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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Planet destroyed; film at 11

>Are you saying we also "created" poodles from wolves?

"Although the subject continues to be controversial, most authorities now 
agree that all dogs, from chihuahuas to dobermans are descended from 
wolves which were tamed in the Near East ten or twelve thousand years 
ago". Wolves, C. Savage, Sierra Club Book, ISBN 0-87156-689-3 ...

"Herre and his colleagues at the institute had come to the firm 
conclusion on the basis of a large number of skull measurements and 
examinations of the size and structure of the brain, blood factors, and 
numbers of chromosomes that all dogs, whether Pekingese, bulldogs or 
Alsatians, were descended solely from the wolf and not, as has often been 
assumed, from the wolf and the jackal. "The domesticated wolf is the 
dog". The Wolf, a Species in Danger, Dr. Erik Zimen, Delacorte Press, NY, 
ISBN 0-440-09619-7 


>Your knowledge of history is similarly skewed when you write:

eat me

Tarikh Korula

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