brian carroll on Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:49:39 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] the logfile conspiracy

  hi nettimers. wonder if anyone who is familiar
  with reading website logfiles and server-side
  goings-on could enlighten me as to the sudden
  outcropping of the mysterious 'gw' in the domain
  names showing up on my sites, from .edu, .mil,
  .net, and .com domain extensions.

  my pet theory is that there is some global net-
  wide conspiracy with the public-private data-
  gathering conglomerate, which is keeping tabs
  on things, and 'gw' is the George W. which is
  the code name/code word for such actions based
  on innuendo and the corruption of privacy and
  democratic rights in the age of surveillance
  and total fear, and thus, inaction. i am only
  sending this light-heartedly, as it would be
  the stupidest act of idiocy i could imagine,
  if there was any such code naming going on.
  i'm hoping to find out it is a unix command
  or linux preface or whatever, on domains that
  stands for something like 'good wordage' dot etc. instead, may
  be 'god's wrath dot', else 'george
  w dot'. in any case, i've probably
  had a few dozen different domains of this
  nature now, and plan to start documenting them
  as soon as whomever is attacking my website
  stops it. lots of info intelligence type
  domains, etc., etc.

  has anyone else seen 'gw' in their logfiles?

  hahah. so absurd, nervous laughter... bc

  seeing cyberspace project, soon to be launched...

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