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[Nettime-bold] Emigre #58: Manifest for the Design Economy

From: "Rudy VanderLans" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 6:20 AM

Emigre #58
Spring 2001

Everyone is a Designer: Manifest for the Design Economy
Guest edited and designed by Mieke Gerritzen.

Will the Internet of the future be nothing more than enhanced television
with ³buy-now² features? Is it destined to become no more than another
leisure and commerce medium, or can it be steered away from this fate by
designers, taking it to surprising or educational directions? In this
manifesto, designers, critics, and multimedia specialists such as Kevin
Kelly, Max Kisman, Steve Heller, Aaron Betsky, Dejan Krsic, Lies Ros, Janet
Abrams and Dagan Cohen express their opinions in sharp, thought-provoking
questions and declarations. In a social milieu continually transformed by
computers and communication technologies, can design make a difference? Has
interactive design lost its battle against interface ignorance? Are we faced
with a future in which our bodies will be the interface? Rich in magic
formulas, ³Everyone is a Designer² is meant to inspire new creativity.
Originally designed and produced as a small limited edition book, Dutch
designer Mieke Gerritzen (NL-Design) gets a second shot at presenting her
impressive visual statement by redesigning the book¹s pages to fit the
Emigre magazine format.

Then, Elliott Peter Earls, the master of mixing messages and bending
boundaries returns to keep us abreast of his graphic wanderings around the
globe in the second installment of his ³Notes from a Kultural Backwater.²
And, as usual, the Emigre readers respond and voice strong opinions about
the role of graphic design and Emigre¹s place within it.
Finally, a 32-page type specimen booklet will be included with this issue,
introducing a new Emigre font named Dalliance. Designed by Frank Heine
(creator of Remedy and Motion), Dalliance is a family of 9 fonts inspired by
the elegant handwriting found on an antique map depicting the battle that
took place at Ostrach, southwest Germany, in 1799.

You can order copies of the issue on the Emigre webiste at

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