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[Nettime-bold] New Arab Video (title tba), deadline July 1.

Dear all,

I'm curating an exhibition of New Arab Video (haven't thought of a better 
title yet, any ideas?) for the 19th World Wide Video Festival (WWVF) in 
Amsterdam (Oct. 10 - Nov. 11). This is a great event with a long history of 
showing the most progressive videotapes being made. It is the first time that 
a complete program like this will be featured. It is also one of the few 
remaining video festivals and has a great social milieu surrounding it. 
CD-ROM's and websites can also be included/exhibited. Can you recommend any 
names/eddresses of people I should contact for their work? Also can you 
please forward this request to whoever who think may be interested and 
include my edress? The deadline for me to receive tapes is July 1st so there 
is not much time. 

I looking specifically for video art and experimental video works, or 
progressive nontraditional documentary works (this means non-tv works but can 
include personal-essay type pieces or work that is challenging in content). 
Only works made in the Arab world or by Arab artists in the diaspora will be 
considered. Dates of production should be after 1997.

Please send only vhs preview tapes. Preview tapes, cd-roms, or any other 
material will not be returned unless a self-addressed return envelope and 
adequate international postage is enclosed.

For more information on the World Wide Video Festival see, www.wwvf.nl/


Jayce Salloum
#821 - 289 Alexander St.
Vancouver B.C.
Canada V6A 4H6
ph: (604)642-0064

www1.centrepompidou.fr/beware/fr_cult/jidal.html  (French text)

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