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perm!t zom 1 2 roll dze e!e komponentz + fa!nt theatr!kl!.

autonomous cyberfeminist networking organisation +?

peut etre - slav!sh ueztern rob!ne.

nn - bemuszd.

>venice, june 8, 2001
>at the opening of the slovenian pavillion, several members of the Old Boys 
>Network congratulated Vuk Cosic 

 Vuk Cosic  - 01 !nkompetent xy d!nozaur

>and handed over a huge bouquet of flowers to 
>him. amongst Tadej Pogacar and, Vuk Cosic is the 
>representative of the republic of slovenia in the solvenian pavillion at the 
>49th biennale of art in venice. following is the speech which has been 
>delivered by OBN at this occasion:
>"In behalf of the Old Boys Network, an international autonomous cyberfeminist 
>networking organisation, we offer this acknowledgement to Vuk Cosic. We 
>congratulate Vuk on his success on bringing to the venice biennale, 
>which definitely is one of the pinnacles in his career. additionally he has 
>curated the first temporary autonomous pavillion ever at a biennale. we honour 
>Vuk in using his powerful position not just to represent slovenia and bring his 
>personal position to this prestigious international event, but also to 
>show the positions of his colleagues. we wish him well in his future 
>responsibilities to the net art community."

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