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[Nettime-bold] Future Bodies Conference, Cologne 28 June-01 July 2001

Conference at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

FUTURE BODIES 28 June - 01 July 2001
Morphologies; Artistic Representations; Techniques of Images in Science and

The Body I will have been .

Symposium centred around Gender|Media at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
in cooperation with the International Marie-Jahoda-Chair at the
Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

There is a lot of talk about future bodies, interchangeable genders and
posthuman subjects. According to the general trend of ideas, this is all
because the new technologies are threatening to bring about fundamental
change or indeed are already doing so. But if you take a quick look into the
world of the new media in practice (net projects, websites, computer games,
CD-ROM projects) there is less cause for concern. The men and the women are
still there for all to see, the one with muscular bodies and the others with

So what is this new thing, this other thing which is starting to take shape
supposed to be? What in fact could it be? Is it perhaps to be found lurking
behind the façade of these images, in places where nobody has looked for it
yet? Are the shifts in the morphology of bodies so subtle that they have not
yet become apparent? Or should we take these 'Future Bodies' as a masquerade
that promises something they do not hold?

If we assume that the genetic code is now staking a hegemonic claim to truth
in place of the laws of physics or the binary code of information
technology, then bodies ­ and with them their subjects ­ have met their
material and epistemelogical limits. How in the context of this biological
power, can identities be generated which are co-ordinated through seeing,
perceiving and knowing? How can the relationship between mental and
technical images be determined? How are these new bodies being introduced by
science and fiction? How do they come to be seen by us? And what do these
images and bodies actually show us ­ bodies we have not yet seen, but which
we will turn out always to have been already?

FUTURE BODIES has invited artists, art historians and media theorists to
discuss their ideas, visualisations, questions and possible answers.


Thursday 28  OPENING

20  Marie-Luise Angerer & Zoë Sofoulis
 Anna Munster Returns of the Diminishing Body
 Michele Barker Digital Physicalities
 (Sydney, Australia)

 Presented by: Marie-Luise Angerer

10.00  Zoë Sofoulis (Univ. of Western Sydney, Australia current
Marie-Jahoda-Chair, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum)
Cyborgs and Other Hybrids. The Human, the Non- Human and the

11.00  Verena Kuni (Univ. Mainz)
Trans/Gender Utopias vs. Corpo-Realities

12.00  Yvonne Volkart (Zürich)
Virtual Identities. Femininity as a Metaphor for the



  Presented by: Kathrin Peters

14.30  Hanne Loreck (Berlin)
Bodies which we will not have been. Allegorical Configurations in
Contemporary Art.

16.30  Ilka Becker (Cologne)
Between images, bodies and environments. Atmosphere in art photography

Opening of the MEDIA-LOUNGE
selected by Rike Frank (Wien)

20.00  Jane Goodall (University of Western Sydney,  Australia)
The Future Body and the Fin de Siècle
Presented by: Zoë Sofoulis

Presented by: Ilka Becker

10.00  Claudia Reiche (Hamburg)
The Visible Human Project. Introduction to an obscene Body of Images

11.00  Simon Ruf (Berlin)
Superhumans. Elements of a Genealogy of the Cyborg

12.00  Christopher Kelty & Hannah Landecker (Rice University, Houston,
Experimental Microcinematography, or how to not see what is there.


Presented by: Kathrin Peters

14.30  Gabriele Werner ( HZK, Humboldt-Univ. Berlin)
Sabine's lips. Image Processing and the Processing  of Semantic Surpluses

15.30  Ulrike Bergermann (Univ. Paderborn)
Wilmut's 'Dolly', Jeunet's 'Ripley': Representations of Genes in Science and
Fiction 1997


17.00 Final Panel
Presented by: Zoë Sofoulis & Marie-Luise Angerer

Sunday 01

10.00  Brunch

During the symposium a simultaneous translation from German into English is

The MEDIA-LOUNGE is located in the 1st floor Overstolzenhaus, Rheingasse
6-8, and is open from 29.6. to 1.7.2001 10am-6pm.

Please enrol for the symposium or write to KMW-Sekretariat, Kunsthochschule
für Medien, Peter-Welter-Platz 2, D-50676 Köln, Tel. +49 221 20189-130 Fax
+49 221 20189-230

Overstolzenhaus - lecture theatre and garden, Rheingasse 6-8
Academy of Media Arts, Peter-Welter-Platz 2, 50676 Cologne,
Tel. +49 221 20189-0

Conceived and organised by:
Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer (Academy of Media Arts)
Prof. Dr. Zoë Sofoulis (current International Marie-Jahoda-Chair at the
Ruhr-Universität in Bochum), with the assistance of: Kathrin Peters (Academy
of Media Arts)

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