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[Nettime-bold] I think Brian is telling me something perhaps


I like this post a lot Brian.  It discusses some of my ideals without the 
propaganda frosting I like so much.  Paradoxically, it may be exactly the 
superfluity in how we say these things that can jar us all out of our deep, 
deep rut.  

Tonight as you may know is the Energy Crisis show here in Mpls.  The idea of 
the show is that Bush is creating a fake shortage.  There is plenty of BTU 
for every brain to run at genius cycles if we quit being so afraid, so 
suspicious, so mechanistically administrative.  Briggs' "Aphorisms on Satire" 
cut right to the issues I think.  The architectures of electricity are a 
valuable and totally accurate image but perhaps a little ineluctable?  

I also believe that the fascism we face today is a new breed.  It has to do 
with the disbelief in things like Genius 2000.  Fascism says "Genius 2000 
cannot work, because if it could, it already would have."  Bob Pollard said 
"There are words that speak  to everyone that I will deliver to you."  
Fascism has successfully advertised its undoing as fascist and itself as 
perfect liberal democracy.

To insist that Genius 2000 be used, that is, to have brain-electricity routed 
through it, is now and has been since 1998 called fascist.  Genius 2000 is 
not fascist, nor is demanding or even fighting for its use, any more than the 
idea of suffrage is fascist if only one person wants it for everyone.  

Fascism always adapts and absorbs.  What we need to do now is smash it at its 
most obdurate core, the hierarchy of genius.  Humans have never lived without 
such a hierarchy since records were kept.  

Or, what looks like a blackout might really be something much better.

Happy solstice,

Max Herman

Subj:    <nettime> ~~~ fascist network rising ~~~
Date:   6/20/2001 4:50:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From:   human@architexturez.com (brian carroll)
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To: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net

  as all ends, and begins again

  ideas raised with the winds, forces of artifice

  breaking down all barriers by whooshing around

  the high seas in the eyes became barren,

  the heart destroyed, when fascism begins

  whispering, the din of chatter, boxing in

  all that is, and isn't, relatively real, me or you

  choices, necessitate, hours upon years, mundane

  turns insanity, that screw corking mind in place

  that, spatial place, timing race, genius loci

  why oh why, the decimation of all, in the floods

  delusions, catatonic drinks, hallucinogenic self

  ick, interpretation stands taller and taller still

  determinant, pre-judgement, based on experientialism

  that world, alternetworked, a threat to those secure

  parse words, re-latency, for meaning and memories,

  fascist web rises, now, ideas drowning in innuendo

  absolute truth, theory gaming, which do you choose?

  logic, art, politics, theory, what sport do you play

  communicating, network wide wisdom, collating, a priori

  absolutism without paradox, rhetorical sophistry is that

  deleting ideas, naming them ideological, the missing

  fallen, out of chaos, disturbing the irrational order

  logicians using magic to conjure truth, as if to conquer

  hiding behind masks of social power, pretending to stand

  endless raining, sewers fill with degreed perspectives

  that shit-flow and vomiting, regurgitating the past

  troubled with digestion, needing stomach pumped to live

  sales of brain food, increasing GNP at the smart stores

  action figures, cult of personality, not a game to play?

  philosophical merits versus ignorance in public forums

  dismissions, of all that is bothersome to the landed

  earth quaking, not felt yet, brain cannot stop shaking

  madness to quote, just party politics, fascist web rises

  no inside, no out, only to institutional angels, believers

  negate what is true, lie to the real, hide on television

  ghosts not only haunt the irrational, they are radioactive

  oh particles of watery graves, electronic slave ships rowing

  how binary your bits are, black and white, as if so clear

  the geomagnetism of opposites, polarized, life is a field

  charge just changed, reversing what was hope, now fear

  fascist network rising, many against many, many against one

  oceanic fields of truth, are only lies in the keyword logic

  hermeneutics, performances by persons and machine, relatives

  each choicing the grand What Is, in inquisitorial atonality

  pseudo objects and virtual thinking, information management

  go to cult dictionary to parse meaning, to negate, to know

  say, loud as another Superhero, on the mount, no fucking less

  commandments for spammers who annoy, free speech frustration

  fascist web rises, the network, particularized, is fielded

  waves upon waves, crashing rocks, killing soldiers with sirens

  hope, not silence, pushes forward, undertow of music, vibrating

  glad to die, ship crashing, chance for change, chance for freedom

  old memories embedded, enveloped in space-time, active as ever

  armed gangs, on the electronic streets, breaking windows, screens

  left siding, right, too, no difference greater than similarity

  denial of service attacks, against simple thought, shared truth

  no power in that, collective vat of not knowing, uncertainty

  stupid people, not landed in the cultural atmospherics, rains fall

  torrents of tears, lost love, a world in pain, heartless leaders

  fascist network, flash flooding minds with innuendo, drowning

  what is not seen is not real, some believe, truly, perceptive lens

  invert scabbed knee when child, first shit and piss, into denial

  bigger than that, stronger than that, smarter than that, superb

  islands of the electronic wasteland, build your see-landia, alone

  you and your kind, inhabit the privatized sphere, individualized

  hypocrisy of illogical democratic art theory cult hero, in the now

  kiss the broken shards of glass, that sand and water, once made

  ancients, their stories, dismissed by rote memory, once invented

  take certainty, doing battle with ideas, sans ideologue accusations

  broken hearts, broken minds, broken wills, broken times, networked

  fascist web rising, bury the dead, as certainty takes its hold again

  where, if not here, is the totalitarian, the author, above all else

  unsubscribe your mind from the chastity belt of rightness, be wrong

  face the face you deface, face the ideas you dismiss, with ideas

  fuck with truth, fuck with power, and it will fuck you all over

  fascist web rises, pulling reality and truth away, coffins today

  spit on the ground, electromagnetic charge in censorial spite

  no need blasphemy, jails, more jails, for all of eternity, now

  break in, break down, psychological complexity, the naked veil

  as each one, falls away, another leaf, another bottle, plastic

  waves, cannot decompose, rides on the surface, no peace, tranquility

  rapid and rapturous instigation, things no longer, there is no plan

  without a heart, a kiss, without love, without truth, the real

  only a fascist network rises, tsunamic proportions, blinding horizons

  swept away in momentary fervors, until the detritus is washed away

  things finally clean again, making self believe, only the seen, heard

  flotsam shall haunt all the captains governing the ships, mines

  bumping into hulls, making contact with slaves held in bondage,

  ideological compasses askew, time for mutiny, to redirect the craft

  continue going smoothy with the waves, oh fascist hearts of mind

  crashing into rocks of repeated time, people will be freed once again

  change course, take on the stormy seas, get sick, puke over the deck

  almost washed over, too few life boats, too few life vests, but hope

  choice to navigate, to explore the torment of cultures colliding

  not pirates alone, nor traders, but sharing imaginations, and the real

  humans overboard, private men and women laugh, as smoothly sailing

  horizon still there, ahead, they say, no troubled waters that way

  going with the wave, as particles, all is relative in the ocean

  chanting, whipping slaves with pedagogical techniques, disciplinary

  obey and you succeed, defy and you die, walk the plank, to your grave

  sinking ship, individual captain's log compiling the whole echelon

  but never able to make any sense of fate, only in the aftermathematic

  spam in a bottle, for you dear one, a century hence, when words show

  fascist web rising, and your words, indicators of the storms ahead...


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