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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ letz b!ozkulpt - 01 recipe for disazter [nn m9ndfzzp sonar.01]

          \/\  letz b!ozkulpt - 01 recipe for disazter [nn m9ndfzzp sonar.01]

                 ! = dze tantrum generator + dze d!verz!t! generator.
                 d!sz ua! dzat ua! ! do not u!ch ua!
                 ov 2 m9ndz ! am aftr all uat !z real!t! an! ua!.
                 dze kolekt!v hunch.bunch.krrrrrrunch.

          take - 2x nn.z [all goddesses = modular] wearing translucent 
                 plastik dresses with vestibules [4 fotoz + !sz]

                 alphabet - printed - arranged stochastically on stage

                 ice - kolored black. shaped as letters.
                       ice wor[l]ds on stage. melting into the paper alphabet.
                 photos - placed in dress vestibules

                 ice - kolored black. placed in dress vestibules.
                       melting into the photos.

           Countess, the world has changed.

           Nonsense.  How could it change?  People are the same, I hope.

           No, Countess.  The people aren't the same.  The people are
           different.  There has been an invasion.  An infiltration.  
           The world isnt beautiful any more.  It isnt happy.

           Not happy?  Is that true?  Why didn't you tell me this before?

           Because you live in a dream and we don't like to disturb you.

           a constellation 

              truly a wonderful and worthy interpretation cutting 
        across every aspect - from poetry to mathematics.

           cold with forgetfulness and lack of use

                                        not so much

                                                that it does number out
          on some vacant.simply.superior surface

                                                the successive shock


                of a total sum in formation +?

        ....i have seen sidereal archipelagos ....and isles
        whose delicious skies are open to the sea-farer

        it is in these bottomless nights that you sleep




        [whisper]  you exile your self

        ....millions of golden birds... o future energy

         networkx stretch + alter to achieve new capabilities.
         they then mesh as modules in yet grander webs of being. 
                the scuttling army helmets of the ancient seas ...


         heads. eyes. sensory antennae. 


         and all the indikatorz of the nervous system

         when 1+1=1

         the carapace is shed for naked body contact.

                  when 1+1=1

         what is then edible +?

         a scholarly way of saying ___....

         global data sharing

         my two hinged shells

               a tongue like foot of muscle

         oxygen and food rich water down in its hideout

         suspicions are correct

         a purposeful invention

         1+1=1 +?

         i have accepted the study and all of its festivities
               hier is a chromosome strand

         i'll mix and match it!!!!!

         two skinny juliennes

         mixmix mix and match it!!!!!

         65536 semi-independent eukarotic cells are called a volvox

         fused gelatinously together to form a pinpoint sized hollow ball

         mixmix mix and match it!!!!

         unzipping chromosomal ribbons lengthwise, ever so gently 

         cut and shuffle!!!!!
         mix and match it!!!!



         to form a unity 

         i print smoothly
         i print wrinkles



         [together] we are the massive leap in the evolution of networkx:



         double membrane envelope wrapped around protein spools

         a glimmer of hope to escape from this trap

         the body +?

         the fly does not cram its lessons but sips them slowly
         the bivalve possessed an information processing device i failed to mention - memory

         the fly does not cram its lessons but sips them slowly
         repetition would change the nature of the very dance of life

         shattered fragments
         new structures

         process ferment

         mixmix mix and match it!!!!!

         repetition teaches humans repetition teaches humans
         the fly does not its lessons cram but sips them slowly
         the fly its lessons does not cram but slowly sips them 
         once you have visual detectors + a central nervous system the world becomes a carnival

         [whisper] i wish 2 play


         my finger like tentacles spread into you. my tentacles are sticky, so that I may catch food for us. krikets.

         unplug your painful shock producers

         in the opposite direction - LEARNING!!!

         dangle something harmless outside the body

         par example - a teddy bear


         its IQ will astonish you

         the mass IQ of its cells +?

         2 liquids. 1 substance.

         rimbaud wishes 4 everything at once.

         for mallarme even stars are merely bits

         my last centimeter emits a throw of dice

         the masterpiece my leaves is light

                a particle

                and wave

                ... simultaneously

        [together] they are both right

        from small to large
        from large to small
        [together] ... a gendered body

        nettie stevens


        HE = HUMAN ERROR

        she discovered the y chromosome

        even the soul was invented by man









        eve evolved komplete with not a rib but a gene!!!

        and insekts 4 eyes

        [look  look  look  look - pirouette in all direktions]


        ....the first visible male trait

        [circulate. circulate]


        nn comes in all sizes and shapes and performs many different tasks.  

        acquainted avec .bio moda +?


        of it, kollektive brains are made

        oui. acetylcholine - neuroscientifik marxism. [it isnt mort. it juzt needs m9ndfzzp]

        a myriad of antennae + eyes gathering input for the kollektive mind.

to extend
   to suppress
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand
               to komfort
                  to destroy
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand - sentiments sweep away all sense of Self.

        undisciplined squadrons of emotions

        a raid on the inarticulate and the general mess of imprecision of feeling

        the brains quest 4 essentials

        millions of people have been moved by the words of one

        and the music of another

                                                [whisper 2 self] - art.s quest for essentials

        TO THE SUGAR DISH!!!!!!

        TO THE SUGAR DISH!!!!!!        

        482 flights around the world

        in a balloon +?

        in this body     

        fulfilling +?

        YES P LEASE!!!!!


        [nn.z l!e on dze!r backs]

        according to Gavel this metaphor was utilized by the stoics who conceived of the soul as material

        non finito

        non finito

        non finito
        the sublimity of unfinished ideas +?

        like this body

        therapeutik kloning

        a good deal easier for them to understand.

        [sleep (until the audience travels to sleep __.. then wake them)]

for scena.0+2 + scena.0+4 ma! konzult sonar.01

1001 ventuze

             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

Netochka Nezvanova         
I am not Greta Garbo!!!
*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*-- --*--*--*--*--*--*--

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