Yukihiko Yoshida on Wed, 20 Jun 2001 05:57:04 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] As a researcher /As a dancer

Dear list,

I was determined my field the other day.

My fields is in the following.

== Trans-Fields Cultural Studies/ Archival Cultural Studies ==

 --Database/Hypertext/Semantic Web

 --Technology and Culuture
 --Visual Cultural Studies 
    --Visual Studies (Jonathan Crary calls this field in this name)
    --Visual Cognition and Theory
 --Culture and Representation
 --Body Culture Studies/SportsMedia

 --Organization / Governance

In fact, I am a young researcher.
On the other hand,I am a dancer.
And as some of you know, I am moderating japanese interdiciplinary
dance studies mailing list.

In Japanese Academy,there is few multi-dimentional researcher (or artist.)
Then I must be black sheep of family :-)

How are you all ?

Literature is already digital.
Dance is already digital.
Cultural Studies is already digital.
Sometime,I write codes and drafts. Some traditonal professors cannot
categolize me.
I believe the topic,dance and technology, is interdiciplinary fields.
Some of you work as dancer.
Some of you work as programmer.
Some of you work as reseacher.
But most of you has multi-diciplinary is multi-dimentional.

Best Wishes from TOKYO


--Yuk;-)iko YOSHIDA
Yukihiko YOSHIDA
Artist/Systems Humanist/Generalist

Keio University,Graduate School for Media and Governance
Japanese Society for Dance Research
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Citizen of World
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