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[Nettime-bold] Engage! IMC Radio (from the EU protests in Goteborg, Sweden)

Engage! Tactical Media will produce a live radio show to cover the upcoming EU 
summit, the counter summits, and the protests. The netcast is part of the 
Sweden Independent Media Center.

Studio phone number: +46 31 743 99 09
Studio email:

Engage! Tactical Media from The Netherlands will set up a radio studio in the 
IMC Sweden building in Goteborg, and broadcast live radio 24 hours per day on 
Thursday June 14th, Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of June. Activists 
and other EU critics are encouraged to phone in or walk into the radio studio 
to tell their story.

The protests against the EU summit are part of the 'summer of resistance' in 
Europe. Other summits taking place are: non-Worldbank Meeting in Barcelona, G8 
in Genova, Climate Summit in Bonn, WEF in Austria, and the Border Camps in 
several countries.

The radio signal may also become available on FM in several cities. We're 
looking for pirate stations and open channels to relay the Engage! Radio signal.

Activists are welcome to phone the studio to report live from demonstrations. 
We want to know what's going on. How many people are there? What do the banners 
and signs say? What are your demands? How do the authorities react? 

We will also be focusing on the countersummits, to provide a thorough critical 
analysis of what's going on in the European Union these days. 

Selected interviews and reports will become available for on-demand listening 
at the Sweden IMC website @

Engage! Tactical Media is a non-profit company based in The Netherlands. We do 
activist and cultural media projects.

Related websites about the protests in Goteborg:

Thursday June 14, @ 09:30AM - Sunday June 17, @ 06:00PM

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