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[Nettime-bold] Snow Blossom Critiqued 2

you may refer Patrick Lichty to the luckykiss show. (i did not focus 
on entirely erotic KiSS in Snow Blossom because i felt i had recently 
done that with LuckyKiss--in the texts as well that accompany 

yes, there are nice holes historically that a larger exhibit could address...

snow blossom house, and my other online "exhibits", cracking the 
maze, mutation.fem, luckykiss, are something between a curated art 
shows and a products of web culture, thematic collections of links 
and curious digital objects, what many people do anyways on the 
web-->>everybody is a curator

there is something creative and artistic in the collection/curation 
process, it is inventive, the idea is not only to represent 
accurately what is "out there", or to present a totalizing universal 
picture,(and even when this is the intention it can be futile) but 
also some focused wishful thinking on my part...a fantasy of what 
might be(or maybe is) that incorporates components of real artworks, 
games and cultural artifacts. Active wishful thinking and doing helps 
make it real.

and it is also about the beauty of web culture, the strangeness and 
oddities that emerge in pocketed communities of dislocated online 
creators. my site is dedicated to artforms that are 
hackerish, that emerge from online communties, and digital folk art 
that is created and exchanged by those who invent and follow their 
own rules outside what is known as the traditional artworld...(the 
site is  also about computer gamers and cybergender stuff too:)

snow blossom kiss ^^

>A-M:  More good points.  I will elaborate responses later.  Btw, if you
>have more Opensorcery texts which I haven't read which further elucidate
>your curatorial position I would like to see them.  I've only read
>what's on-line.  best, -- B.
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>Now that I've had a little sleep to ruminate on the show, I'm much 
>less polemic
>about the show, and much mor inquisitive regarding how it was put 
>together, the
>choice of pieces, the contextualization, etc.  I still believe that the show
>went far afield from its original centrality of the Kisikae field, its
>construction of community, and the electronic representation of eroticism.  My
>main problem of the show is that it assumes an a priori knowledge of 
>the social
>matrix that has led to this artform, and I don't feel that it contextualizes
>the work sufficiently. 
>For example, the cultural matrix that surrounds this genre is so rich and
>complex that it extends back to forms like the Japanese woodblock print.  Are
>you saying that I believe that hentai has some roots in Haranobu's Ukiyo-e
>renderings of concubines?  Yes, but they operate under different 
>contexts.  The
>same goes for my remarks regarding the blurring of boundaries in animist
>Shintoism with regards to the 'aliveness' of an object or being. 
>In addition, I am failing to address the repurposing of genres under different
>cultural contexts.  For example, Kisikae was a popular form in the shoujou
>(girls') culture, where it was little more than an electronic form of
>Colorforms Press and Play dress-up kits (of which I have a 
>Battlestar Galactica
>set).  So, we have  a childrens' genre, not unfamiliar in the US, which has
>been repurposed under different contextual guidelines; much more objectified
>THis is also not to say that the Japanese have not used the cobjectified
>repurposing of cartoons and dress-up dolls, as they are always repurposing
>external culture, even that which the last iteration was originally theirs.
>It's an emergent process, which is the fascination and the difficulty of
>addressing this area of work.
>My absolute favorite piece is the Kisikae of the dessert dish.  It's called a
>silly piece by the artist, but I think it breaks with preconceptions of desire
>(which was a hentai game I approved of its inclusion for many 
>reasons), and for
>breaking with the anthropomorphic representation of the genre itself.  Just
>Being that I have got to get some work done today, I'll trail off here.
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