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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Is the religious impulse a neuro-chemical condition?

Yikes! Maybe Julian Jaynes was on to something after all. Can these waves be
projected? This could give rise to a whole new level of pranks. Neighbor
calls the cops on your parties? Give him/her a few doses of satori (samadhi?)
and they'll be off to a monastery/convent quicker than you can say Jesus H.
Christ! Can you aim it at their crotch to cause spontaneous tantric orgasms?


Ol' Dirty Buddha

"Paul D. Miller" wrote:

> A quick side-viewpoint on the genomics of the imagination....
> phenotype/genotype - the structures encoded  in the hardware of how
> we live in the world. Corpus delecti.... Again, the idea becomes a
> modification of the body in an environment conditioned by culture AND
> nature. Trace the routes that people use language to map onto
> neurochemistry. Prosthetic Realism meets Ali Babba and the 40
> Thieves... Who speaks through you? Genomics should be fun, and
> probably will be soon....
> Paul
> Tracing the Synapses of Spirituality
> By Shankar Vedantam

Happiness is the maximum agreement between reality and desire -- Joseph

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