember Shelly
Winters as she was in "A Place in the Sun" - I don't care about the Oscar -
I want to remember her tipping out of the boat - tippy canoe and beaver
too - falling into the lake and drowning - I don't want to remember her any
other way - except possibly her other sea-faring role, "The Poseidon

Incidents of Travel, 1998, 6 min
Spiritual Animal Kingdom, 1998, 24 min
Afternoon (March 22, 1999), 1999, 24 min
Sad Disco Fantasia, 2001, 24 min
Amsterdam Camera Vacation w/ Night Lecture, On Spinoza, 2001,
work-in-progress, ~12 min

Program sponsored by: Gemeente Amsterdam, Mondriaan Stichting, Mentrum,
Brand Bier, Beam Systems

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